Thursday, June 21, 2007

"The Secret" ...Bull Shhhhh

I have to call a spade a spade.
I have done my research into this entire, "The Secret" phenomena. For those who are not familiar with "The Secret", here is it’s theory in a nutshell – Save your money:

“Its explicit claim is that you can manipulate objective physical reality—the numbers in a lottery drawing, the actions of other people who may not even know you exist—through your thoughts and feelings. In the words of "author and personal empowerment advocate" Lisa Nichols: "When you think of the things you want, and you focus on them with all of your intention, then the law of attraction will give you exactly what you want, every time." Every time! Byrne emphasizes that this is a law inherent in "the universe," an inexhaustible storehouse of goodies from which you can command whatever you desire from the comfort of your own living room by following three simple steps: Ask, Believe, Receive.

As nice as this would be to believe, this is absolutely ridiculous. Once Oprah profiled this book on her show it took off. Oprah claimed that she lives her life by the secret.

Well there are hundreds of other Oprahs that are broke, sitting somewhere trying to visualize their way out of their situation. Well Good Luck. You only hear about success stories.

Every basketball player grew up knowing he was going to become and NBA player. He eats, sleeps, breathes basketball growing up and even picks his starting NBA number. That is “The Secret” to the letter but most don’t go pro. Most don’t even get a college scholarship. The chances of getting into the NBA is less then 1 in 10,000.

Chances of ...
A U.S. Business Going Public 1 in 49,000

Life being wiped out by a cosmic collision before 2097 1 in 10,000

Scoring a hole-in-one 1 in 15,000

Being born a genius 1 in 250

Becoming a pro athlete 1 in 10,000

If you pick 4 NBA players you might think they all use “The Secret” like Oprah. The difference is that is only 1 ingredient to success. I agree you have to sleep, eat, and breathe basketball, but you also have to have good genetics, train hard, stay focused, and practice. That is what’s left out of this book.

The book is a miracle diet pill for the new millennium. Everyone wants to get thin eating chocolate, but life’s not fair. There are no shortcuts people. This book might make you feel good temporarily but I’m here to KEEP IT REAL.

“The Secret” is positive thinking dressed in a new package. This $24.99 book is richly decorated; the paper is thick, shiny coated and seemingly well crafted. The art work is mystical, Da Vinci Code style, helping to promote its rants that this is an age old secret revealed. Napoleon Hills, Think and Grow Rich in a designer package. It's a very creative farce and I give these people credit. They are cashing in. They cashed in on my ass.
The fact that Oprah is in on it makes it not just a farce but a powerful one. As one of the most powerful females in the free world, Oprah has catapulted The Secret to the Amazon all time best seller list exceeding Harry Potter.
What TS tells you is don't think negatively and negative things won't happen. Don't think about getting fat and you won't get fat. Set up an automatic bill paying system and stop thinking about your bills and they will stop coming.


I believe in the power of prayer. God helps those who help themselves. God has given most of us everything we need we just have to use it and make it happen.

I do believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe in acting as if. If you want to be great then act great. If you want to be thin and healthy then act thin and healthy. Healthy people are active and eat good nutritious foods. They are energetic and vibrant.
If you are overweight and take on these habits you will lose weight, almost guranteed.

If you want to be rich, do as self made wealthy people do: work hard, invest wisely, spend wisely.
If you want your bills to go away.....PAY THEM!
Write you goals down everyday and work toward them. Visualize. Visualize then execute.

Even the best visualize and work hard.



anonymous jones said...

Exactly! What a con! This just makes a mockery of people's hopes and dreams and makes them feel like failures on a cosmic level if they can't "make" something happen. As for Oprah .. she's hardly lacking oppurtunities or resources, is she?! Very well said!

The Michael Jordan Lifestyle said...

Ms. Jones aka trophy wife (I love it!) - I agree with you completely. I am just pissed that I didn't come up with this scheme myself.

Dimples said...

Yeah I am a lil skeptical bout the Secret myself. My friends have been trying to get me to read the book and watch the movie. I play it off every time. God handles my biznazz. Always has and always will. With all the blessings I done had I don't think the Secret had to do with nah one of them. LMAO. My southernness is coming out.

Anyways, I dislike it when people have goods things going on for them and try to give props to anything and everything but God.

And Oprah?! Don't even get me started on homegirl. If only she would spend as much time helping out on other important issues such as our troops over seas or the AIDS epidemic as she does selling str8t BS. Like the one dude she gave props to and come to find out buddy lied about everything in his book. LOL.

Anonymous said...

When I came to your site I was dissappointed until I saw that you were NOT selling this snake oil. My wife and her friends actually started having a secret party. Now mind you, it's just another excuse for women to get together and EAT, but they were taking this thing way to serious. I'm a private contractor and I work damn hard, and I have to listen to my wife and her friends cacklin' about wanting BMW's, new furniture, jewlry and s#$@. I told her, Darlin.....I want those things too THAT'S WHY I WORK 80 f*&$kin HOURS A WEEK!!!