Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tax Time

Well, I hope everyone had a great Easter. I have been crazy busy as usual, especially because Taxes are due in a week. I have been on my grind. I was able to go home to New Jersey and get re-energized. Not only is the drive long, but therapeutic. During a 9 hour drive by yourself, you can do a lot o f much needed reflecting and planning. I have got my 5 business ideas laid out and ready to put in play. I am passionate about each idea, and have a General Manager in mind for each endeavor. The picture in my mind is crystal clear, execution is now the key. I have been reading the book "The Secret". It might come off as a little hokey, but there is a lot of truth to it. If you look at the Blog Roll, there is a lady who's blog is called "The Secret" and she lives by the book. It's interesting to see how successful she becomes by following the rules and guidelines laid out by the book. The book is nice, but I think the secret mixed with some good ol' hustlin', street smarts, and multiply that by the grind factor and you can have anything you want.

My new thing is to do something every 24 hrs. that the normal person doesn't do. I gotta keep myself above the rim, out of the box.

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