Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hmmmm.....If I was filthy rich, this would have been sitting outside of my little sister's house today, instead of the phone call she recieved this morning. A jet Black Jaguar XKR with Peanut Butter Guts (a light brown interior for those who aren't rap savvy).

Why? Not because she is 1 of the 4 people who read this blog and click my ads, but because this is what she deserves to be driving. Her hustle game is at a catagory 2 (I'm a 1 in comparison; Puffy is a 0). I'm proud of her and her accomplishments. Really. I think what makes me the most proud, is her ability not to settle. She got her degree part time aka "The hard Way"; dabbled in Real Estate, dabbled in the service industry, got her broker's licence and is now killing it for E-trade.

As great a Resume as it sounds, it's nothing to the fact that she still wants more. She is as hungry now, as she was when she was 25 or 26; if not hungrier. She knows her dream of wealth is real. What people don't realize is until you KNOW dream is real, it isn't!

So, I looked deep into my archive and I'm dedicating one of my favorite posts to my little sister -


THE TRUE SECRET TO SUCCESS - REVEALED!!! (Reposted from....sometime 2007)

I think I have found one of the key ingredients that make successful people successful. This is such a profound thought because in all of the numerous mind numbing literature I have read about success, self improvement, leadership etc. I have never been privy to this information.

Now I’m passing it on to my readers free of charge.

Here goes:

How many people actually give 100% of themselves at anything? You can always say you tried hard, but can you really say that you gave 100%? 100% is usually used for a select group of people like Olympians, recovering addicts, and professional athletes.

We tried to dissect ourselves to try and rationalize the reason that 100% effort is not given. The only thing that we could come up with, is the fact that the pay off is not guaranteed. I think the other reason why 100% isn't given is because on most all occasions 85% is more then enough to propel you to society’s definition of success.

If someone told you that they would give you a million dollars to run a 6 minute mile 3 months from now, your life would change immediately. If you seriously signed a contract and the money was put right under your nose, you would put down the large fries and start training. Per the agreement you are not allowed to quit your job, or spend any less time with your family, but you can do anything else to prepare for your six minute mile. Somehow, you would make time to train. You would replace all your reading material with running information. You would have sweat suits in your car for a run before you got home and before work. You would replace all of your internet browsing bookmarks with running sites, messageboards and blogs. You would be fitness crazy. Only a fool wouldn’t give a 100%

This is the mind game that some worldclass athletes are brainwashed into when they are young. A perfect example of this is in the Spike Lee movie "He Got Game". It's about a basketball prodigy, Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by Ray Allen), and his relationship with his father, Jake Shuttlesworth (played by Denzel Washington). During the movie they show flashbacks of the basketball prodigy and his father. They are shown on the basketball court at night, doing running drills. Jake is running with a young Jesus telling him, "The only two people up right now are you and Michael Jordan, and what is Michael doing, training. ". Then he beginns to instill the guarantee of success in his child, " What are you gonna by your mama, What kind of house? ". So Jersus is brainwashed into thinking that if he gives 100% he would be the best basketball player in the US. There was no doubt, so that 100% is not hard to do.

Tiger Woods had this same advantage since he was a kid and continues to enjoy it. He can give 100% daily because he knows that he will win and become the best in the world. Players like Phil Mickelson, find it hard to give 100% working on their game because Tiger has already defeated them mentally. Why give 100% when you know you will never be better then Tiger. Phil can give 85% and still be one of the top players in the world. For fat Phil, that is good enough.

What does all this mean?

The reason that we don't give 100% is fear of failure. Fear that we would give everything we possibly have, to reach a goal and not hit it. We would rather give 85% percent and fail, saying at least I tried, then to go hard for 100%.

This applies to me and my resistance to give 100% to my outside endeavors. What am I afraid of? I will try and concentrate on the reward rather then the failure. If I realize the reward as concrete then I should be able to go 100%.

Sounds good in theory but can I apply it? 85% has been good enough to make me moderately successful in the past. Am I all talk and no action?
Knowing this information has put the responsibility of my success on me not any outside excuses.

If you are reading this, you know it’s true, and your success has now been placed in your hands and know one else’s. I have chosen to accept this responsibility because I need to be successful, by our definition of success. There is no other alternative for me. Rich or nothing.




Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week in The Life

This is what I’m talking about finally. Over 120 readers last week and finally one question: Connie writes,

“You seem like you live a very hectic lifestyle, what does a day in your life consist of?”

Well Connie, you asked, so I will tell:

Right now my life consists of nothing but work. I am a true workaholic. It’s weird, but right now, until I bring the truck washing portion of my business into the green, there is no time for play.
I have two choices:
A. Make a couple $1000.00 a month more on other ventures
B. Get the Truck Washing Business into the Green, Period.
Until then, no joy for the future millionaire. I shouldn’t say “No Joy”, because this is what I enjoy. Make no mistakes, I choose to live this lifestyle.

Right now I have laser like focus. No women, (girlfriends, or other), no vacations, no new clothes (unless for work), no Flat screens, no HDTV, no birthday celebrations no nothing. I need focus. If I go to an affair or party, it’s purely for networking or career advancement.

I must continue to over do my (9 to 5) job, so I can keep it. In this Detroit job market, the more money you make the bigger target you become. If the company wants to save money – you are toast, and good luck finding another job.

With that as a backdrop, this is what a week in the life involves:

Monday thru Friday – the routine is the basically the same.
4:30 – 5:00 AM
Wake up & Work out. You have to work out “EVERDAY” to change your body type. Remember that. Every other day to maintain. EVERDAY to change – That’s why so few people do.

6:15 AM
I leave for work, during my 45 minute drive I listen to Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyoski, and a bunch of success motivators. I get to work around 7:00 AM.

7:00 AM - Noon
My job is fast paced so time usually goes quickly. I eat every three hours, from the meals I prepare on Sunday. I'm taking down coffee like a mad man!

I’m off to the post office to mail the Ebay sales. I find some time to chat with my Post office ladies. I get back in time to have a quick lunch.

1:00 PM– 7:00 PM
I wrap up the day and usually leave work around 6:30 – 7:00 PM 3 days a week, maybe 2 days per week I leave at 8:00 PM.

The drive home is when I make all my business related phone calls.

8:00 PM– Midnight
I get home around 8:00 and every other day is a 2 work out day so I might work out again. Then I shower and I’m on the computer at 9:30 or so. Depending on the day’s needs, I can be doing several things: packing up stuff to ship for Ebay, sending out ship notifications, balancing the books for Wash and Roll, post new stuff, blogging, not to mention working on the 20 other ideas I have in the pipeline. The goal is to be in bed by midnite, but most times it’s 1:00 AM or so, resulting in a 3 hr. sleep night.

Wednesday nights the routine is bucked so “The Nuff Said Outfitters” Team can meet. This is a welcomed break from the daily grind. It’s half work and half social, but it really helps move the week along.

When Friday hits, I get caught up on sleep. I will sleep about 6 hrs. into Saturday. Saturday is a catch up day. After my workout, I’m dong everyday people stuff like, going to the dry cleaners, laundry, groceries, post office, and then believe it or not I usually take a nap about 2:00 PM.

Then I do payroll, (the guys get paid on Sunday’s), shop for Ebay stuff to sell, design shirts, etc until about 11:00 PM. Then I reward myself by sitting in my lounge chair (which is a lawn chair in my bedroom, really) and watching TV without doing anything else! This is my treat, for the week. Yesterday I actually went out to the movies!!!

By the time Sunday rolls around I’m making lunches for the week, choosing my outfits for the week (including socks and Undies) & dinner for the whole week. I drop off the payroll to the Wash and Roll Team, and off to Panera bread to do all of my internet marketing. This consists of updating all business websites, myspace, craigslist, facebook etc. Blogging and reading other blogs, and just enjoying some internet time.

There you have it! When will this calm down? When I can outsource these activities. Don’t forget I used to be the guy washing trucks, now I just drop off the checks.

No Regrets! No Regrets. I will never be able to say, only if. ….

God has blessed me with two arms, two legs, and a sane (hmmm…) mind. I’m taking it to the max everyday – Your dreams won’t come to you, you have to go after them!

Holla Back!


Thursday, October 16, 2008



How does one miss a flight when he’s at the gate waiting for 4 hours? THE ZONE
So, I’m in Mexico City at the gate waiting for my plane to Durango. After a few minutes of taking in the Mexican Hotties!!! (Hubba, Hubba), I realize I have 4 hours before my connecting flight departs.

I decide to finish my book, “The Riches Man in Babylon”. It's a fairly easy read; but then I also feel compelled to complete the next chapter of “Ultimate Metabolism”; a book I picked up on Sunday. So I started alternating books between chapters. I am in....... the Mutha f-ing ZONE

All I hear in the background is conversation in languages other then English on the loud speaker, people talking Spanish next to me & behind me. This created a loud-silence that I used to get me deeper in THE ZONE.


I’m embracing THE ZONE baby!!!!!!

When I look up 3.5 hours had gone by. My stomach already new that I had f-d up. “AWWW Damn!”

This is going to be embarrassing……I go to the counter and they said that my flight was boarding….but not at this gate. It was changed from 75 to gate 60. I pull an OJ Simpson, No I don’t rob or steal anything. I pulled a throwback OJ Simpson

(see pic - That's not me, silly! That's OJ)

I’m hurdling luggage, running a slalom course around chubby Mexican ladies, diving over luggage carts…….Ok, maybe not, but I walked really fast. I mean fast. The kind of fast walking that makes your hips swivel.

By the time I got to the gate, I could literally see my plane rolling away. I went to the counter and rebooked. 9:15 PM was the next flight meaning I wouldn’t arrive to my hotel until 12:30 AM. I looked at my watch, 4:30 PM Damn!

When I called my ride in Durango to tell him I missed the flight. He asked me what happended? I told him. I was in the ZONE BABY!

What would I do for another 4 hours and 45 minutes:

BACK IN THE ZONE – What else?



Embrace the Zone


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Me, A Germaphobe? NO!

So I’m back in good ol’ Durango Mexico Again. I’m convinced that my stomach ailment from before was attributed to bacteria that my body wasn’t used to. What I like to call: LBB (Loose Booty Bacteria).

I am pretty sure I'm not a full blown Germaphobe, defined by the Urban Dictionary as: Any person who is obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria. These individuals will turn on faucets with their elbows and hand sanitize on an hourly basis.

.....But, I started to do some reading on germs and traveling risks.

I read the following:

It is unlikely that lice from a person that sat in a seat before you did, will dislodge and hop onto you.
“Ok Cool, I don’t have to worry about lice”.

Then I read:
Bedbugs are different. Bedbugs can be transferred from location to location in suit cases.


I continued to read:
These insects wait until nightfall to come out and feed on your blood. They can be found in couches chairs and beds!

What that is telling me, is that if your hotel isn’t clean you are screwed.

If you are checking into a dirty Mexican hotel, just save yourself the trouble, go outside, grab that stray dog that just walked by, and just rub your bare ass and genitals all over his mangy coat.

Now Bedbugs are the least of your worries, and you have just made a new best friend.

(Actually I got this stuff called Steri-Fab from – it’s the truth)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memoirs From The Maniac

As we start Calendar week 41, I have a new sense of urgency. I am closing in on my 34th birthday, and I'm supposed to be rich by age 35. Just a little over 365 days to go. I have a new thought process which should help. It's cruel and evil but gets results. I will only share these thoughts after the first million. It's genius when it works, insanity up until then.

I'm going to Mexico again this week for work. This is frustrating because my life is one big business, and if I'm removed from it, all other business suffer. However; I do know who is buttering my bread and I want to continue snack on buttered toast so Hasta Luego!

I will bring pictures and updates, you know how I roll (or blog). Meanwhile you can read my assessment below of the "4 Hour Work Week". It's a little lengthy but I think it's informative; and worthy of discussion.

I got over 100 hits last week!!! Keep them coming & Thanks for reading.

The 4 Day Work Week Revisited

Ok after reading the book, just about twice, I must agree with my man Carl.

Carl wrote to me early last week stating the following:
I have read the "4 hour work week" and it is that kind of thought process that is putting us in the financial crisis that we are in today. You appear to be very young, but mature. Your work ethic (if what I read is true) is reflective of an older generation’s thinking. What you get in the "4 hour work week" is a body of work craftily written by Ferriss, that leads younger thinkers into a lazy, shortcut, way of life which produces more jobs overseas. This lazy-man's mentality has created the Dot-com bubble as well as helped create this real estate Problem we are seeing. People think they deserve more without working for it. They deserve bigger better cars, and bigger houses without putting in the hours and getting the experience. I am interested to hear your personal assessment, am I right about you or not! Maybe I am the one out of touch but I don't think so.
Carl W.

At first Carl might appear to be a grumpy old man, but I have to agree with Mr. Swindell on this one. Carl you are not out of touch. I think the “4 Hour Work week” is similar to “The Secret”. (You all know how I feel about the Secret). It sells you on the fact that your dreams can come true by just asking. Ferris can get away with things like, “taking one day off per week” to work from home. Then eventually proving to your boss that you are more affective at home and just not coming in to the office anymore.

Imagine if you walked into work and told your boss that you would be more productive at the crib. He would look at you like you were crazy, then tell you to sit “Sit your Ass Down”.

I am from the Jim Rohn school of thought. I think you have to do more then what you are paid to do, while you are working for someone else. This, at least helps you keep your job, especially during times of financial hardship. I put in a good 11 hour day and get paid for 8. This work ethic, some help from god, and a bag of luck is why I haven’t been laid off yet in Michigan.

You must also remember that you must work harder on yourself to get ahead. So my mantra is work really hard at work, then really work harder on yourself. Like Jim Rohn says, “working hard at work can make you a living, working harder on yourself will make you a fortune”. “A salary will earn you a living, Profits will make you a fortune”.

Don’t get me wrong, There is still a lot to learn from “4 Hour Work week”: Like checking your emails at strategic points during the day.

I now only check my email in the morning (1 hr. before start time), at lunch and after 5:00. I used to try and check it as it comes in, and that’s just crazy. At these strategic times I’m answering and checking email and no email or very little is coming in. This methond allows you to give each mail the focus and attention it needs and move to the next. It’s super efficient.

He also gives good tips on time management:

“Forget all about it” He says. “In the strictest sense, you shouldn’t be trying to do more in each day, trying to fill every second with a work fidget of some type”.

Then he mentions two great points to keep in mind:
1. Doing Something unimportant well does not make it important
2. Requiring a lot of time does not make a task important.

The last point I wanted to mention on time management is multitasking. Which I am an awful offender of:

He says, “If you prioritize properly, there is no need to multitask. It is a symptom of “Task Creep”. Doing more to feel productive while accomplishing less. Do things separately from start to finish without distraction. Divided attention will result in more frequent interruptions, lapses in concretion, poorer net results and less gratification.

The remainder of the book is just your basic goal setting stuff that you hear over and over in seminars, and outlandish plots and schemes to get your work week down to 4 hours. Such as out sourcing your daily activities overseas – What a joke!!

He does have a basic listing of 13 mistakes of the new rich. I will list those next week so we can disscuss them.

I don’t want to bore you to death any more this week.

In conclusion it’s a decent read, you will learn something; but I don’t highly recommend it. Because it’s been on the Wall Street Journal’s best seller list for so long, it might be brought up as topic at a dinner party, so it would be nice to be able to talk intelligently about it.

I would borrow a copy or go to borders and do a skim. If you do read it, let us know your thoughts.

I still think multitasking is the Shiznit: I’m blogging, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and supersetting a set of 20 situps during the commercials. Ferris eat your heart out.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baller Watch - Jay-Z!!


As I was reading an article in September’s issue of Fortune Magazine I read a snippet about my man Jigga, aka J-hove, aka Jigga, aka Jay-Z.

In reference to an exclusive wine, the article reads, “The best chance for common folk to buy a bottle is in the after-market for up to $2,000 online, or for $6800 at DUO, a restaurant in the Four Seasons Maui, where rapper Jay-Z recently ordered two and left half of the second bottle to the wait staffs delight.”

WTF! Damn, it must be nice.
So two bottles of wine or drinks for one dinner costs $13,600. That beats two waters, with lemon and sugar packets. - (That's a throwback to my cheap days - 2007 lol)

To put that in perspective this USED 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, with 27,800 Miles is: $13,990.00
With $2000 down, and 7.43% financing for a 4 year loan that would be $310 per month.

So you know I had to look up this DUO joint right.
….because I might have to vacation there once the millions start piling up.

Here is what I found out. DUO is in Maui at the four seasons.

The standard Romance package at the Maui four seasons include:
• Luxurious accommodations
• Welcome amenity and fresh flowers on arrival
• Two monogrammed bathrobes – yours to keep (maximum two initials per bathrobe)
• One candlelight dinner for two with wine at Ferraro's, including tax and gratuities
• Bougainvillea trail in your room, with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, aromatherapy oils and candle (once only)
• One 50-minute couple's massage for two (gratuity is included)
• Buffet breakfast for two daily at DUO
• Air-conditioned convertible car to be picked up at Kahului Airport*
• Overnight valet parking

The Ocean Front Prime Suite is $3268 per night (1/2 bottle of wine).
This is 5 nights for a total of: $16,340. Another Used Car.

For the record, I will never pay that much per night for anything even when I am rich.



Welcome to Paradise: Below are pictures from the Four Seasons Maui:



"Where my Hose At" T-shirt

Sunday, October 05, 2008


In efforts to drive more traffic to the site - I am making a promise to keep it funky!!

I will keep the posts coming throughout the week, sometimes a throwback post, a quickie, or highlight some comments. Eitherway I will keep it funky. Thanks again for hitting my ads and reading my shzit!!


Status of the Insane Future Millionaire

I would just like to thank everyone for checking out my blog again!! I am definitely back in full effect. I got a 72 hits last week and $38.00 smackers for the month of September!!

This has been a rough week, I am averaging more sleep (4.5 hrs.) per night, but things are stressful here in Detroit. I am trying to hold the Truck Washing business together without laying off any of my workers; so far so good. I am a proponent that companies do bad because everyone is not working together. Together means the employers and the employees. If I can pull my little company through these bad times then the good times will be a piece of cake.

As you may well know Wash and Roll is broken up into two entities, Truck Washing and Mobile Detailing. The carpet cleaning portion never really took off. The Mobile Detailing is having a phenomenal year, despite the down turn in the economy we did well. Our clientele is based around those who can afford to have their cars washed for $150 a pop. The truck washing business however, is bleeding. The first service that gets cut by the fleet owner is the truck washing. First they go from using our service every week to every other week. This means the dirt is on the truck twice as long, which takes more soap and more time. Then eventually they go to once per month or not getting their trucks washed at all.

As the hero of this story (blog) what am I to do?

I am losing literally hundreds’s per week. Well take this journey with me.

My first step: Out source advertising. I have found a company to print and fold brochures for me. This will allow me to mail out 100’s at a time.

My next step: Since the detailing business is so profitable, how can I do this in the winter? I am working out a deal with a mobile station with three empty garage bays. I will rent one of the bays for the winter and attempt to solicit auto dealerships to let us detail used cars. My first sales pitch meeting is Monday night.

Third Step: Perform work as sub-contractors. There is an outfit called United Mobile, that has a full time sales staff. We can perform work for them (if they have any work to be performed).

These are the three steps I’m pursing aggressively all the while maintaining the T-shirt biz (Nuff Said Outfitters), the Vending machines, the Ebay store Money Saving Mikes, and working a 70 hr. work week – not to mention getting my blog on.

busy as hell and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I made a promise not embark on many of the other ideas I have until the Truck washing part becomes profitable again.



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