Friday, February 13, 2009

The Law of Diminishing Intent

People always ask me how come I don't sleep much or at all. Even during this break from my 9 to 5 hustle, I haven’t been getting as much sleep as you would think.

It's because of the The Law! The Law of Diminishing Intent.

“The Law of Diminishing Intent states that the longer you wait to implement an idea, the less enthusiasm you will have for it”
- thus the less likely you will hit it with all the emotion that’s needed.

We live in the age of information and I have so many ideas that I'm pumped up about something new once every 33.839 seconds. I stay up late researching all the my new ideas, and thinking of more. When you have an idea, it's key to jump all over that shzit like Michael Phelps on a Bong. (Sorry I had to give a shout out to dumb people with money doing dumb things, uhh hmm Chris Brown).

Think about how excited and pumped you've been about ideas in the past and then waited so long that you ran out of steam, or talked yourself completely out of it. I try to never let that happened. If I get an idea in the shower, I might start working on it before I dry off.

At least get your idea started to build some momentum. Other things that help are telling people about it. I like to deliver on my word and when I tell people that I'm starting something, or that I'm going to do something, now I have the responsibility to deliver or come up with a legitimate reason why I can’t deliver.

Pro-athletes do that all the time. Terrell Owens, Kobe, Rasheed Wallace and other so called arrogant players don't just talk smack for the sake of talking. They talk smack because it helps them perform and deliver on their smack talk.

What ever it takes.

I was reading about Netlix founder (and CEO) Reed Hastings. He was returning a copy of Apollo 13 and got a $40 late charge. He was like WTF - (well back then we didn't have texting so he was probably like "What the f#$%k" -that's better). That was in 1997 for a VHS tape.

When he heard that DVD's were coming he ran to Tower Records. That's the article it says that he RAN to tower records. He had an idea an hopped all over it. He mailed CD's to himself and waited a long 24 hours until they arrived at his house. I bet he didn't sleep during that long 24 hours. When the CD's arrived in the mail in great shape, the rest is Netflix history. In 2003 he hit a million subscribers. Can we say Cha-Ching.

Get your ideas out, jot them down and get crackin. Motion creates emotion. Get excited scream, yell and get working.

Rich or Nothing. The hustle is real.

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