Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corporate or not Corporate?

In this newly rotten economy I have been asking myself, "What is the better way to go?". Is it better to be self-employed or to be employed in a large corporate environment?

Each has it's pros & cons and there is just a ton of variables to consider; thus leaving me just as confused as ever? But what else is new?

If you are a small business owner, you are at least making decisions for the good of your business and/or yourself and family. Nobody has your back in corporate America. As soon as you turn around, "They Getcha". I'm sure the 10.6% of unemployed people here in Michigan can attest to the “Getcha”; as they were cardboard boxed up, and walked out of their places of employment. Many of them didn’t even see it coming.

But what happens when your small business goes under?
Let’s say you are a dingle-berry provider, and the demand for dingleberries are just not there anymore. The dingleberry hut is in the red and there is no government bailout for you.
Now What?

Do you have any marketable skills to compete in today's supersaturated job market? That's a huge issue.

Here is a feasible plan:
Sell the dingleberry hut, and work at Home Depot while you go back to school for something that made you marketable. Damn! Imagine going from day to day as the big boss, calling the shots, to rockin' the Bright Orange Hope Depot Apron and punching a clock.

.................... Just put a bullet in my head.

The other plan would be to stack enough money during the dingleberry renaissance period; so that you can go back to school full time. You can get your “Happy Days” lunch box and your jansport knapsack and be a full time student again, until you can earn some dough.

Let’s take a look on the “Coporate America” side of things, you are virtually a bitch. Unless you are a CEO, CFO, Chairman or in executive management with a negotiated severance package, you are extremely expendable aka “A bitch”.

The key is to remember that shzit. That's a hard fact to remember when you are strutting around the office like a King, Hi-fiving (or the not so modern day fist bumping) co-workers, bringing in donuts, and throwing frisbees at the office picnic. You can be eliminated at any time. Granted the better you are, the harder you work, the lower your chances are of getting fired, but there is still that chance. If you let them, Corporate America will own you.

People always talk about how many hours I put in and how I wouldn't do that if I had a family etc. If little Johnny has to come home from college because Dad got laid off, I think that's a little worse then missing a little league tee-ball game. I'm not sure, you tell me. I am surrounded by the sad stories of kids having to leave college because dad’s who were making 6 figures for years, now can’t find a job.


You know where your ambitions lie. You know if you want to be the CEO, or CFO. If you don't, then just start stackin your money. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best. I mean save...if there is something that this entire recession has taught us is the true value of stacking the money.

As I see it, if you stay and work in corporate America, and you are not willing to sell your soul to be CEO, CFO, Director etc....then constantly stay educated and save your money.

GOLDEN PARACHUTE PERKSAs profiled in Feb. 2009 edition of Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine.

For all you Executive types - You put in the work, here's what you ahve to look forward to:

Phillip Purcell
CEO of Morgan Stanley
Purcell will continue to collect an estimated $7.8 million in perks, which include a secretary and $250,000.00 in donations to his favorite charities, during his lifetime.

Joe Moglia
Chairman Ameritrade
Medical benefits to him and his dependents for the rest of his life. The coverage will continue for his wife if she outlives him.

Ed Whitacre
received $158 million, plus benefits. He also received $26,000 a year automobile allowance and up to $20,000 a month in flight time on AT&T jets.




Saturday, January 24, 2009


………Here’s how it happended……about 1.5 weeks ago..........

So I’m home on my hiatus from work. I got my official return to work date of Feb. 23rd and I've come to terms with it to some extent.

What does “to terms” mean? It means sitting at home in my bathrobe eating a bowl of ice cream (for breakfast) that is resting on my belly like Tony Soprano. Not the skinny Tony, but the Season 5 gluttonous Tony. Yeah, that one.

Dishes in the sink, dirty laundry everywhere, growing a beard like Grady from "Sanford and Son" and a fro like Lamont.

I get a call from the “other” phone. The Bat phone or as I call it – The Batbery.

The bat phone? Yep. Only a select few have the number:

  • Labron,

  • Puffy,

  • Jay-Z,

  • Gates,

  • Tiger,

  • Kobe,
  • Jobs,

  • Buffet and Rock (That’s what I call Barrack).

So out of the list of greats, who’s on hiatus? Tiger! I bet he’s watching Oprah like me.

I pick up the Blackbizzle,

ME: Tig my nig, what’s up?

TIGER: Are you watching Opera. Can you believe that b_tch is talkin’ about food again?
Talking about she fell off the wagon! Her a$$ looks like she’s draggin the wagon.

ME: I was just watchin’ it homey. She said she ate the WHOLE bag of chips. I was like DAMN! Oprah money, a personal chef and a weight room in your crib. There is no need for her to be at “triple chin” status.

TIGER: You sound like you just woke up? It’s 10:30 AM?
ME: I Know I just been kind of chillin.

TIGER: CHILLIN! Are you serious? You expect to be great and you are using this valuable time to chill? Do you think I’m chillin?

ME: Hell Yeah. With your loot and free time; I would have chicks on top of chicks. I’d be havin’ bus loads of women rockin it out on Privacy.

(Privacy is his yatch, Umm yeah).

TIGER: Well you’re wrong. I’m taking this time seriously. I’m killin the workouts with my trainer. Two-a-days Brotha! Killin them. I’ve been working on my short game and my putting. My short game will make Phil’s short game look like yours when I return to competition.

I’ve been doing all of my rehabilitation exercises to the fullest. I’m working harder now then I was before. My golf course design company is in full affect. Recession or no recession, I’m designing courses. Buick just dropped me so I’m getting more sponsors. A Tiger’s got to stay paid.

Do you know how many people are happy that I’m injured? Do you know how many people are rooting for me not to come back strong?
I wake up everyday with those people inspiring me. They don’t realize the hate will make me great.

Jay, I thought you were smarter then that. You need to make sure you use every last minute of every one of those days off to get your hustles in line. Get your body in shape. You are a “business” man. Be a business. Get your mind right. Think about everything that you wished you had time to do. Then f-ckin’ do it.

ME: That’s whats up Tiger. I’m on my hustle. Good lookin’ out. I need that.
I will holla at you and wifee this summer. When do you plan to make your comeback?

Tiger: I never left.



Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 -BENCHED!

Well, 2009 is off to a rocky start. I've been benched for 6 weeks! That's right, I was a sitting duck at work, and got benched! I must say, it is better then getting plucked. Companies in Michigan are just disappearing all together so I guess I'm still happy to have a job.

Even Lebron get’s benched right?

6 whole weeks, 3 will be paid, and 3 will be unpaid. This is indeed a unique situation. This is a direct effect of GM shutting their plants down for 6 weeks. That's what Congress doesn't see. GM shuts their plants down for 6 weeks and shzit affects the blue collar workers at the plant as well as all levels of the industry. Suppliers, surrounding businesses etc More then 1/2 of our company has either been terminated or temporarily laid off until the plants are back running.

This has been a very humbling experience to say the least.

These are unusual times, I should have paid attention to this list:

Top 14 Signs Your Company is Planning a Layoff
14. CEO frequently overheard mumbling, "Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe."
13. Dr. Kervorkian hired as "Transition Consultant."
12. Windows 95 shutdown screen reads, "It's Now Safe to Start Looking for Work."
11. Company softball team down-sized to chess team.
10. Sudden proliferation of teen-age geek interns.
9. Your boss keeps asking you when he can "show your cubicle."
8. Company president now driving a Hyundai.
7. Annual company holiday bash moved from Sheraton banquet room to abandoned Fotomat booth.
6. Old Milwaukee is beer of choice at company picnics.
5. Guard at front desk nervously fingers his revolver whenever you pass by.
4. Giant yard sale in front of corporate headquarters.
3. Babes in Marketing suddenly start flirting with dorky personnel manager.
2. Employee Discount Days discontinued at Ammo Outlet.
1. Company dental plan now consists of pliers and string.

One week into this 6 week ordeal and I have at least caught up on some sleep.


The important part is to keep motivated during this time.

When I had something to do and somewhere to be every minute of everyday, it was easy to stay motivated. If I didn't get something done then someone was pissed or money was not made.

I still have a ton of stuff to do, but without timelines and deadlines the motivation is not the same. It actually takes more mental strength to keep things going.

“This is a blessing in Disguise”

If I had a dollar for everyone who told me that, I could end this blog because I would be rich.

Instead of poppin’ each person in the mouth who says that, I decided to make the statement true.

I still wake up everyday and work out before 6:00 AM. The last thing I want to do is have months of fitness go down the drain due to laziness and self pity. That alone helps me stay motivated.

Working out early also forces you to shower after your workout and eat, helping you somewhat keep your daily routine. Just for the hell of it, I shave to keep myself presentable.

I also keep a lot of good DVD's in rotation that help me stay focused. I have those in the background while I'm working in my office.

Now I have the time to crank work into my businesses and my blogs. I have time to spend with my friends and family, which I haven’t taken advantage of yet because I have been super cranky.

The good part about this layoff is it let's me know what I've done right and what I've done wrong.
1. Obviously my hard work at my job has paid off. 20% of my company has been terminated since August 2008 and they kept me and are paying me for 3 weeks to sit home.

2. Second it tells me that developing my own businesses is more important then ever. Diversity is the key.

3. Third, the sate of the local economy tells me that internet based businesses with low overhead is the key to the short term future. This way you are not dependant on the economy of one State. Michigan will be suffering for awhile. To have money being generated nationwide is a good thing.

As I make it through my remaining 5 weeks I will be finding great blogs to link to, interesting stuff, more money making opportunities and getting my silly day time TV on.

MAURY SAYS, "You are not the Father"

I WILL MAKE THIS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE…..and maybe relax a little.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I'm a Machine

Sometimes I forget, and I have to remind myself.

I AM A #$@!%*# MACHINE

No Pain, No emotions, No Fear,
...........because nobody really gives a damn.


I will respond in a compreshensive post regarding all of the weight losss inquiries, comments and emails, including steroid & supplement questions. No steroids were used but thanks for the compliment. (Keep the questions coming)



Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Resolutions - Real Talk

Ok, for those who have been with this blog for years; you know this is the place to be for inspiration and a really good pep talk for the New Year. I have to say that 2008 was a big year for me. As much of an economic hemorrhoid as it was, I also was still able to accomplish some big things. I must achieve, otherwise you guys would just think I’m full of it. Talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Well Check out my 08 Swagger:

Before I rattle of my list; by no means am I happy or necessarily proud of myself. I’m my own worse critic and I promise to go “All In for 2009”. I had more in the tank last year and that's unacceptable. 2008 was a year where I understand better, (I think a full understanding never happens), the powers of the universe and how you can really do whatever you want.

1. I was able to keep my job – SO far So good!

2. Started partnership of Nuff Said Outfitters; able to sell over 300 t-shirts in the last 6 months of the year.

3. Started Money Savings Mike’s gift shop, Sold over $20,000.00 worth of products.

4. went Belly up; but I saw it to completion. NO REGRETS

5. Weight loss and muscle gain (The 6-Pack I vowed to get 2 years ago on this blog). Almost there, I don’t know if that counts or not.

Nope, that's not the Nutty professor on the left, that's me. Right about the time of the infamous, "CURSE OF THE COFFEE CREAMERS" Those are embarassingly actual photos: January 2008 and October 2008.

I can't believe I let myself get like that. Busy is no excuse for that gut! So Gross.

6. Able to get Wash and Roll subcontract work for United Mobile; this will be our 2nd month washing accounts for them.

That list isn’t too shabby, but it doesn’t set the world on fire either. Sometimes I feel like, I talk a lot, but people won’t listen until the 1 million is in the bank. Well you should start listening because the millions are coming and you will kick yourself for all the time you will have loss. Looking back on my 2008 list, I know I could have done more, I know I could have went at it harder, and I will for 2009.

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of “Making it Happen”. Why do some people make it happen and others don’t? How come you can have a seminar with 10,000 people in attendance and only 5 people use what they have learned successfully? How come Jim Rohn can talk about how much of an impact the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” had on his life, and only 10 people from his seminar buy the book. That’s because those people understand how the world works. They understand how to shape and mold circumstances.

For instance, how many times have you been told to write down your goals? How many times have you been told that you need a written budget no matter how much money you make? These are small, seemingly hokey things that people are asked to do in these seminars that really don’t get done, or that don’t get looked at after the seminar is over.

Why wouldn’t you do them? You’re not rich yet and haven’t reached your goals, but someone who has, and is rich is telling you what and how to do it. Why wouldn’t you listen!

My budget – written down in my blackberry!

My Goals – Printed on a message board in my living room. I have to look at this board every time I go into my kitchen. If I want to eat, to survive, then I must look at my goals before I go into the kitchen. Talk about accountability!

The man, Tony Robbins says, “The bottom line is that people have within them a force that is so powerful, there is nothing that can keep them from doing, being, sharing, creating and giving whatever they envision in life”.

That’s deep and super true!

Tony’s three rules for life changing are:
1. Decide what you will no longer stand for and what your’re committed to. Clarity is power.
2. Take massive action. You have to be wiling to do the things you don’t want to do. You have to build a momentum that consistent action produces.

3. Notice what’s working and what’s not working and when it’s not working change your approach.

This is from an interview of Tony Robbins in “Success Magazine”. These are the types of publications that need to be read by the future millionaire. I continue to read and expand and get inspired by material. There is no other way, and I take action on what I read. Learning and knowledge is a huge part of my plight. I don’t attend seminars, but I have Jim Rohn’12 disk series on CD, which I listen to during my commute, I get success magazine which comes with a CD/DVD two sided disk. I have Robert Kiyoski on CD, I have Napolean Hill on CD, I have Stephen Covey on CD. I read publications (I buy the Hard Cover) for my future library. Last year I read about 1 book per month on self improvement/ empowerment or obtaining wealth. That’s 12 books, not including novels that I read for pleasure.

To change your life things have to change from “should” to “MUST”.

Let’s take one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions; Weight Loss! You have to treat it like a life or death situation. If the doctor told you that you were going to die if you didn’t lose 30 lbs, you would find the time to work out, and the knowledge to eat right. The chips and ho hos’ would be trashed. You must lose weight! Must Must Must. That’s how I loss my weight. When I got home at night, there was no choice. I must work out. When I got up in the morning; I got up an hour earlier because I HAD to work out. No questions. It was on my list and it got done.

You don’t realize the since of accomplishment and how powerful that sense is when applied to other aspects of your life. When you see the pounds melting away and the abs coming in; you realize, ‘Hey, I can do anything that I put my mind to!”.

“OK, big talker- what’s my goals for the New Year”, Is what you are thinking by now.

Let me break it down:
1. Not just to keep my job; but to get a promotion. That’s right. I said that. Get a promotion. The climate has changed and normally 9-5’s are not where we want to focus but these are extreme times, and my goals need to be extreme. I could have went harder at my job last year and almost had regrets. 2009 All IN.

2. 12% Body fat. Don’t care about my weight, just 12% body fat.

3. Getting Wash and Roll in the green! That’s a MUST!

4. Take a vacation – People don’t realize how huge that would be and how hard that is.

5. Close the gap on my 1st million by October 27th.

6. Sub 100 golf score - very important for business!

Big things are listed there, but as they say, “Go big or Go home”. On this blog we always go big!

I know these seem like trying times but I believe in what Tony Robbins says, “If you are psychologically strong enough, you can not only survive, but you can thrive when tough situations occur, as opposed to letting the environment control you and take over”; he says, “It’s really about mastering strength within yourself so that you can conquer the outer world around you".

That means, "don’t be a victim. ".

Hopefully you were able to take some motivating tidbits from this entry. 2009 has already started special for me so I have only high hopes that it will continue to be my best year yet.