Monday, June 26, 2006

Travel Post II: Chocolate Thunder Hits Korea

As usual, my obsession with trying to get everything done at the last minute leads me to run late. You don’t realize how difficult it is to prepare for a trip like this in the last minute by yourself. The only thing I forgot was to turn up the heat. Right now my kitty Cats are at home lounging in 75 degree temps.

So, I bet you’re curious about the flight. The Flight from Seattle to Tokyo wasn’t bad at all.
I had very little leg room and the guy next to me not only had bad breath but I had the luxury of staring at his toes for 9 hours. When he told the stewardess Coke, I smelled Ka-ka. He should have brought a separate seat for his breath. To make matters worse he
had the nerve to sleep with his mouth open the entire time.

Now, the good part. Each seat had their own little personal video player in the headrest of the seat in front of them. They had old and new movies to choose from.
I watched:
“Something New” with Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker (who had great screen presence- you will see him in “The Devil Wears Prada”). I think it was a great movie about interracial dating; very tastefully done, without being too cliché.

“Failure to Launch” with Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew McConaughey. Since when does Sarah Jessica Parker get to be the bombshell girl? Decent Movie, but the ending was super cheesy and predictable.

Then I took it back with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and finished up with Danny Devito’s “Hoffa”.

While I watched movies, I ate like a king. At home every night I eat chicken, rice and frozen veggies. On the plane I had that and more. We had chicken and rice, with bread and butter, and chocolate cake. I haven’t had cake since I got rid of my "fat guy" pants.

Life was good until the ice cream sandwiches. What made me think that I could eat ice cream with no after affects. 5 minutes after using my teeth to scrape the ice cream sandwich cookie off my fingers, I felt the tummy bubbles. The passengers and the crew thought we were experiencing severe turbulence.

All in all, with no phones, no email, no PDA, plenty of food, sleep and movies to watch, for 10 hours life was good.

Once arriving in Seoul it looks like my daily life has made me immune to Jet-Lag. It’s 10:30 AM USA time and 11:30 PM Seoul time. I can’t tell the difference. People are looking at me strangely but that’s to be expected. I haven’t seen a black person since I looked in the bathroom mirror, and even I had to do a double take.

While riding the bus from the airplane to the airport I was holding on to the rail for support. This girl points to my bicep, and her two friends start laughing. Of course everybody is looking now. When we get through customs they asked me to take a picture with them while I flexed my arm. I thought, "Why not"! After the picture they start laughing and said something in Korean. I think they called me “Chocolate Thunder”. I was thinking that was also appropriate after the ice cream.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sleep Log

First things first - "Helen, thanks for my first official Comment!"

Below are the hours slept versus the hours worked this week. This
is the amount of work that it takes to get to the top. Hopefully in the future
there will be a shift of more sleep and less corporate job hours, thus freeing up more time to dedicate to my small business.

I have read many times that you should spend only the time required to do your day job adequately and spend the rest of your time developing a money making skill. My strategy with my day job is to put policies and procedures in place to allow me to work a 10 hour day and still exceed expectations of my Directors. The downside: I've been saying that for the last 5 years!

Monday June 19th
4hrs. Sleep 13 hrs Corporate Job

Tuesday June 20th
5 hrs. Sleep 12 hrs. Corporate Job

Wednesday June 21st
0 hrs. Sleep (Pulled the car over for a nap) 13 hrs. Corporate Job

Thursday June 22nd
3 hrs. Sleep 13 hrs. Corporate Job

Friday June 23rd
5hrs. Sleep 14 hrs. Corporate Job


1. Jay Leno – four hours"He subsists on four hours' sleep per night. Out of fifty-two weeks, he gets four weeks off, during which time he is miserable. "I hate those weeks off," he tells me. "To me, a week's vacation just means you're now a week behind."

2. Madonna – four hours"Madonna has revealed she only grabs four hours' sleep a night because she constantly worries about everything that is going on her life.

3. Florence Nightingale – four hours"Florence Nightingale only slept four hours a night"

4. Anton Ballard – four hours"Ballard keeps pushing himself to get better. He averages around four hours of sleep per night, and works about 12 hours each day between his meat counter and his studio."

5. Michelangelo – four hours"Both aboriginal peoples and highly creative people (such as Thomas Edison and Michelangelo) rarely sleep for more than four hours at a time."

6. Napoleon Bonaparte – four hours"Napoleon Bonaparte learned to live with the fact that he was only existing on three or four hours sleep a night and got on with his grand schemes."

7. Bill Clinton – five to six hours"President Clinton grabs 5-6 hours"

8. Winston Churchill – six hours"It was claimed he only spent 6 hours in bed every night. However, he wrote that one needs to take a complete nap every afternoon, to get fully undressed and really go to bed. No "halfway measures". He claimed the reward was to "get two days in one - well, at least one and a half, I'm sure." He claimed this nap was absolutely neccessary to cope with his responsibilities during the war. His naps were 1.5 to 2 hours long, for a total of about 8 hours a day!"

9. Nikola Tesla – two hours"He is said, by some of his followers, to only have slept 2 hours a day. He was definitely a night owl. But his staff has told of him taking many naps during the day. And it seems he may have been narcoleptic, and able to sleep with his eyes open."

10. Leonardo Da Vinci – 15 mins every four hours (ie. 1.5 hours)" It was said that he would sleep just 15 minutes of every four hours."

11. Margaret Thatcher – four hours"Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister, was famous for getting by on only four hours a night."

12. Martha Stewart – four hours"“There’s not enough time in the day,” complains the woman who says she needs no more than four hours’ sleep a night."

13. Thomas Edison – four hours"Thomas Edison slept 3-4 hours at night, regarding sleep as a waste of time"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Travel Post I: Handle My Business..In China?

That’s right, yours truly am off to the orient. Do you know what that means: Chinese food – Right around the corner, Made in China, let me know I’ll bring you one back. Chopsticks and Arithmetic, High kicks and Back flips. Now that I have violated every stereotype let us proceed.


The Company I work for has a Korean office. Our Korean division is building a Manufacturing facility in China. The Chinese and the Koreans do not get along (historical reasons); therefore I am the technical go between until our Chinese customers feel confident that our Koreans can handle the gig. I will start off in Seoul Korea for 2 days, and then travel to Shanghai for three. When I leave I will have everyone holding hands singing kumbaya. I will have those Chinamen and Korean's bee-boppin and Collar poppin together. Shanghai will be known as Shanghizzle!

The first obstacle was getting my work Visa. My boss tells me I will never get a work visa in a week. "A work Visa!" no one told me I needed that. As usual my boss was completely wrong and useless. You can get a work Visa in two days. All you need is a written and signed invitation from the inviting company. In fact, mine is ready to be picked up right now (prepared by a little cutie I might add, I will definitely try and look smooth when I pick my papers up on Friday. I will let you know if I get anywhere with that.)

Second issue: my flight. For five glorious minutes I was traveling first class. I was the M-A-N. First to Board, Big Leather Seats, Ice Cream Desserts, I even heard you get a Menu! Then I received my itinerary. Coach! There was a window seat, an aisle seat, and a little picture of a guy sitting on a crate. That was my seat. Flight time 4 hrs to Seattle 14.5 hrs to Seoul. Are you kidding me? What if I eat something that gives me the runs? What will I do for 14.5 hours? Ladies and Gentlemen, I have ADHD. In a chair for 14.5 hours, I'm insane just thinking about it. ........Sir would you like some nuts, " I AM NUTZ", Sir would you like a pillow, "BICTH I'M CRAZY”, Sir would you like some headphones, " I'M CRAZY, I'M CRAZY". Of course I will suck it up and endure the insanity like the professional I am.

For all you dirty minded guys, No I'm not going to hit anything in China or Korea. I'm not trying to get some Chinese herpes bump on my goodies. I have enough to worry about without my health. Plus, that's just not my style. I will however get my mingle on. I'll be like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2.

Shanghizzle here I come!

Monday, June 19, 2006

What if You Run Out Of Material to Post??

This question was asked to me by a friend of mine. That will never happen. Becoming a millionaire is the most exciting ride of a life time. My loyal readers will be able to share a variety of experiences with me. Remember sports fans, I'm not rich, I'm going to be rich. Right now I'm as broke as you, or worse. What this means is that you will get to share my journeys as I learn to adapt to the rich lifestyle. This is good stuff! I will let you know how my golf game is progressing, my first puff of a cuban cigar, my expereinces eating at the best places. Walk with me as my friends and I go to dealerships and test drive cars that we will soon be able to buy, and look at mansions and boats that will be part of my estate. Accompany me on my first dates with my future wife, as I pick a queen for the empire. From the business side you will be privy to details on business deals gone right or wrong. With the internet and a camera phone it'll be like you you are there with me. I would pay money to read Bill Gates' blog when he was "Nerdy Booger Billy" or Mark Cuban when he was "Mark the Head Cuban". You know these guys got no tail in High School but look at them now.

Just think you knew me when I was "Smash-Bang"!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Cars - For Rich People or Fools

I didn’t want to write about this today but Friday at work as usual something pissed me off. Outside in the parking lot of my job there is a black car similar to mine. Our "lovely" receptionist at our front desk says to me, “ Your car has a flat tire out there”. I told her that’s not my car. She says, “ Oh, that's right, you have the car with all the dents in it”. Then she proceeds to laugh. Then 4 hours later, 4 freakin’ hours later this bitch is still crackin’ jokes about my dents. “There goes SMASH – BANG himself, HA HA HA” she says to another admin. I wanted to punch the glasses off her fat ass face. Instead, I laughed (maintained my demeanor) and got in the elevator.

This brings me to one of the major reasons why people never get rich: EGOS .

Now I have a lot of pride and a big Ego, both of which I leave at home before going to work everyday.

ALL-DEN-TE - My Car's Name

OK, so I do have two dents in my car. These dents are a result of lack of sleep and keeping the car on the road, pushing yourself to the physical limit to make some business deals. By no means do I advise this, but that was the case. After six accidents I have learned that you can't sleep and drive at the same time. I choose not to get the dents fixed as a reminder to myself what a car really is. It is a vehicle to get from point A to point B.

New cars, Car Stereo’s and Rims are for fools or Rich people. If you are Shaq, Mark Cuban or Trump, knock yourself out. You probably made more money talking to the fat Spanish dude at Unique Whips then most of us make in a year ( Depending on your profession you might need a decent size, good-looking car or truck. However, there is almost no need for rims, let alone, televisions in the headrests. Now, not only are you making payments on your car, but also the $6000 rims, and the Best Buy monthly payment for the stereo you just brought.

For those who choose to lease, your're renting a lifestyle that you can't afford. When your lease is up you have nothing.

Laugh at the dents if you will, but they will are brought and paid for!

Millionaire Le$$ons Learned
1. A car is to get from A to B reliably & safely
2. A New car depreciates an average of 20% in the first 18 months
3. Control the EGO – Car accessories do not improve your quality of life.
4. Leasing a car is “renting a lifestyle”

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Qualified to do the Job

As you read through my posts, you might ask yourself, "Why is this guy qualified for this blog?".
Well, the title speaks for itself. I am that guy. Life has shown me many things. In my short time as an adult I have lived the life of many men. I've been engaged, married, had a cheating spouse, and divorced. I have lived on the East Coast, The West Coast, and the Midwest. I've spent ample time in the United States' two unofficial capitals, New York & LA. I've worked overseas in Europe, I've lived in housing projects, been homeless and lived in shelters. I am a corporate America soldier as well as a small business owner. I'm at the age where I can pass for 38 or 24. I personally know millionaires as well as broke a$$ muthaf'ers. In short, there is no doubt that I will be a millionaire and I'm already poor and life has made me insane.

Now that my qualifications are official, hopefully we can all gain experience from my experiences as well as experiences from my readers.

Over & Out!

I will post the top 10 for discussion!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Official First Posting

Hello sports fan, I am officially testing the ability to edit and post blogs from multiple locations. If this indeed works, readers and posters are in for the ride of their life.

We will begin a journey into the depths of what makes a rich man rich, and a poor man poor. What it takes to be successful and what makes successful people fail. The American dream is the same as it was years ago except the house overlooks the lake, and the cars in the driveway are an SL500 and Range Rover sport.

I will attempt to maintain my anonymity as to protect the innocent as I Blog my day to day activities, discoveries, successes and failures during my rise to the top of the financial food chain. I will attempt to create an enviorment with web links, articles and topics to help us all win in the game of life. Hopefully those in attendance can benefit from the life lessons and expedite their way down the road to the riches.

Until next time.....(some of us still have to work for a living!).