Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Epic Battle with Unemployment: Hustling to find a Hustle!

Never before have I felt as qualified as I feel now to write this blog. Do you guys remember when I wrote the post "The Boiling Frog Syndrome". Well guess what, my time came and I got the shoulder tap. They laid my black a$$ off!
First of all, even though I knew we were doing bad, my ego and my logic thought there were still certain people that had to go before they gave me my walking papers. The problem there, is that logic (and ego) have no place in Corporate America.

The tale of my unemployment is one for the ages! The moves I made; the friends that I have who stepped up; and the mental a$$ whippin' I took on a daily basis makes for good blogging.

The good part is: I came out on top. Just like Kobe in my previous post, the best always rise to the top. The other good part is that I am at a new job, where no one knows me, my blog, my other businesses so I can post here as candid and truthful as I want.
Just think, if I didn't come out of this good. All of the my talk about positive thinking, motiviation, Jim Rohn this and that, Tony Robbins ths and working out, my ambition, my hope & dreams would have all just been me talking smack! And we all know that I love to talk smack but I also back it up. That's just what I do!

I have kept a journal of my unemployment time so I have postings that you will find fascinating. I will also post the various things that I did to find work, some that were successful and some that weren't.
I would like to begin these series of blogs on unemployment with a description of how the story ends.

The end goes:
2 Job Offers, An increase on an already six-figure income of $4,500.00, a move to the East Coast, 90 miles from family (versus 600 miles) and a shorter drive to work. Not to mention the chance to reinvent oneself again.
Easily the hardest thing that I have ever had to overcome in my life, but also the most life changing event.

Look for the rest of the Blog series: Hustling to find a Hustle.

For now, back to my 9 to 5!

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