Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Blahhs

Even your boy gets a case of the blahs! I am so intesne so when I get the blahs; I get the blahs. Then I start taking down everyone around me. It's my civic duty not to get the blahs. It might be the weather. Michigan weather just takes some gettng used to. Maybe it's the pure suck-osity of my job. At least I have a job. Maybe it's the snow and ice storm and my lately 2 hour daily commute. How about the fact that some low life tried to break into one of my work vans.

No I know what it is; it's the site and smell of kitty vomit on my carpet after getting home from a hard day at work. That's it!

How to combat the blahhs. Suck it up; take a deep breath and keep it moving. Look in the mirror and that's the person responsible for your mood.

Is any of that stuff a big deal; no. It's not even a little deal. People go through much worse. There was a tornado in Tenn. that killed 57 people and I'm complaining about a little snow.

The good thing about my blahs, they only last 5 minutes. Then I'm back killin it. 4 min 58 sec. and counting.

OK Now I'm back.



Anonymous said...

You can't feel down; I count on you to pick me up. That's like having a sad cheerleader.

-james the great

Anonymous said...

I love how you used this blog to talk yourself right out of the blahs!

You crack me up!


Anonymous said...

If you have children they will definitly pick you up. When I'm feeling like crap, my daughter can say something or do something that will just turn my entire mood around. :)

Linda G.