Monday, May 17, 2010

Working Hard? No one cares until you are a Success!

Sometimes I would like to think that I work hard. Sometimes I would like to think that I work harder then the normal guy; that guy who thinks he wants to be rich. At the end of everyday, I go to bed when I can't even think straight. I barely brush my teeth, and then I pass out. I wake up the second,….. no the milli-second that I think I have enough sleep and again try to out perform the entire world.

As I talk to people, I start to hear things like, "I'm just sooo busy", or "I just had a 12 hour day".

What does that mean?

These people are actually sincere and do believe that they have worked hard. In their minds they have just killed it. They have done more then the average person, and have "left it all on the court" as they say in basketball.

Then I look in the mirror at myself. At the end of the day, you turn to yourself, because only you know what is real and what is not. I ask myself, " Self......are you like all of the other people who think they were so busy". Am I really working that hard? Do I really give my all, everyday, or have I just gotten so accustomed to saying so, that I actually believe it. You tell yourself you are skinny long enough, you start to believe it, until someone shows you a picture from last summer. Am I like a rapper who rants and raves he’s the best and richest when he knows the record company owns his cars, his jewelry and his girl.

I'm no longer going to say how busy I am, or how hard I work. People will never understand, and it's only frustrating to explain. There are certain things that can not be captured in words: passion, aggression, greed, anger. You can not get anyone to feel these emotions by just telling them how you feel. The worse thing to hear after you have gone through something is for some insensitive idiot to come and say, "Yeah me too, I have been working real hard lately too". Agghh!

I say, do what you have to do, and your results will speak for themselves. I am tired of justifying why I can’t go places or do things with my money. I am tired of trying to explain what s-a-c-r-i-f-i-c-e means. I’m either going to do something or not. Go to an event or not. No one cares what I have to do or how busy I am. No one cares if my money is tied up in investments or business ventures. No one cares if my businesses are losing money. So besides my blog, and the short list of people who actually do care, keep it to yourself. Only once you are rich do people care how you got there, that's why the Road to Riches is not only lengthy and filled with many perils; it's lonely as hell!!

If someone tells you that they have been working really hard, and are really busy, pull out a stack of $100 bills and smack them in the face and yell, "MEEE TOO"!

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Maria said...

I think the Battered Houswife analogy is a little harsh but it really gets the point across. I do feel betrayed by my job and when I get paid, I'm back to thinking it's great. This post is definitely a reality check. Thanks!!