Tuesday, August 31, 2010


By: Eric Smitts

One of the Keys to success when working in Cooperate America is learning how to work with and deal with other types of personalities. If you are an A type personality then it’s extremely hard to balance sensitivity with your own personal objectives. The most famous A-type personality that we know can be seen in the actor Jeremy Piven as his Character Ari Gold. If you watch Entourage Season 7 Online, you can see all of the issues that having a Type A personality creates in the workplace. Most of his issues stem from ruined personal relationships from running over people in pursuit of professional goals.

In a balanced work environment you will find 8 basic types: Reformers, Directors, motivators, Inspires, Helpers, Supporters, coordinators and observers. Reading these types I am sure you can see where you fit in. Depending on your role in your organization some types are perfect matches, and these people tend to perform better, and like their jobs more because they are in roles at which they were born to do.

If you are in R&D then you are more of an “observer”. If you are in Human Resources then you are more of a Supporter, or Helper. Most aggressive leaders tend to be Directors. Once you are aware of your “type” then you will have to adjust your behaviors to when dealing with others, based on their types.

As a type A personality you have little patience, and very little tolerance for excuses. You like things brief and you like to be in control. Now to get the best performance out of your co-workers, employees or even your supervisor, being aware of and controlling your style is extremely important. Type A’s love being in control, but when dealing with your boss, you should be aware of this, and say to yourself, “I’m giving my boss control, so I can have it later”. This will help you accept direction.

When dealing with Helper’s they are more concerned with helping other people, and the softer things that you could care less about. Showing outwardly that you don’t care is very discouraging to the helper so this will turn this person off, and you might not get their full cooperation. Being aware of your impatience and lack of sensitivity will allow you to “grin and bear” the conversation with a smile, so you can in turn solidify a relationship that you may need to leverage over and over.

It’s playing a part to get what you want. Hopefully this will only need to happen in your professional life but there are many instances where you will have to play the part in your personal life as well.

As Type A, you have to remember that accomplishing your goal is the main objective and doing whatever it takes, even if it means not being yourself is sometimes necessary. Start practicing with the small everyday situation so then when you really need to leverage this skill set, it’s already dialed in.

To take a quiz to find your type, Google "Myers Briggs Test".

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For more on Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold Watch Entourage Season 7 Online.

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