Sunday, February 22, 2009



Well my six week hiatus has come to an end. I made the most out of every minute, no make that, every second. During my time at home of course I explored every online money making scheme there was.

My summary is this.

First and foremost, nothing beats eBay. I am currently killing it on Ebay and will continue to build a brand there. I have just under 120 unique items and adding more and more everyday. I’m have two sites and I’m a Power Seller with 100% feedback. Not get it twisted, Ebay is a lot of hard work that you have to be on top of all the time.

The big thing these days are survey sites. I have joined a few survey sites to see what they are all about. Most of them stink. The survey’s take forever and you only get 50 cents. Your hourly rate will average out to be around 30 cents per hour and you will get dumber with every click of the mouse. The site that I paid to join I wasn’t qualified to take more then half of the surveys.

Most of these programs are just big pyramid schemes. You get your friends to sign up and money is funneled. I am absolutely terrible in doing this. I refused to try and con my friends into joining anything unless I know it’s to their benefit. The biggest scheme is “The Letter”. I’m not even sure of the legal aspects of it.


Check this out, I was picking up some packages from my rental office and this guy named “Josh” happened to over hear me on the phone discussing trying to get some products to sell on Ebay. When I got off the phone he and I started talking about online money making and he showed me his laptop. He was currently logged into his “Cash Crate” and “Deal Barbie” accounts. He was legitimately making money.

Before this, all I ever saw were doctored up photos of checks, nothing that I could really believe. He will break the $400 mark with Cash Crate probably today and will have a $500 total by the end of February. Now I am a believer.

Here’s what I’m going to do. Very similar to David Kleine’s site, I too will do the same. I will Join these sites and will report how often I do what and where and we will see if I can get to $500 like our boy Josh.

Since I’ve signed up under Josh when I make money he will make money, ya dig? That’s the reward for him passing on the info. Dude was even willing to sit with me and my laptop at Panera bread so we can get money together. We exchanged numbers and everything., that was enough to at least get me going. Both of these sites are different then pyramids, they combine both survey taking and affiliate programming and it’s legit.

I Googled Cash Crate and there were plenty of good discussions about people getting paid. Of course there are a lot of negatives but there were way more positives and none of it cost money. IT’S FREE.

SO DAY 1: I signed up for both sites and made a blog posting. I got my banner links and now I will email David to let him know that I have added his site to mine. I’m as honest as they come and if you read David’s site he is a super honest hardworking guy. Between the both of our sites you can get some honest work at home information.

That’s what’s up

DAVE KLEINE is only in about a week himself: Here is his site. STARTING FROM $0.00. When he updates his site I will post a link here so we can track his progress together.

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dk said...

Hey MJL, this is kinda funny, I was just here to get a link put on my site back to your MJ commercial, and I just read your post. You can find your link on my site now. Thanks! DK