Thursday, November 30, 2006

The last Word on Cosmo

Well…it’s been a long time since my last update. I have to really work on making more frequent updates. Thanks for the emails encouraging the blog, but don’t worry the blog doesn’t end until I’m a certified millionaire. Actually all of this is just the prequel.

Well I would like to quickly touch on the Michael Richards, aka KKkramer, as he is now affectionately known as. I know everyone is tired of it by now, as I am too. The problem is that he represents a certain majority of the rich successful population of America. This is why I still support Affirmative Action. If nature was allowed to take it’s course, mixed sex and races would slowly settle into society making the USA a global melting pot on all fronts. Rich powerful racists are doing their best to keep things segragated, working against the grain. They have the power and money to make a difference for their cause (which usually supports white women's roles as permanent housewives).

If what was revealed wasn’t bad enough, Michael Richards actually said some additional statements before the camera began to roll. He stated, “When I wake up in the morning I’m still rich but you will always be n---a.” He also made statements that he had enough money to buy them (referring to the black audience members).

Now if there was a punch line, then it would at least be acceptable in that environment, and possibly dismissed as bad judgment. I have been the butt of many a black joke at a comedy show. I’ve been called Dark Vader, Dark Gable. I’ve actually heckled a comedian when in college….his rebbuttal was "that when I get out of the car the oil light comes on." He was a white comedian, and he was funny. Michael Richard’s was not funny that night, nor was he trying to be.

As shocking as the incident was, it’s no surprise to me. I don’t think he needs to be sued, or apologize. He can apologize 100 times but it doesn’t change who he is or what he’s done. I can apologize to the officer for speeding but I will still speed because he can’t convince me with 100 tickets that 10 miles above the speed limit is going to cause me to get in an accident. I just got caught so I apologized. Cosmo is still a racist, he just got caught. He can apologize 100 times but he will not understand that he is wrong.

We all know that there are still people who think this way and I feel sorry for them. Now that I know that one of those people is Cosmo, I won’t support him. Will it affect my life or how I look at people or Hollywood? Hell No. I already knew. I’ve been a professional black person my entire life. I’ve seen it all and heard it all. I am just waiting for the rest of the world to get a clue.

As a big Seinfeld fan, I will not watch another episode.



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