Sunday, September 28, 2008


This book has been on the WSJ best seller list forever and I had refused to read it simply because I don’t like changing the way I do things. This is a bi-product of ego. So much thought is behind how I work and why I do what I do, that I often resist advice.
I'm smart enough to know that just because it's my way doesn't make it the best way. Luckily my mind is stronger then my ego (that's how I'm able to drag myself to work everyday) therefore, I am always in a constant effort to improve how I move. That's why knowledge is key.

I recieved a personal endorsement from someone I respect; so I picked up a copy of "4 Hr" last week. If you don't listen to the advice of the good people you surround yourself with, what good are they? I will hold my strong commentary on the book until I’ve completed it. So far it’s interesting; half Stephen Covey (of 7 habits fame), half PT Barnum.

I did bring forward one interesting quote:

It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.
-William of Occam (1300-1350), Originator of “Occam’s Razor”.

That is me 100%, I overdue certain things just to make myself feel good. Wasted time and effort. That alone might be worth the $19.95.

If anyone has anything thoughts please share - We are here to get Rich feedback from the minds of my insane readers are needed.


Money Saving Mikes Deal of the Week:

Fleurville Suzie Tote Diaper Bag

Diddy Feeling the Pinch!

You know we are relieved when gas prices drop from 4.10 to 3.80. Well what if you had your own G3? However don’t believe Diddy’s claim of it costing $200,000.00 to $250,000.00 round trip. The fuel bill for a N.Y.-LA round trip would be more like $30,000 on a G3. Still no drop in the bucket.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tidbits from the Insane Mind

Travis Barker, DJ AM Expected To Make Full Recoveries Following Plane Crash

First of all, let’s not forget there were four people who were not so lucky and were killed during this plane crash. These people and their families get overlooked and overshadowed during the sensationalism surrounding the celebrities. This was similar to the cases of Left Eye and Aaliyah. The difference is that thte celebraties lived so everyone is like Phew! except for the families of those that didn’t survive.

Second of all; I actually got a comment from a blog reader who obvious reads my blog enough to know me, telling me how money can't prevent sickness and health, as indicated by this incident.

Read this in your best (Fran Drescher, nanny-nanny boo-boo voice)
“See being Rich didn’t save Travis Barker”

My simple response is: After Travis Barker gets done with the best surgeons, physical therapists and other rehabilitation resources on the planet he won’t be worry about the medical bills. That’s the difference!!!

Third - I would like to highlight the statement by Fallout Boy. I think it speaks volumes and should be taken to heart every day.

"It's times like these that we are reminded -- in the worst possible way -- to honor life.
.........we want to encourage anyone reading this to simply tell the people you love how you feel."

I know it sounds corny and cheesy but we all know it's true.

I swear something is in my stomach trying to eat it's way out. We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant where we ate all sorts of meats and mushrooms stuffed in peppers. Some of the peppers were covered in Chocolate or Pecan sauce. That picture is exactly what I ate: Chile En Nogada! That is a rotten ass chile pepper covered in almond sauce with pecans. I knew I was going to be in trouble.

You have to remember that you are there for business, and you don't want to change the focus of the meeting from money, to you and your eating. You want everyone to feel comfortable. If they order alcohol, you should order alcohol, otherwise they will feel self conscious and think you are judgmental. You don’t want the meeting to be about you at all. You want them to feel comfortable enough to have them talking freely. So if they ask do you like it, you say yes, but you pray they don't order seconds.

I was in the fetal position yesterday. Today the shzit is phuckin me up! I have to stop typing every few minutes and just think about the pain. My facial expression is like a baby, when it stops playing and has the look of concentration when it's taking a dump! .....wait........there it goes again. I'm having contractions! I'm doing the old school Bill Cosby breathing techniques!

For all You Pimps out There


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mexico & Doo Doo Breath-a-litis

So far the trip has been pretty uneventful. For some reason I always seem to sit next to someone with "Stank Breath" that falls asleep with his or her mouth open.

This time is no different; I'm reading my book and I smell the unmistakable odor of HOT DOO DOO. I slowly turn my head to the left, and I see the dude next to me has his mouth open fast asleep.

His breath is smelling so bad, that I can SEE IT!!

I'm staring at this dudes fat belly like he must of ate four egg Mcmuffins.......with cheese before boarding the plane. "Where the f_ck are our beverages", I'm thinking at this point. "Give this bastard some nuts or crackers before I pass out".

Just at the brink of tolerability, the ancient stewardess (who I affectionately nicknamed Mrs. Throwback) comes over with the tray of snacks. Belly boy wakes up, looks at the tray....and waves it away. Whattt!! I am in disbelief. He doesn't want anything that will diffuse the BREATH.

That's all I remember before I pass out. I think I fainted from HOT DOO DOO Breath-alitis!


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Review & What's New

So what have I been doing instead of blogging???
Getting rich of course! Ok not really getting rich but working on it.

So the big website idea finally went bust. It was called Igarage It is exactly like REPAIR PAL which is a fully functional site. The cat that started repair pal killed it. He had millions of dollars in angel funding and made it happen. I had $5000 bucks, some programmers in Pakistan, and a bootleg laptop. My college roomate who lives in San Fransciso, has been consulting me on this via nightime conference calls. Last week he told me to hang this idea up - which I think he told me before - but this time I listened.

R.I.P IGarage


What has worked and is still working?

E-bay aka E-bizzle
I got a T-shirt company that is powered by E-Bay NUFF SAID OUTFITTERS

This idea was the brainchild of myself and a married couple who is on thier hustle. It all started with a Phelps Olympic shirt and now we are killing the sales weekly. Every few days we think of new shirts - there are like 80 designs right now.

My new favorite is:

NOW THAT'S FUNNY! What....Very Passionate Independant Loving Female ....That's what it stand for.

If you want one, click on the shirt and order one!

I also have an EBay gift store Money Saving Mikes, named after this website.

It's like a gift shop of sorts, I'm like a distribution warehouse, buying selling and tracking. Weekly profit has been rising at a steady clip. How much you say.....I can almost pay my rent on profit.

The best thing about it; is this paypal mastercard. That thing is sweet. You can buy stuff, pay postage, make online purchases all from your paypal account. I havn't spent a dime running this store in two months and my paypal account is like Oprah Winfrey - OBESE!


  • Am I still burning the candle at both ends......
  • NO...I started lighting the candle in the MUTHA-PHUCKIN middle.
  • Am I still sacrificing my personal life for future riches......
  • What personal life? What girlfriend (Sorry Ma, I know you liked her -I did too)?
  • Will I still be rich by 35
  • That's the goal isn't it?

Loving & Living Life to it's fullest
Holla Back!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm back Baby!! .....With a Vengence

I swear this is the last time I take off of the blog.
Really. I promise.

Thanks for all the emails and concerns; I'm still alive and I'm still on the paper chase.

I had to get a few things in order to make sure that I'm up for the long haul....and I am.

OH BOY am I.

I just needed to take a month off.

So there are a lot of questions that's been asked. Too many to post but I will string them all together for the next weeks of posting.

The website business endeavor has gone bust, now I can provide some interesting details and explain what went wrong and how it exploded as well as how much money was lost.

I'm doing some great (you know great = $$$$ in my world) on Ebay, and I have changed the structure of the Power Wash business and Car Detail Business to make them profitable (I hope).

I have been busier then ever!!

So look for about two posts a week - at minimum. These are exciting times, and there are plenty of riches too go around.

More travel adventures

More stories of no sleep and caffene pill poppin'

More stories of fortunes (ok money) earned and lost.

It doesn't get any better then this Baby.

Not to mention.....More Gallardo's!!!