Thursday, February 02, 2012

Striving in Arnold's World is the Key to Success

A huge part of your success, in becoming a future millionaire will be your ability to Separate the Real World from Arnold’s World. 


Arnold’s World is a place that I have just recently entered.  A reader of this blog Deuce Carter has a Tumbler site with some interesting motivational pictures. 
One of them is the Screen saver below of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Despite his recent issues – here is a man that has conquered everything he’s ever tried.  Physically, mentally and politically.  A man who barely spoke English ended up being the Governor of this country’s largest State.  In Arnold’s World physical & mental perfection along with financial freedom were mandatory.  Once I removed my computer background and replaced it with Arnold – I conceptually entered Arnold’s World. 

In order to stay motivated, you must separate Arnold’s World from the Real World. 

Living in  – Arnold’s World

If you are doing what it takes to push yourself to the next level, you should feel special, but unfortunately that “specialness” won’t translate to the real world until you have reached real world success.   Confused?

In the Arnold World people are rated on a different scale.  People are rated on their ability to push themselves to the limit in all aspects of their lives.  In Arnold’s World, when a person gets home from their 9 to 5, they are expected to further their education, take care of themselves physically and strive for financial Freedom.  Those are the expectations.  In fact, that should be the criteria for reading this blog. 

Let’s list those again shall we: AWE (Arnold’s World Expectations)

1.       Further their education
By no means does this mean grad school, college etc.  This could mean learning about your business, reading forums, magazines, anything that will make you better at whatever you will end up doing for your financial freedom.  Learning about your craft.  

2.       Take Care of yourself physically
This doesn’t mean hitting the gym every day, but it does mean doing some physical activity a few times a week, and eating healthy.  A healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. 

3.       The Strive for financial freedom. 
Basically working to be a future millionaire.  That’s why we are here right?  Google the term “Future Millionaire”? Guess who comes up in the number two spot in the search results???
If you are here, you are at the right place because there is no place on the internet where the struggle is understood better then here.  Period. 

You can remember the three expectations by simply keeping in mind: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.


To be great in the Arnold World you are doing items 1 thru 3 to the best of your ability, until you reach success.  Constant effort over time!  Now let’s compare yourself to your fat, out of shape co worker.  You and him are in the little kitchenette area at work – you know that annoying little place with the microwave and toaster oven, and over packed refrigerator with everyone’s labeled lunch bags.  You are there heating up vegetables and chicken and your co-worker is heating up a left over cheesesteak and fries.  

When he went home last night, he watched 4 hours of TV, ordered 2 cheesesteaks from the delivery joint down the street, talked on the phone to his buddy about the weekend for an hour and then played Star Wars Old Republic for 3 hours and then crashed for the night.  

When you got home last night, you hit the gym, showered, cooked dinner for yourself and made lunch for today.  Then you started working on your main project until about 10:00.  Then you attended a Webinar for an hour, and then Skyped with your programmers in India until 2:00 AM. 

In Arnold’s World – you are like the Mayor!  You are revered because you are able to stay focused, eat right, hit the gym and survive on almost no sleep.  Your co-worker is seen as a lazy piece of crap.  He’s the equivalent to someone who is unemployed, on welfare and refuses to even look for a job, because welfare is covering his bills.  He’s everything that you Arnold’s World hates!

If you translate that into the real world – You and your co-worker are even.  Huh?  Doesn’t sound fair does it.  Although you accomplished a lot last night, you are not earning money with your projects.  In fact you are losing money because you are investing in time and resources.  Your co-worker is shoving money without thinking in his 401 K.  He drives a better car then  you, and hangs out after work with the rest of your co-workers so in fact, his status is higher than yours. 

That is your challenge.  Day in and day out, you have to accept that in society, until your bank account has grown to the KMAM (Kiss My ASS Mark), you are on par or less than that of the guy who does the same job as you do at work.  It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s also why you know that  you need to be doing more.  Let that thought fuel you to push  yourself to succeed.  If you quit it will all be for nothing, You won’t fail unless you quit.

Being able to separate the worlds are key.  You are no better of a person because you are in Arnold’s World.  Everyone doesn’t want the same things as you do.  It doesn’t make you better than them, and they don’t deserve less respect.  It’s a choice.  Because your mom doesn’t go to the gym, doesn’t mean you don’t respect her less.  We live in the Real World and everyone deserves respect until they un-earn it.  (But in Arnold’s world, YOU ARE BETTER THEN THEM). 

If you are reading this and don’t have a “project” – GET ONE!

Like the great Jim Rohn says,

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much


Aulawi Ahmad said...

useful info, I really like this

An FTB Bloggers Blog said...

Thanks Aulawi, I'm glad you find it useful. Sometimes it's hard to get exactly what I'm thinking out in words so everyone can see my perspective. Thanks for reading!

Deuce Carter said...

This hit home.


An FTB Bloggers Blog said...

Deuce! Big Homey, your tumbler site was the inspiration for my post!!! Real recognizes Real!!

alextalamantes said...

Wow...iam a child of the eighties, so i grew up watching his movies, and i didnt know how smart he is!!..i thought he has gained his fortune thanks to his movies, but actually he was already a wealthy!!
Great post and truly inspiring.. keep the good work.:).greetings from Mexico. (sorry for my poor english)