Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let Tiger's Third Swing Change Be Inspiration for Your Self Improvement

As a sport fan (not a fanatic), I tend to equate many of life's trials and tribulations to those which occur in sports on the playing field.

Golf is no exception. Observing Tiger struggle for the 3rd time changing his swing, I thought to myself, "That is true commitment to self improvement".

Let's look at this a little further. In 1998 Woods only won one PGA Tour event. This was the first "Tiger Slump" we heard of. He was with his old coach Butch Harmon at that time, and was going through the first of what would be 3 swing changes. After the first change...well you know, the rest is history. He had a record 2000 and continued his dominance over the sport, and was crowned athlete of the decade.

Compare that to you, in your career. In preparation for the next level of your career, you attend a seminar or training class that really impacts you and helps you reach that next level. In this new management position, with your new swing you hit a rhythm and start to perform well. This new rhythm is clearly at a level above your previous performance, so you begin to feel comfortable with the success and praise that you are receiving. This feeling of comfort is "The Tipping Point" 85% of us love this comfort zone and will stay here forever. 10% will fall out of the comfort zone; for some reason or other they cannot sustain this new level of performance. The last 5% will dominate this zone, get bored and look for new challenges.


We have all seen people go through various corporate funded training classes and come out totally unaffected. Some of the meanest nastiest SOB's I know have been to "Play to Win" training over 5 times.

Human Resources and management at your job, do not know what percentage you fall into. They might have an idea, but it's hard to detect the upper 5% from the pack of Eighty five Percenters. They don't know if you will stay, fall or continue to rise, so they send your entire department to anew training class. After this training you are faced with a decision, "Do you want t reach the next level and make a change, or stay exactly where you are".

Most of us are comfortable and will choose to stay put. For example, many of us play golf. We shoot in the 80's or 90's. In order to go lower, we would have to change something drastic. Little tweaks and tips from your buddies are not going to work anymore. In order to shoot into the 70's we will need to possibly change our grip, or perhaps change our stance, things we have done over and over for years! These things are incredibly hard to change and takes dedication and practice, with the risk that you might not reach your goal and possibly screw up what you already knew.

Do you see the parallels? All these things are necessary if we want to get to that next level. Tiger is now in the process of doing this for the 3rd Time! His dedication to self improvement is driving him to make a third swing change, in the middle of the PGA Tour, Fed Ex Cup, & the Ryders. He knows that if he pulls this off, he will be unstoppable. Not to mention, he couldn't live with himself if he didn't try.

Now back to you and your training class. You've learned something in this new class that could make you superstar. In order to implement these changes it will take a huge effort on your part. To modify your behavior takes dedication and practice, drive and focus. Every day. This is what's necessary for you to reach your next level. Sure it's easier to stay where you are but you have to ask yourself, "Am I a pussy (cat) or a Tiger".

Self improvement is a difficult never ending journey, and few people are willing to make that trip or they take it, but decide not to continue after a certain point. That's why the road to the top is a pyramid. There is very little of us at the top. Only some of us are brave enough to correct our swings, and a few crazy enough to do it 3 times.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By: Eric Smitts

One of the Keys to success when working in Cooperate America is learning how to work with and deal with other types of personalities. If you are an A type personality then it’s extremely hard to balance sensitivity with your own personal objectives. The most famous A-type personality that we know can be seen in the actor Jeremy Piven as his Character Ari Gold. If you watch Entourage Season 7 Online, you can see all of the issues that having a Type A personality creates in the workplace. Most of his issues stem from ruined personal relationships from running over people in pursuit of professional goals.

In a balanced work environment you will find 8 basic types: Reformers, Directors, motivators, Inspires, Helpers, Supporters, coordinators and observers. Reading these types I am sure you can see where you fit in. Depending on your role in your organization some types are perfect matches, and these people tend to perform better, and like their jobs more because they are in roles at which they were born to do.

If you are in R&D then you are more of an “observer”. If you are in Human Resources then you are more of a Supporter, or Helper. Most aggressive leaders tend to be Directors. Once you are aware of your “type” then you will have to adjust your behaviors to when dealing with others, based on their types.

As a type A personality you have little patience, and very little tolerance for excuses. You like things brief and you like to be in control. Now to get the best performance out of your co-workers, employees or even your supervisor, being aware of and controlling your style is extremely important. Type A’s love being in control, but when dealing with your boss, you should be aware of this, and say to yourself, “I’m giving my boss control, so I can have it later”. This will help you accept direction.

When dealing with Helper’s they are more concerned with helping other people, and the softer things that you could care less about. Showing outwardly that you don’t care is very discouraging to the helper so this will turn this person off, and you might not get their full cooperation. Being aware of your impatience and lack of sensitivity will allow you to “grin and bear” the conversation with a smile, so you can in turn solidify a relationship that you may need to leverage over and over.

It’s playing a part to get what you want. Hopefully this will only need to happen in your professional life but there are many instances where you will have to play the part in your personal life as well.

As Type A, you have to remember that accomplishing your goal is the main objective and doing whatever it takes, even if it means not being yourself is sometimes necessary. Start practicing with the small everyday situation so then when you really need to leverage this skill set, it’s already dialed in.

To take a quiz to find your type, Google "Myers Briggs Test".

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For more on Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold Watch Entourage Season 7 Online.

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Monday, August 09, 2010


So I watched Tiger play the British Open & The Bridgestone Invitational, and finally it was a different Tiger. He didn’t win, or even get a top 10, but it was a Tiger who had finally accepted that he was no longer GREAT and with that acceptance he also accepted the challenge to rise back to Greatness.
Let me explain……Tiger knows that he is the Best, possibly the best that has ever played the game ever! He is used to showing up and having people so afraid that they stop playing their game and play his. He was crushing the competition, but a lot of that was because things went his way. Officials called things his way, the people in the galleries rooted for him and remained quiet when he was teeing off (not always, but mostly), tee times, and practice times seemed to be all in his favor. He hosted half of the tournaments and every Sunday was his day. His only job was concentrating on putting that ball in the hole; this is A mental luxury that only a few golfers ever have.
This is very similar to a company CEO. When they walk in, the tide moves with them. They don’t have to ask people 8 times to do something, or use some kind of angle to get people to do what they need them to do. They just do it. There is no pressure to get the job done a certain way, they just need to make sure they get the job done. It doesn’t matter, how they format charts, or how they display information, if they have a late lunch, if they pissed somebody off, if they are talking on the phone too much. It just doesn’t matter and without all those distractions, the CEO can focus on only one thing, running the company. This makes his job, in some cases much easier then being in middle management.

We have to look at ourselves like CEO’s that aren’t CEO’s yet, or better yet, CEO’s that have been laid off and must start from management level. We know we are CEO material because we already did the job, but now we have to do it all over again. This is similar to where Tiger is now. The important part is knowing that we can and will get to where we belong.

He’s the “Not So Great” Tiger.
The NSG Tiger went through a learning phase his first few tournaments back, and has learned that everybody isn’t scared of him anymore. Now, he has to deal with all the bullcrap that everyone else has to, and STILL win. When he played in his first three tournaments this year he thought he could just walk in and be back on top, during the British Open he realized that he has to go back to 1999 and grind his way to the top again.

His demeanor during the British Open demonstrated that he understood the challenge and was ready to face it head on. The acknowledgement was there that he knows now that he isn’t Great, unless he’s great. No one is going to give him anything. He must prove himself
all over again. All his past accomplishments are just fairy tales for Youtube. The respect, money and power will only come again with accomplishment.

So that’s where I am. That's where most of us are. Entrepreneur's stuck at our 9 to 5's. It’s not going to be easy. I’m going to have to show everybody and grind my way to the top. You are not Great until you are great. Until you are a CEO, then you are not a CEO. It’s just that simple. The key is to “know” that it’s a process, and be patient, and “know” in your heart that it’s just a matter of time

Tiger might have it easier because he's been there before, so there is very little doubt (at least in his mind and mine) that he will get there again, but there is also very little doubt that I will be there. ….. Trump went bankrupt and was rose right back on top, because once you are there on top and then fall –yes, you have to go through that initial realization process that you have to start again, but it happens quicker because you know exactly how to get there. Becoming a millionaire is great, not because of the money you make but what it makes of you to get to that point. The person and lessons you learn getting there. You have learned the skills required to be successful. You can lose the money, but the skills are much more valuable and much harder to lose. The tricky part is knowing when you must use them. Using them is not easy, and you might have thought you would never have to use some of those skills ever again. Don't worry, part of being successful is knowing when to dust off those skill and "Do Work".

The other alternative is to be like most people and say how great you are, and never really push yourself to do a damn thing. Talk is cheap that’s why there is plenty of it.

Very few can afford to pay the price to be great!
Me, I can’t afford not to!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Can't Fail - Not: I will try to Succeed - Big Difference

On my way to the book store this weekend I saw a huge Garage Sale. Hardcover books for $.50 Cents. Why Not? I went and took a look, and found a book called Power Thinking. It basically gives insight to how the mind, and our thought processes set us up to fail before we even start playing the game.

One of the stories that really stuck with me was that of George Dantzig. From some internet snooping, I discovered this cat was a pioneer mathematician that did his thing. There are reports that some of Good Will Hunting was based off his life. George passed away last year; he was known as the inventor of the simplex algorithm and is considered the father of linear programming.

All that's nice, but the best story comes from his college days. Georgie boy was a student at Berkeley, right at the peak of the Great Depression. Soup lines and hard times for everyone. He was poised to graduate with a mathematics degree. George knew that it would be impossible for a mathematician to find gainful employment. He learned that the person who scored the highest in his mathematics class would get a job as an assistant teacher. Now this was motivation for "Dat Ass". All he had to do was kill this course and he would have an instant job.

Now Georgie boy knew he wasn't the brightest kid in the class but he had what we all have. The "Grind" factor. He was going to grind out the best grade possible. He grinded every night until he felt comfortable for the exam. In fact, he put in so much work that he lost track of time and ran late for the test. He ran to his desk and looked at the test. It had eight problems. "That's What's Up" he thought to himself ( or "Golly Gee Willikers, 8 Questions" I forgot he was a nerd). He knocked all eight questions out the box. Then he noticed that there were two additional questions on the blackboard.

He wrote them down and started working them. After trying to solve the first one he was at an impasse so he started working the second equation. No luck and time was running out. When the bell rang, he went to the professor and asked if he could have a little more time. "Sure G, You have until four o'clock on Friday, but your paper must be in by then."

George knew that there were crazy smart people in his class and that he had to solve these two problems in order to stand a chance at the teaching gig. He took the paper home and started grinding. He knew that he had know choice if he didn't want to be in the unemployment line. Tuesday & Wednesday he had no luck. Thursday afternoon, BOOOOYAH, he solved the first one. This gave him crazy confidence, and by Friday morning he nailed the second. He turned his paper in on time and went home wondering if he was going to have a job.

Early Sunday morning, George heard a knock on the door. "What the fu...", "Who Dat?" He opened the door and it was his Professor. 'What up Doc? " . The Professor said, George! George! You made mathematics history". George said, "What you talkin' bout Willis". The Professor said, "George, I was thinking as I came over here. You came to class late for the test, didn't you?" He continued, "Eight problems were on the test paper that you picked up off my desk. You solved them all correctly. The two problems I had written on the board were not a part of the test! I told everyone that if they had a love for mathematics to keep playing with these two famous unsolved problems for a lifetime of fun. Then I put those two problems on the blackboard. Even Einstein, to his death, played with those problems and couldn't solve them. You solved them, you solved them both. Not only have you made history, you also have the job". George gave a fist pump and started thinking about his future dough stacks.

That story shows you how we mentally beat ourselves. If George would have heard the statements made in the beginning of the exam, not only would he have not solved the problems, he probably wouldn't even have attempted. That's huge. I'm sure you can apply this to something in you past or present. Believe in yourself. You can achieve much more then you think. It's OK to fail but try again. It's Ok to be disappointed but don't be discouraged by it. Use it as motivation. If you have never been disappointed you were probably aiming too low or moving too slow.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feed the Need to Suceed

Some days I go from wanting to give up to wanting to work harder and push myself further. I’ not sure what accounts for the severe swings but they do happen. The important thing is my desire to succeed easily outweighs the desire to give up. It’s important to take account of how you are feeling and monitor it closely. What just happened to make you feel a certain way? If it resulted in a bad feeling, how do you counter that to make those negative feelings stay as short as possible? I want to make sure that I starve the negative and feed the Need to Succeed.

In my world things need to be extreme, if you are not extreme then you are just like everybody else, and your results will be just like everybody else’s. If you are extreme; you will achieve extreme results.

1. I tell myself “You haven’t lost or failed until you Quit”. Did you know that ants can’t quit?
Have you ever read the famous of Tammerlane, a famous Asian conqueror who once was going to quit. He was hiding out contemplating surrendering when he saw an ant. The ant was trying to get a piece of corn up over a wall. The kernel of corn was much larger than the ant and try as he may the ant could not get the kernel over the wall. So Tamerlane began to count the futile efforts of this ant, to see how many times he would try until he gave up. He counted 10, 20, 40, 60, 69, but on the 70th attempt the ant succeeded. Sixty-nine times the ant tried to carry it up over the wall, and sixty-nine times he failed. But on seventieth try he succeeded and pushed the grain of corn over the top. If an ant has 70 times in him, then I at least have a 100 in me.
2. If I quit, I will always have regrets – I hate regrets!
3. If I quit, then I am no longer worthy of the 272 posts that I have listed in this blog

1. I actually look at people who are the opposite of what I want to be in life. I look at fat, lazy, unmotivated, people and critique them to myself. This might sound harsh, it might sound extreme, but you are in this by yourself, fighting for your goals everyday. You have one life to live so you must give it your all. If you feed your mind and body right it will take you where you need to go. Looking at people that you DON’T want to be like is a reality check. It helps you remember where you came from spiritually, mentally and monetarily on a daily basis, and being thankful where you are now. It helps you stay hungry.

2. Healthy living, Eating well, Working out
Subconsciously you see sexy people on TV and we relate the perfect body with success. If you are working out and getting yourself in shape and eating right you will subconsciously relate yourself with successful people. This might not be healthy mentally, but...

Monday, June 07, 2010

Entrepreneurs, Don’t suffer from B.H.S. - Battered Housewife Syndrome

Battered Housewife Syndrome

I used to work with this older guy who had seen it all and done it all…..twice in fact. He used to say "at the end of the day, all this is, is a bunch of guys playing factory. "

That is a true statement. Part of what holds people in their current surroundings is the fact that they get caught up in all of the hype. They build their 9 to 5 jobs into something that absorbs all of their time and energy. It becomes this enigma that is used to impress your family and friends. At my job people walk around like they are ER Doctors! Their families think they are out saving the world. We make Sun Tan lotion for crying out loud. People are wheeling in bags filled with binders and laptops, we have teleconferences, nightly conference calls and enough meetings to design the next I-PAD.

Part of me understands the hype. I mean really, who wants to come home at the end of the day and tell their wives that they spent the day filling out paperwork, doing expense reports, typing emails and copying and pasting regurgitated crap into Power Point presentations. Ha ha…..I just summed up 85% of my job right there

A real man wants to say, "Honey, I rolled out my new Corporate restructuring program and the board loved it. I just got the corner office with the bathroom and a 10% increase”

Our job as future millionaires is not to get caught up in our jobs. This doesn't mean don’t kill it. You still have to be the best (don’t be a scape g.o.a.t), but don't waste unnecessary time obsessing over it or expelling extra emotional energy that can be used to achieve your dreams.
During a recent interview with Puff Daddy. He explained how he used to clean bathrooms during his unpaid internship. At the end of that statement, he said that he was "the best" at it. That's the mind frame that we have to keep. That's the perfect analogy. He knew he would move on to bigger and better things but he still had to be the best at what he did. I'm sure at the end of the day, he didn't call himself a Sanitation Engineer, or a commercial disinfectionist. He wanted to diminish the effect that this job had on his life. He was about to start Bad Boy records, Sean Jean clothing line and produce a slew of number 1 albums and TV shows and be one of the most famous people in Entertainment. Do you think he let that job be any bigger in his mind then it needed to be. Yeah, the bathrooms stunk, it was a filthy, $hitty job (Pun intended) and he hated it, but all the complaining, and getting angry would be a waste. He was a kid cleaning bathrooms and gave it the energy it deserved, not a ounce more. His energy was spent on bigger and better things.

Honestly I find myself taking crap from the job I have every day.  Although I make a decent living, it's far below my capabilities but I gave up caring to the point where I let it affect me one ounce more then it needed to. I gave my last job everything I had and what did it get me…..a pink slip. A foot in the ass out the door. A one way trip to the parking lot, without so much as a severance check. All the extra hours, the skipped vacations and the thinking about the well being of everyone in that place just to get laid off. 

If I let that happen again, I would be just like a battered wife. (I realize I'm a man, but stay with me for the analogy).  Just because I’m getting a check now, I’m supposed to be romanced back into thinking that I need this man named job….thinking that I love this (man)job, thinking that I’m nothing without this (man)job. Then the moment that I think everything is...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hard Work - Part Deux

I don't know why I'm on this "hard work kick", but while I'm here I figured I might as well blog about it.

I think people actually forget that it takes hard work to reach your goals...the more amazing your goals are the harder you will have to work to achieve them. I say we forgot because once upon a time we knew this. We lived it, and we are where we are because of it. You are where you are today either from the lack of hard work, or because of your hard work.

The problem is, now, there is no structure to guide you through the “work toward your goals process” which could be good or bad. Good because there are no boundaries and bad because there is no coaching. The training wheels have been taken off and your dad has just removed his hand from the seat post; it's all up to you now.

When you're out with your child or someone younger and you see someone who is not doing well in life; maybe a homeless person or a pan handler, you immediately say, "That person did not work hard in school" or “See what happens when you don’t work hard?” Exactly!! …..but it was easy to work hard in school for a few reasons:
One: You were surrounded by people doing the same thing as you, which always makes things a lot easier (like going to the gym, it's always easier with a partner).

Second: You fail many times in school and don't give up. You get C's, D's and sometime F's and you are pushed to do better and of course with hard work, you do improve and do better. These should be life lessons not just classroom lessons.

Once you are in the real world with no boundaries, if you fail, no one is pushing you to try again. In school the mindset is....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Working Hard? No one cares until you are a Success!

Sometimes I would like to think that I work hard. Sometimes I would like to think that I work harder then the normal guy; that guy who thinks he wants to be rich. At the end of everyday, I go to bed when I can't even think straight. I barely brush my teeth, and then I pass out. I wake up the second,….. no the milli-second that I think I have enough sleep and again try to out perform the entire world.

As I talk to people, I start to hear things like, "I'm just sooo busy", or "I just had a 12 hour day".

What does that mean?

These people are actually sincere and do believe that they have worked hard. In their minds they have just killed it. They have done more then the average person, and have "left it all on the court" as they say in basketball.

Then I look in the mirror at myself. At the end of the day, you turn to yourself, because only you know what is real and what is not. I ask myself, " Self......are you like all of the other people who think they were so busy". Am I really working that hard? Do I really give my all, everyday, or have I just gotten so accustomed to saying so, that I actually believe it. You tell yourself you are skinny long enough, you start to believe it, until someone shows you a picture from last summer. Am I like a rapper who rants and raves he’s the best and richest when he knows the record company owns his cars, his jewelry and his girl.

I'm no longer going to say how busy I am, or how hard I work. People will never understand, and it's only frustrating to explain. There are certain things that can not be captured in words: passion, aggression, greed, anger. You can not get anyone to feel these emotions by just telling them how you feel. The worse thing to hear after you have gone through something is for some insensitive idiot to come and say, "Yeah me too, I have been working real hard lately too". Agghh!

I say, do what you have to do, and your results will speak for themselves. I am tired of justifying why I can’t go places or do things with my money. I am tired of trying to explain what s-a-c-r-i-f-i-c-e means. I’m either going to do something or not. Go to an event or not. No one cares what I have to do or how busy I am. No one cares if my money is tied up in investments or business ventures. No one cares if my businesses are losing money. So besides my blog, and the short list of people who actually do care, keep it to yourself. Only once you are rich do people care how you got there, that's why the Road to Riches is not only lengthy and filled with many perils; it's lonely as hell!!

If someone tells you that they have been working really hard, and are really busy, pull out a stack of $100 bills and smack them in the face and yell, "MEEE TOO"!


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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fuel for Success: Disgust??

I’m often asked two questions, “What motivates you?” and the second question is “Why do you call yourself insane”.

And the answer is simple, my insanity is what motivates me and my disgust makes me insane. As I delve into and post about the complexities that will be involved with launching project X I am hoping that you will get to see a more in depth analysis of what make me tick. My insanity and my disgust, but of course it all revolves around money and success. When people meet me they are blown away with my upbeat attitude and zest for life, but that is all fueled by this weird sort of disgust. I’m disgusted by all things I want to be and all things that I am not.

For instance, when I see someone driving a new Range Rover, I’m disgusted. They have one I don’t. When I’m trying to get to work, because I have to be one of the first people there, and there is a sweet dear old man, cruising in front of me. I’m disgusted. At that moment I don’t want anything more then to be at work with my first cup of coffee, kicking ass and taking names. Instead I’m behind Grandpa who’s cruising to the CVS for a pack of Depends! As cruel and harsh as that sounds, it’s honest, and that’s how I’m thinking at that time. I want nothing more then to take a shoulder holstered bazooka and blow his damn PT cruiser out of my way. I’m that bastard that blows by you during rush hour. That’s me, I am disgusted with myself because that’s me, but it is me. One day I will be that old guy and need adult diapers, but the difference is, I will be rich, a millionaire and my Huggies will be super absorbent Gucci diapers! I have a kind gentle heart but that is often over shadowed in my mind by my will to be the best at everything. That is the insanity. My compassion is overshadowed with my passion; my passion to be better then great.

When I go to the gym in the morning, I’m disgusted by how many people were able to get there before me. I’m disgusted at the fact that there is a guy my height my build, that can out lift me. WTF!!! How can this “muscle head” out lift me? Bastard! That in turns makes me lift harder. Maybe he can out lift me, but he won’t be as intense as I am and I will train harder then him and in a month he will be playing catch up to me. That’s how I think about everything. It even disgusts myself, but that’s what makes me tick and therefore I embrace it. The more Mark Zuckerberg's, Larry Page’s, Sergey Brin’s and Jeremy Schoemaker’s of the world the more disgusted with myself I am on a daily basis.

That’s the crazy man fuel that allows me to sleep 3 hours a night, get up and go to the gym at 4:45 and work 16 hours per day 7 days per week and still have a great attitude. I’m disgusted with myself, with what I don’t have and with those that have done more. People don’t want to embrace their disgust but I embrace it, nourish it, and attack it.

I suggest looking at yourself in the mirror when you get a chance, look in your own eyes at everything you could be, and everything that you want to be and are not. Take responsibility for that, because you are the person responsible, nothing or no one else. Do you feel that? That’s disgust. Embrace that, don’t ignore it like you have been doing. Promise yourself that each time you look in the mirror you will be less and less disgusted with yourself, Start now. To wait is disgusting.

I just re-read this post and I’m disgusted with myself!

Friday, April 30, 2010


Wall Paper of the Week "Gordon Gekko"
If you read this blog then you are going to appreciate the Gordon Gekko Wall Street 20th Anniversary
Wallpaper. Happy Friday
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4. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Now that I'm on the fast track to being debt free (14 months tops!), it's time to get my hands dirty again, and I figure this is the best time to chronicle the experience. This is.....as Fred Sanford would say, "the big one"
Let's recap my current endeavors
1. Owner of the FTB blog network and Affiliates
2. Owner of Wash and Roll Mobile Wash & Detailing divisions
3. Co-owner of Nuff Said Out fitters
4. Owner operator of Money Saving Mikes on-line gifts
5. Owner of FTB Vending
6. Middle Management (Some Place in Corporate America)

Now it's time to launch Project X. Project X has been in development for about five years and it's now or never. Ever since my layoff recovery I've become an advid reader of Fast Company and INC magazines, guys like Mark Zuckerberg, Mint.com's Aaron Patzer and on line marketing Guru Jeremy Schoemaker, make me want to resign and just hustle for myself full time...but I'm no dummy. 
So after the failure to launch Igarage (I ran out of money and repairpal.com beat us to market, read the post here), I'm throwing my hat into the software arena again. I've come up with another softwae idea and it's going to take me to the promiseland.

The first part of my execution is to partner up. I think I have found the right person and I have ptiched the idea. Preliminarily he is on board and as the vision becomes clear he will be just as excited as I am. 

Why a partner?
Just because. No really good reason, I would just like to share the experience with someone. Why not get rich together, it's fun and that's what life is all about. Another good reason is, you need someone that you respect to hold you accountable, to call you on your bullshzit and keep you motivated. That somone has to also have the balls to tell you that "Your baby is ugly". 
If my potential business partner wants in, if she shares this vision with me and understands how much work is involved,  and is willing to do it, you will be witnessing the birth of Project X .

My palms are itching just thinking about it. 
Let's Go!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Get Paid What You Are Worth.

One of the hardest things to embrace is the fact that we get paid what we are worth; you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
That’s a rough thing to hear; depending on where you are in life. We hate hearing the truth. Like most things , there are exceptions but the majority of us are exactly where we are supposed to be in life. The salaries we make are what we deserve. This is a hard fact and when you forget this fact, you could be setting yourself back.
There are a lot of people who feel that they should be the
 CEO of the company they work for. They will tell you 100 times per day that they could run this place, or that they should be the boss; BUT THEY ARE NOT. The answer why is simple: They haven’t done enough to be the boss. Now the “enough” is the tricky part. The “enough” isn’t really quantifiable. It’s easy to simplify things and think that being the boss, or being wealthy, means knowing the most and working the hardest. That sounds nice, but look
 around you. How many people are making more money then you, working less hours then you and are about as smart as a box of rocks! The best example is your parents.
 Some of us had the smartest mom’s and dads around, and no one works harder then my pops, and he has about $20 G’s and an old ass Lincoln town car for his retirement.


DETERMINATION. Blind dumbfounding, insane in the membrane Determination.
This is a skill that really can’t be taught. It’s a skill that can be identified and
  hopefully you can hone in on your inner grit and tenacity to harness it in the right direction. The perfect example of this is Survivor. We can learn a lot from Mark Burnett shows. We are all familiar with Survivor. “The Tribe has Spoken” and all that jazz. When some of the contestant
s are voted off the show, they will often say, “I’m the best Survivor”. Really? They might be the most skilled athlete, the best puzzle solver, hardest working tribe member, but that doesn’t make them the best Survivor. As soon as you think it does, is when you go home. The game is to Survive so the best Survivor is the person who is there at the end. Get it? This person can be the laziest, un-athletic person in the world, but if he or she is there in the end, then they deserve to be. Your Manager co
uld make Homer Simpson look like Einstein but he managed to get to that position and that’s really all that matters. He is getting paid what he thinks, no….what he knows heis worth.

Maybe he knew somebody – does that make it wrong. No. They knew someone and you didn’t. Maybe someone got fired above them and they were at the right place at the right time. You have to play the game from all angles and that means playing your position well. If you get
out of position, you expose yourself and you could be fired. You have to play the game to get where you want to be. How you play the game is up to you, you just have to identify where you are, where you want to be, and start working to get there. Try not to screw anyone over in the process, but that doesn’t mean not to be relentless. I will guarantee, that if you don’t let anything get in your
way, then you won’t be stopped. ….That’s funny. Of course I can guarantee that, because if you overcome your obstacles you won’t be stopped anyway.
I hate to pick on former Govenor Rod Blagojevich but two weeks ago on Celebrity Apprentice, the former Governor of Chicago was crippled by his own ineptness. Not only could the man not turn on a laptop, but he couldn’t text on a cell phone or send digital pictures. After watching him struggle with the things that we do like breath, walk, and blink, I simply dismissed it to the fact that he’s been so busy and working so hard that he hasn’t had time t
o learn how to use these items. I figured, this man was Governor of our nation’s third largest city (2.8 Million People). He will show the world and more importantly Donald Trump how great he is by delegating and leading his team to victory. Well after spending valuable time napping on the plane he starts this victory march by putting Brett Michaels in charge. Really? Trump fired his ass faster then How can a man like this have run
Chicago you ask? How, because he knew what he was before he became governor, played his position and then didn’t stop until he got what he thought he was worth.

If someone is where you want to be, getting paid what you want to get paid then you can do it too! When it gets tough you have to ask yourself one question: “How bad do you want it”. If it’s bad enough then you will do everything in your power to make it happen.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Repost from 2006! Man, I knew what I was talkin' About!!

This week I am away on travel so I figured I would pull from my 4 years of posts to find something inspirational and appropriate.

Since things are sarting to pick up along witht he economy and it's spring....I bring to you the Post Entitled:


I know it sounds a little depressing but it's true. People definitely do not do this enough.

When faced with adversity, we dig in deep, kick ass, take names and prevail. Once we are in the winners circle we forget the things that got us there. We forget the dedication, the focus, the struggle. We get complacent and end up in the same situation we've just fought our way out of. When you are just winning the first battle of the war you must continue to fight just as hard until the battle is over.

Let’s look at two real life examples:

You get one credit card paid off and you’re feeling good. You find yourself at Border's bookstore buying a book, or magazine
(a budgeted expense) and you see a night light for sale. You think to yourself, “It's only $16.99, It's only a night light!"
You shouldn’t even be considering that. Are all of your credit cards paid off? You have gone 20 something years without this dumb-ass night light, but yet all of a sudden you need it. STOP FOOLING YOURSELF. This is the trap that got you in debt to begin with. Get back on........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't be a scape G.O.A.T

Hello all of my over achieving readers. This post falls into the “How do I manage a 9-5 and still advance myself for myself? ” category.

Super aggressive entrepreneurs who still work for corporate America often suffer from the need to be the GOAT. What’s the GOAT? It’s the Greatest Of All Time.

I want to be the greatest of all times in making money. That’s how I’m going to get my millions. Not by being the greatest blogger, not by being the greatest Program Manager, the greatest online marketer or small business owner, but by managing my time and being one of the Greatest business minds of all time . Losing my job last year helped me see that by trying to be the GOAT at everything isn’t necessary to accomplish my goals.

You have to look at this like one of those strongmen competitions, sometimes the little guy is at a disadvantage when it comes to putting the big stones on the wall, but his shorter arms help him with all of the overhead lifts. In order to be the Greatest Strong Man he doesn’t have to be the Greatest at all the events, just good enough at most of them, and great at a few. That is the recipe for our success. Good at all, and great at a few.

At my last job, this was my big mistake. I thought that you should go into work every day and want to be the Greatest of all Time, the best that ever did what you do. It doesn’t really matter what the position is, just be the best ever. When I worked at McDonald’s, I wanted to be the best cashier and cook that ever did it. I wanted to be ranked World Wide Number 1 on Fries. The Tiger Woods of cashiers!! My last job, the same thing. I wanted to not only be the best Program manager in that place, but the best that anyone has ever seen for any company, ever!!!

That is all wrong.
That is the quickest way to burn yourself out. Corporate America is not set up to reward Tiger Woods. They are setup to reward decent performance. When you show up, and you are the best that’s ever did it. You shake things up too much. The organization isn’t ready for it and it will take a lot of mental tenacity to put so much effort out, and receive little reward in return. You might even be ridiculed, resented and possibly let go, as you might pose a threat to those you work for.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?You should do whatever it takes to outperform your peers. When you have outperformed them on a consistent basis, do no more. The reward for being t
 he GOAT and for barely outperforming your PEERS will be the same. That’s the secret

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Unemployment Anniversary and becoming Fearless!

This week makes it a year since I was laid off. Wow, what a difference a year makes. I am so much smarter then I was then….and back then I thought I knew it all.

There were a lot of things that I thought about during my 16 weeks of “unenjoyment”. The lessons that I assumed I would learn, I really didn’t. In fact, it has done nothing but re-install a lot of the stuff that I already thought. I went from thinking to knowing.

I gave that job all I had, no vacation, 70 hrs per week, just to get cut with no severance. They just don’t give a crap about you. I used to think getting laid off was for non-performers but when you are the Business Unit Manager for HUMMER and there is no HUMMER then there is no position for you, no matter how good you think you are.

I think I rebounded pretty swiftly; two job offers in 16 weeks – literally the roughest 16 weeks of my life. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Here’s what I re-learned, because a lot of this stuff I already knew:

You would think that I would be against this, but let me tell you, I lasted a lot longer then most people in companies that were struggling. The automotive industry has been laying people off for the last 5 years and up until 2009 I was getting raises. The hard work that I’ve done is what enabled me to find a job in the worse job market that my generation will ever face and at least hold on to the job I had as long as I had it.

Don’t let your job be all that you have. I happened to want to be rich so outside of work I work on making that happen. Whatever your aspirations are, when you get home from that 9-5, don’t hit the couch every night, hit your dreams. The best way to insure your dreams don’t come true is to not even try.

I’ve seen husbands getting their company cars stripped away from them and returning home with their tales between their legs; tantamount to castration. When they get home they have the support of their loving wife and their kids still think they are the greatest! Family Is Key, not to mention if the wife is working and unemployment check can go a long way!

When I was out f work, I wanted nothing more then to get a job. I eat, slept, drank employment. I looked for a job, like it was my job....(click below to Read More). I divided my day into four parts. I woke up, showered and went to Panera Bread everyday. One Bagel and all the coffee my blatter could hold. From 8:30 to Noon, I used www.indeed.com and applied for every job that fit my 6 different job descriptions I fit into. From 12:30 to 3:00 I worked the phones, calling head hunters, friends and friends of friends, and then after 4:00 I looked outside the box, emailing people I didn’t even know on Facebook and linked if their company’s were hiring. I watched interviews on Youtube, reviewed resume writing tips, looked for job fairs, and studied job fair tips. Then I spent the rest of the night doing self hypnosis, listening to Jim Rohn, Tim Robbins and Earl Nightingale. I knew that after 3 weeks of this, and I didn’t get a call that I would start to feel discouraged. It was true. Then 3 weeks turned to 4 and 4 to 8. I tweaked my routine a little but stayed at it. If there were 20 people doing the same thing, when 19 of them quit I would still be around ready to get that job.

There was no choice. I was able to keep all my businesses running, and pay all my bills. I laid awake at night dreaming about the day I would get the call for an interview. When I got an interview I went over every possible question in my head, I went to Barnes and Noble and read interview books until they kicked me out.

Some people, who were laid off, knew people in the right places and were able to obtain gainful employment super quick, some are still unemployed. I was prepared to work for it until I got it. How bad do you want it?


That’s why I know I am going to hit the million dollar mark. If you asked me a year and 1 week ago, what my biggest fear was. Honestly, I would have told you losing my job; by far my biggest fear.

I’m no longer afraid of that. Now if you asked me what my biggest fear is, I honestly couldn’t answer you.
I’ve already failed at many things many times, I’ve been so close to losing everything I’ve ever had many times, I’ve been forced to move out of my home because I couldn’t pay my bills, I’ve been divorced, I’ve been fat, I’ve been so many things except the one thing I am now. Fearless! (Fear of God doesn’t count). Getting laid off has removed one of my biggest fears….and for that, I’m Most Thankful.

So thanks to that crappy company, with crappy management, and my crappy boss for doing what I thought couldn’t be done….removing my Fear!! Now it’s time to Do Work!

P.S. When you think Fearless - Think Jet-Li not Taylor Swift!

Eitherway I've attached links to WallPapers of the Post. Click them and make these your inspirational Wall Papers of the week.


Monday, March 01, 2010

Being a super hero 101 - Part 2 of a Series.....

We find ourselves back at super hero school! Question: If you are a superhero, do you have a lunchbox of yourself? Ha ha.

Welcome to Class. This is “Being a super hero 101”
In order to be eligible for this class, you have to have already completed “I am a Superhero”. If you need to be refreshed, click the Super hero badge to go back to the first part of this series.

Let’s get down to business…….

Unlocking your superpowers is not easy! A matter of fact, it’s so hard that only a few of us will ever have the courage to do it. That’s where I come in.

Let’s take a normal day in your life. Not a terrible day a typical day. If you have no kids, in your 20’s then you are a Super Duper Hero. A typical day for you might be,
7:30 AM Wake UP
9:00 AM Work an 8 to 10 hour day,
7:00 PM Go to the gym
8:30 PM Shower, eat dinner, watch some TV.

Life is Good – but you are not using your Super Powers.

Now unlocking your super powers depends on what your goals are. Hopefully you have some goals that you want to reach. Things that you want to accomplish. No matter what the scale. Let’s pick a hypothetical goal or a dream. It must be somewhat realistic, but it’s Ok if it’s a stretch. For instance, if you are a decent bowler and want to go on the Pro tour, if you want to be a motorcycle mechanic and own your own shop, or if you want to be CEO of a fortune 500 company.

Ok so let’s pick one. A Tour Pro bowler, on the PBA Tour. Let’s say you can easily bowl a 200 game. In order to qualify for the PBA, you must carry a 200 or better average for 36 games in a USBC (United States Bowling Congress) sanctioned league.
You have just used your super powers of deduction to make your problem simpler – add 20 points to your game.

Now this might seem impossible to most people, but you are a super hero! Difficult takes a day, impossible a week. We do the impossible, you had a bowl of impossibles for breakfast. Ha!

If this is really what you want to do, you go after it! PERIOD!!! You start by going to the library and reading how the greats got started, reading Bowlers Weekly, Bowlers Digest, reading anything you can get your hands on. Are you in good enough physical shape to be on the PBA tour? You tailor your workouts to get you in Pro Bowling shape (which is round). You stop drinking your paycheck away and upgrade your equipment and hire a Pro-trainer. You look for a better bowling league to join so you are surrounded by better players. You spend your morning and nights at the bowling alley. Instead of taking that ski vacation, you take a week and enroll in one of the best Pro Bowling schools. You EAT, BREATH, SLEEP bowling. Do you get it?

Your super powers allow you to do this. You have the mental capacity and the physical capacity to make yourself better.

No need to pray to God for it…he’s already given you everything you need to Go GET IT. You should start thanking God already for giving it to you, and act like your dream is already come true. It's a a matter of how bad do you want it!!

If you have a family, living paycheck to paycheck – you are a superhero but just not like “Super Single Twenty Man”, instead you are “Family Man! “

Let’s take a more realistic example, one that is very real to me. I have a buddy who is working as a security guard and he wants to be a motorcycle mechanic. The school that will certify him costs a seemingly ton of money and he barely makes enough to pay his bills as is. After talking to him; I find out that once he’s completed his first year of school he can get a job that pays more then the security job and they will pay for the rest of his school. The more we talked the simpler the problem became. At the end of the conversation, after using our powers of D-duction all he needed was $5000. That’s it. His dreams were on hold for a mere $5000. How bad does he want it?

The solution is there; you work 3 jobs, collect cans, eat franks and beans, do what you need to do to get the $5000. If I had the money would I give it to him?
It depends on what he was doing. Was he going out to the club every weekend spending $30 at the bar. Yep, I said $30 dollars. If your dreams are on hold for $5000, $30 is .6% of your dream. $50 is 1% of your dream. If I called him on Saturday and instead he rented a movie and cooked dinner, staying in, trying to save money, then I would easily give him the money. Does he need to Pray to God for the Money. NO. He needs to Thank God! God has already given it to him. He lives in America, he’s healthy, he’s intelligent i.e. he’s a super hero!!! Use your powers and make it happen.
I know it sounds extreme, but life is extreme. Extreme people make it happen. Extreme people have uncovered their super powers. Anyone or anything that is not helping you is hurting you. Attack them with trying harder, pushing harder, being more clever. Finding out ways around your obstacles, using everything that God has already given you.

Hopefully you get it. You are a super hero – it’s just up to you if you want to use your powers or not.

Next lesson we will review Actual Seemingly Impossible real life Examples of superhero’s doing their thang!!


Monday, February 22, 2010


I am reposting this for three reasons:
1. It will eventually fall in line with this months superhero theme.
2. Because sometime I need to be reminded of certain things
3. It's a powerful piece so this is it's 2nd Re-posting
4. Because I wrote it dammit, and I can do that! THIS IS MY HOUSE!!! (Like my dad would say!)

Re-read and enjoy!


I think I have found one of the key ingredients that make successful people successful. This is such a profound thought because in all of the numerous mind numbing literature I have read about success, self improvement, leadership etc. I have never been privy to this information.

Now I’m passing it on to my readers free of charge.

Here goes:

How many people actually give 100% of themselves at anything? You can always say you tried hard, but can you really say that you gave 100%? 100% is usually used for a select group of people like Olympians, recovering addicts, and professional athletes.

We tried to dissect ourselves to try and rationalize the reason that 100% effort is not given. The only thing that we could come up with, is the fact that the pay off is not guaranteed. I think the other reason why 100% isn't given is because on most all occasions 85% is more then enough to propel you to society’s definition of success.

If someone told you that they would give you a million dollars to run a 6 minute mile 3 months from now, your life would change immediately. If you seriously signed a contract and the money was put right under your nose, you would put down the large fries and start training. Per the agreement you are not allowed.....
to quit your job, or spend any less time with your family, but you can do anything else to prepare for your six minute mile. Somehow, you would make time to train. You would replace all your reading material with running information. You would have sweat suits in your car for a run before you got home and before work. You would replace all of your internet browsing bookmarks with running sites, messageboards and blogs. You would be fitness crazy. Only a fool wouldn’t give a 100%

This is the mind game that some worldclass athletes are brainwashed into when they are young. A perfect example of this is in the Spike Lee movie "He Got Game". It's about a basketball prodigy, Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by Ray Allen), and his relationship with his father, Jake Shuttlesworth (played by Denzel Washington). During the movie they show flashbacks of the basketball prodigy and his father. They are shown on the basketball court at night, doing running drills. Jake is running with a young Jesus telling him, "The only two people up right now are you and Michael Jordan, and what is Michael doing, training. ". Then he beginns to instill the guarantee of success in his child, " What are you gonna by your mama, What kind of house? ". So Jersus is brainwashed into thinking that if he gives 100% he would be the best basketball player in the US. There was no doubt, so that 100% is not hard to do.

Tiger Woods had this same advantage since he was a kid and continues to enjoy it. He can give 100% daily because he knows that he will win and become the best in the world. Players like Phil Mickelson, find it hard to give 100% working on their game because Tiger has already defeated them mentally. Why give 100% when you know you will never be better then Tiger. Phil can give 85% and still be one of the top players in the world. For fat Phil, that is good enough.

What does all this mean?

The reason that we don't give 100% is fear of failure. Fear that we would give everything we possibly have, to reach a goal and not hit it. We would rather give 85% percent and fail, saying at least I tried, then to go hard for 100%.

This applies to me and my resistance to give 100% to my outside endeavors. What am I afraid of? I will try and concentrate on the reward rather then the failure. If I realize the reward as concrete then I should be able to go 100%.

Sounds good in theory but can I apply it? 85% has been good enough to make me moderately successful in the past. Am I all talk and no action?
Knowing this information has put the responsibility of my success on me not any outside excuses.

If you are reading this, you know it’s true, and your success has now been placed in your hands and know one else’s. I have chosen to accept this responsibility because I need to be successful, by our definition of success. There is no other alternative for me. Rich or nothing.




Sunday, February 14, 2010

WOW, I AM A SUPER HERO! Part 1 of a series...

Ok, read this and really understand it.

You are a Super Hero. Now say this: I AM A SUPER HERO!

Doesn’t that feel good to say? Well you can say it and mean it. Really.

Here’s why……
We are surrounded by superheros but most refuse to accept their super power. Simply because with that acceptance, comes a since of responsibility. When Superman finally realizes he has super powers, he also realizes his duty to protect mankind. If no one knows you are a super hero, and you don’t act like a super hero, then you will never have to own up to your responsibility.

By not accepting your super powers you are in turn running away from your responsibility which is not very super hero "like" behavior.

To our defense, we forget that we are superhero’s sometime because we are surrounded by so many others, If God has given you the ability... to walk, two arms, two legs, a brain, and a mind of average intelligence you are a super hero. Period. That’s a fact. We look at those less fortunate as handicap but in retrospect they are the mortals. We look at those with seemingly natural gifts such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, or gifted scientists such as Einstein, as “Lucky” or fortunate. In reality you can be as great as any of them once you unleash your powers. What you don’t have in talent you can make up in hard work and determination.

In the Xmen movies when they are at the academy surrounded by other mutants, they don’t feel special. They don’t feel like mutants, or super hero’s because everyone can do weird and crazy things. Special doesn't seem to exist when you are surrounded by special. In the environment of the academy, Professor X then teaches the X-men how to tap into and control their special powers. Only a few of us have learned that valuable skill and even fewer actually use it.

Do you see? It’s a hard concept to grasp but once you do, you will have an "a ha" moment and began to uncover your super powers. Once you embrace these super powers and own them, you will be unstoppable.

Your powers need to be utilized to achieve maximum personal success. Period. By doing this not only do you help yourself, but you help those around you. That is exactly what we were put on this earth to do. It is your responsibility to yourself, your family and those mortals who have not been blessed super powers to utilize yours to their fullest.

Please read this again……next we will talk about: Part II Unleashing your super Powers!!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I'm A Guest Blogger!

Recently, I have partnered up with two other bloggers to help chronicle our online money earning experience. This blog is done in a narrative format. It's not giving tips on how to make money on-line, simply because we haven't made enough to give advice.
What we do instead is just tell you what we are doing, how difficult it is and what the results are. A step by step approach as we learn.

There is no other blog like this on the internet. There is no one who is brave enough or honest enough to really show what they are doing and how they are doing it. People are afraid if they don't show that you will make $1,000,000 in 10 days that people want go for it.

I have written 3 spots so far, mainly about my experience with ebay and my actual totals are chronicled here as well. So visit http://www.paypaltoprofits.blogspot.com/ to read even more of my work. Don't worry, I am working on a killer post for this site - I can't forget my loyal readers aka "Mom".


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wealth and the Recession

Back in the day there used to be all these sites about Bill Gates and how much money he has.
The best information came from:

He has always hovered around the 50 Billion dollar mark, but in 1999 he was worth a whopping 89 Billion. To put 56 Billion dollars in perspective:

Lets compare his wealth to yours. Let’s say you are worth $70,000. Mr. Gates' worth is 800,000 times larger. Which means that if something costs $100,000 to you, to Bill it's as though it costs 12 cents. So for example, you might think a new Lamborghini Diablo would cost $250,000, but in Bill Gates dollars that's 31 cents. Can you believe that? A nice home in a rich town like Palo Alto, California? Two dollars. That nice mansion he's building estimated at 55 Million dollars? A more reasonable $63 to him. You might spend $50 on tickets, food and parking to take your date to see an NHL hockey game. Bill, on the other hand could buy the team for 50 Bill-bills. You might buy a plane ticket on a Boeing 747 for $1200 at full-fare coach. In Bill-bills, Mr. Gates could buy six 747s (Not tickets, the planes themselves). Two for him, two for Melinda and two for young Jennifer Katherine.

Now with big money comes even big losses. Here is how some people lost big this year.

Look at these staggering numbers:

Down 4.5 Billion
Rate of -$513,000 per hour!

Down $7 billion
Rate of -$800,000 per hour!

Down $8.2 Billion
Rate of -$940,000 per hour!

-$10 Billion
-$1.1 Million per hour!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It takes Money to Make Money

We always hear that it takes money to make money right? Well here is a perfect example, and another reason not to spend your money on CRAP. Let me just clarify the last point. There is a certain percentage of our population who can buy CRAP, but if you are not living on interest from investments, if you have any credit card balances that are not going to be paid off in the next 30 days, and if you are working a 9 to 5 then you are not a part of that small percentage.

Why? How come you can't buy CRAP? Because when opportunity knocks you have to be ready to greet it at the door, welcome it with open arms! Most of the time that means you need two things: Money and knowledge. You should be getting more and more knowledge everyday because it's FREE. Reading this blog is knowledge, the internet if full of free knowledge, so stock up. Money on the other hand is in short supply. I think when Christmas rolls around we forget what short supply really means. Just look at your credit card notice, these bastards are jacking your rate up to 29.99%! That’s short supply. It’s easier for me to date Halle Berry then it will be to get a business loan for the next two years so that means your own cash is extremely valuable right now.

Here is a great example why:
As you well know, I run a string of small businesses. Wash and Roll has been on it's last leg, a victim of local economy (located in Southfield, MI) and a victim of the recession. We have little to no operating capital. At the end of every month our account balance is zero to negative.

Well things that we have done last year are starting to pay off (something to remember: what you do today affects everyday of the rest of your life). So we recently got a contract, A huge contract by our standards. It’s a trucking company with enough rigs where I have to hire another person. Yeah baby!! We were and are elated. Everyone is excited, this is something that we have been waiting for and working for.

After the bottles are popped and the joy dies down I have to figure out how much will this new contract cost me?

That’s a weird question, but if you own a small business you know exactly why I ask this. Here’s why: The job is going to pay roughly $450 per week. Nice!! But here’s the rub, the job costs me $275 (in labor and supplies, so I have to spend $1100 every month. Plus we need a specialty piece of equipment that will cost about $600. So after the first month I'm out $1700.

But wait there’s more,

I send them the first monthly bill after 4 weeks of work, but they have net 60 Payment terms. That means that they pay 60 days after they receive the invoice. Ouch!! Translation: $1100 for two more months plus another $550 just in case the check is late.

So when I get the call I’m happy, but in the back of my mind I know that I’m out $4500 bucks – or $4450 to be exact! Money that I won’t see back for some time. I will get it back, but at the rate of $175 per week starting in 90 days.

Double Ouch! So the moral of the story is I have the $4500 bucks. Why? because I did’t go to Vegas with my boys, Why? Because I didn’t spend more then $200 on Christmas gifts, Why? Because that is how I roll!!!">You tell me what's better, opening the door when opportunity knocks or that $4000 HD 48inch HDTV with Dolby Digital surround sound?

On 2nd thought, Don't answer that!, The thought just makes my old school 17 inch feel that much smaller.

Hey if the TV is too loud, I might not hear opportunity knocking on the door!!

All in for 2010. What are we waiting for!!