Monday, July 16, 2007

A Cup of Epiphany

Inspiration comes to us from many and any different avenues. My latest epiphany came via a cup of coffee. I live, and thrive off of coffee, and caffeine. I average less then 4 hours of sleep per night, so me and coffee are like Rob and Big, best friends.

Well, last Wednesday at 3:10 PM, I go to the luxury coffee cafĂ© that’s located in one of the business suites at my prestigious job (translation: Sh@%tty little coffee room at work), and I am faced with the decision of trying the coffee that's in the pot, or making a new one, which no one would probably drink because it's after 3:00. Any other day, I would roll the dice and pour the coffee, add my cream and equal take a sip and go back to work. If the coffee was awful, “Oh Well” if it was good “JACKPOT!”.

Then I thought, this is simple. If I want a good cup of coffee I should make one. I deserve to have a good cup of coffee, I have been here working since 7:00 AM with no lunch and no break. I won't be leaving until 6:00 PM, why do I have to sacrifice my taste buds and my desires to save the company a half a pot of coffee that I might even drink or that would get wasted anyway. In that split second, a lot of what I do and will do would change. It was a defining moment. I grab the coffee, and dumped it in the sink. "SO THERE", then I pulled out the pack of Maxwell House, opened the packet and smelled the sweet aroma of my future, my success and aspirations. I brewed up a nice fresh pot of millionaire brew and poured a nice cup.

Then I sat at my desk and started to think about all of the things that I left up to chance...and why I left them up to chance. I have control over a lot more then I am willing to except. In the past, I would do work, and then let what ever happens happened. It just so happens that my little effort, is equal to other peoples good effort, and I have been successful / lucky.

I could be more successful if I took ownership. If you want to lose weight, STOP EATING & work out. Take responsibility and stop making the excuses. A lot of us don't do this because we feel, for some deep rooted reason that we don't deserve to be successful. That if good things happen then bad things are to follow. None of this is true, you deserve exactly what you are willing to work for.

Another reason why we don’t try is fear of failure. We don’t try hard in the beginning so that when and if we do fail, we can have a crutch to blame things one. That is loser mentality.

L – O –S – E –R.

Take charge of your life right now. Let's turn it up a notch. We are winners and we win. I don’t care how corny it is, but in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and MAN-UP. Take responsibility for your day and make things happen. 9 times out of 10 things don’t happen or you fail to get things done because YOU don’t do it.




Babs661 said...

So do you think that you still have chances with things that were left up to chance that you still have control over? If you left something up to chance, like something a job or whatever to just be handed to you and it wasn't, yet that position is still open would you now apply for it or still just chance that someone might come and offer it to you.

The Michael Jordan Lifestyle said...

Why leave it to chance? The only choice that needs to be made is if you really want the job, and how bad you want it. If you want the job make up your mind right now and get it. Write letters and interview, knock on doors, do whatever you have to to get the job. If you don't really care so much then leave it to chance, and let destiny and fate make those decesions for you. Whenver I left decisions up to Fate and Destiny they stood me up for the prom and wouldn't return my phone calls.