Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By: Eric Smitts

One of the Keys to success when working in Cooperate America is learning how to work with and deal with other types of personalities. If you are an A type personality then it’s extremely hard to balance sensitivity with your own personal objectives. The most famous A-type personality that we know can be seen in the actor Jeremy Piven as his Character Ari Gold. If you watch Entourage Season 7 Online, you can see all of the issues that having a Type A personality creates in the workplace. Most of his issues stem from ruined personal relationships from running over people in pursuit of professional goals.

In a balanced work environment you will find 8 basic types: Reformers, Directors, motivators, Inspires, Helpers, Supporters, coordinators and observers. Reading these types I am sure you can see where you fit in. Depending on your role in your organization some types are perfect matches, and these people tend to perform better, and like their jobs more because they are in roles at which they were born to do.

If you are in R&D then you are more of an “observer”. If you are in Human Resources then you are more of a Supporter, or Helper. Most aggressive leaders tend to be Directors. Once you are aware of your “type” then you will have to adjust your behaviors to when dealing with others, based on their types.

As a type A personality you have little patience, and very little tolerance for excuses. You like things brief and you like to be in control. Now to get the best performance out of your co-workers, employees or even your supervisor, being aware of and controlling your style is extremely important. Type A’s love being in control, but when dealing with your boss, you should be aware of this, and say to yourself, “I’m giving my boss control, so I can have it later”. This will help you accept direction.

When dealing with Helper’s they are more concerned with helping other people, and the softer things that you could care less about. Showing outwardly that you don’t care is very discouraging to the helper so this will turn this person off, and you might not get their full cooperation. Being aware of your impatience and lack of sensitivity will allow you to “grin and bear” the conversation with a smile, so you can in turn solidify a relationship that you may need to leverage over and over.

It’s playing a part to get what you want. Hopefully this will only need to happen in your professional life but there are many instances where you will have to play the part in your personal life as well.

As Type A, you have to remember that accomplishing your goal is the main objective and doing whatever it takes, even if it means not being yourself is sometimes necessary. Start practicing with the small everyday situation so then when you really need to leverage this skill set, it’s already dialed in.

To take a quiz to find your type, Google "Myers Briggs Test".

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For more on Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold Watch Entourage Season 7 Online.

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Monday, August 09, 2010


So I watched Tiger play the British Open & The Bridgestone Invitational, and finally it was a different Tiger. He didn’t win, or even get a top 10, but it was a Tiger who had finally accepted that he was no longer GREAT and with that acceptance he also accepted the challenge to rise back to Greatness.
Let me explain……Tiger knows that he is the Best, possibly the best that has ever played the game ever! He is used to showing up and having people so afraid that they stop playing their game and play his. He was crushing the competition, but a lot of that was because things went his way. Officials called things his way, the people in the galleries rooted for him and remained quiet when he was teeing off (not always, but mostly), tee times, and practice times seemed to be all in his favor. He hosted half of the tournaments and every Sunday was his day. His only job was concentrating on putting that ball in the hole; this is A mental luxury that only a few golfers ever have.
This is very similar to a company CEO. When they walk in, the tide moves with them. They don’t have to ask people 8 times to do something, or use some kind of angle to get people to do what they need them to do. They just do it. There is no pressure to get the job done a certain way, they just need to make sure they get the job done. It doesn’t matter, how they format charts, or how they display information, if they have a late lunch, if they pissed somebody off, if they are talking on the phone too much. It just doesn’t matter and without all those distractions, the CEO can focus on only one thing, running the company. This makes his job, in some cases much easier then being in middle management.

We have to look at ourselves like CEO’s that aren’t CEO’s yet, or better yet, CEO’s that have been laid off and must start from management level. We know we are CEO material because we already did the job, but now we have to do it all over again. This is similar to where Tiger is now. The important part is knowing that we can and will get to where we belong.

He’s the “Not So Great” Tiger.
The NSG Tiger went through a learning phase his first few tournaments back, and has learned that everybody isn’t scared of him anymore. Now, he has to deal with all the bullcrap that everyone else has to, and STILL win. When he played in his first three tournaments this year he thought he could just walk in and be back on top, during the British Open he realized that he has to go back to 1999 and grind his way to the top again.

His demeanor during the British Open demonstrated that he understood the challenge and was ready to face it head on. The acknowledgement was there that he knows now that he isn’t Great, unless he’s great. No one is going to give him anything. He must prove himself
all over again. All his past accomplishments are just fairy tales for Youtube. The respect, money and power will only come again with accomplishment.

So that’s where I am. That's where most of us are. Entrepreneur's stuck at our 9 to 5's. It’s not going to be easy. I’m going to have to show everybody and grind my way to the top. You are not Great until you are great. Until you are a CEO, then you are not a CEO. It’s just that simple. The key is to “know” that it’s a process, and be patient, and “know” in your heart that it’s just a matter of time

Tiger might have it easier because he's been there before, so there is very little doubt (at least in his mind and mine) that he will get there again, but there is also very little doubt that I will be there. ….. Trump went bankrupt and was rose right back on top, because once you are there on top and then fall –yes, you have to go through that initial realization process that you have to start again, but it happens quicker because you know exactly how to get there. Becoming a millionaire is great, not because of the money you make but what it makes of you to get to that point. The person and lessons you learn getting there. You have learned the skills required to be successful. You can lose the money, but the skills are much more valuable and much harder to lose. The tricky part is knowing when you must use them. Using them is not easy, and you might have thought you would never have to use some of those skills ever again. Don't worry, part of being successful is knowing when to dust off those skill and "Do Work".

The other alternative is to be like most people and say how great you are, and never really push yourself to do a damn thing. Talk is cheap that’s why there is plenty of it.

Very few can afford to pay the price to be great!
Me, I can’t afford not to!

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