Thursday, March 06, 2008



I have been in training classes all last week, a personal investment class this past weekend and then Mon, Wed, Thursday and tomorrow more training!
With my energy and Adult ADD it’s been brutal. I do believe however, that with every training if you listen long enough you will take something good out of it. Even it if takes you all day or all week. In most cases attendance is mandatory so you should look for that something good.

One of the training sessions was taught by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman who invented the “Know brainer” tool. I went to his website was getting sort of excited about the class. I did not want to appear nerdy or geeky but anything that will give me the much needed edge I am all about it. He has taught many different companies on all levels on how to generate ideas. Not just any ideas but Innovative ideas. 8 hours later, a lot of purple (the creative color) including Crocs, white sock wearing and team building; I got almost nada. I’m sure it was beneficial for the others; and I participated in all of the activities because I want that edge. I did not want anyone to have tools for improvement that I did not have so I worked hard in that class….but again…..almost nada.

What did I learn? I’m a risk taker. At least that’s what I think about myself, and that I am a creat0r. There were doers, Investigators, Checkers, and creators. I was a creating risk taker. I knew that; if I did not that excercise took 20 minutes.

The other good thing is this know brainer tool. I disagree with the whole entire process but the tool itself is actually decent. That's it pictured on the right. It has different buzz words and questions used to spark thoughts related to certain situations when being "Innovative".

No I take that back. It’s not decent, it just has a few questions and quotes on it that need to be remembered by people like us hustling for the riches. It can be accomplished in a daily calendar or planner instead of the costly "KnowBrainer" tool.

So if I could: I will pass on the gems of knowledge and save you eight hours and eight hundred smackerooos!


1. If the sky is the limit what might be possible
2. What seems impossible but if could happen might improve the situations.
3. What would some body famous (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, Tiger Woods) do about the situation.

Damn! I left the inspirational quotes in the car, and it’s 20 degrees, and I’m in my PJ’s. That means we are SOL.

If anyone out there has any inspirational quotes post them in the comments – for everyone to be inspired.

Thanks for helping a brother out!

Holla at your Boy