Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week in The Life

This is what I’m talking about finally. Over 120 readers last week and finally one question: Connie writes,

“You seem like you live a very hectic lifestyle, what does a day in your life consist of?”

Well Connie, you asked, so I will tell:

Right now my life consists of nothing but work. I am a true workaholic. It’s weird, but right now, until I bring the truck washing portion of my business into the green, there is no time for play.
I have two choices:
A. Make a couple $1000.00 a month more on other ventures
B. Get the Truck Washing Business into the Green, Period.
Until then, no joy for the future millionaire. I shouldn’t say “No Joy”, because this is what I enjoy. Make no mistakes, I choose to live this lifestyle.

Right now I have laser like focus. No women, (girlfriends, or other), no vacations, no new clothes (unless for work), no Flat screens, no HDTV, no birthday celebrations no nothing. I need focus. If I go to an affair or party, it’s purely for networking or career advancement.

I must continue to over do my (9 to 5) job, so I can keep it. In this Detroit job market, the more money you make the bigger target you become. If the company wants to save money – you are toast, and good luck finding another job.

With that as a backdrop, this is what a week in the life involves:

Monday thru Friday – the routine is the basically the same.
4:30 – 5:00 AM
Wake up & Work out. You have to work out “EVERDAY” to change your body type. Remember that. Every other day to maintain. EVERDAY to change – That’s why so few people do.

6:15 AM
I leave for work, during my 45 minute drive I listen to Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyoski, and a bunch of success motivators. I get to work around 7:00 AM.

7:00 AM - Noon
My job is fast paced so time usually goes quickly. I eat every three hours, from the meals I prepare on Sunday. I'm taking down coffee like a mad man!

I’m off to the post office to mail the Ebay sales. I find some time to chat with my Post office ladies. I get back in time to have a quick lunch.

1:00 PM– 7:00 PM
I wrap up the day and usually leave work around 6:30 – 7:00 PM 3 days a week, maybe 2 days per week I leave at 8:00 PM.

The drive home is when I make all my business related phone calls.

8:00 PM– Midnight
I get home around 8:00 and every other day is a 2 work out day so I might work out again. Then I shower and I’m on the computer at 9:30 or so. Depending on the day’s needs, I can be doing several things: packing up stuff to ship for Ebay, sending out ship notifications, balancing the books for Wash and Roll, post new stuff, blogging, not to mention working on the 20 other ideas I have in the pipeline. The goal is to be in bed by midnite, but most times it’s 1:00 AM or so, resulting in a 3 hr. sleep night.

Wednesday nights the routine is bucked so “The Nuff Said Outfitters” Team can meet. This is a welcomed break from the daily grind. It’s half work and half social, but it really helps move the week along.

When Friday hits, I get caught up on sleep. I will sleep about 6 hrs. into Saturday. Saturday is a catch up day. After my workout, I’m dong everyday people stuff like, going to the dry cleaners, laundry, groceries, post office, and then believe it or not I usually take a nap about 2:00 PM.

Then I do payroll, (the guys get paid on Sunday’s), shop for Ebay stuff to sell, design shirts, etc until about 11:00 PM. Then I reward myself by sitting in my lounge chair (which is a lawn chair in my bedroom, really) and watching TV without doing anything else! This is my treat, for the week. Yesterday I actually went out to the movies!!!

By the time Sunday rolls around I’m making lunches for the week, choosing my outfits for the week (including socks and Undies) & dinner for the whole week. I drop off the payroll to the Wash and Roll Team, and off to Panera bread to do all of my internet marketing. This consists of updating all business websites, myspace, craigslist, facebook etc. Blogging and reading other blogs, and just enjoying some internet time.

There you have it! When will this calm down? When I can outsource these activities. Don’t forget I used to be the guy washing trucks, now I just drop off the checks.

No Regrets! No Regrets. I will never be able to say, only if. ….

God has blessed me with two arms, two legs, and a sane (hmmm…) mind. I’m taking it to the max everyday – Your dreams won’t come to you, you have to go after them!

Holla Back!



Healthy Chelle said...

So, is the 25th anniversary par-tay considered an opportunity to network?

PS I literally laughed out loud when I read that you pick out your socks and undies for the entire week!

Anonymous said...

That is just a crazy way to live your life. What if you never reach your magical million dollars? Then you will be old and alone.

drummerjoe said...

You going to China anytime soon for work?