Monday, July 09, 2007

Hey there beautiful people. I'm back. I had to take some time out and get myself together. This usually means I have a new hustle...and guess what? I have a new hustle. (Details to be revealed as I get myself further in deeper)

When looking for inspiration I usually turn to TV or documentaries about real life people and what they have done and overcome to become successful. Like I always say, just because you do what they do doesn't mean you are going to be as successful, but doing what they do, working as hard as they do at least gives you a shot. Besides the King of Cars, Flip that House, and Unique Whips, another show that keeps me inspired is Making the Band 4.

Those not familiar with Making the band, it's a nationwide talent search, a-la American Idol where Puffy or Sean Combs puts the “would be” music artists through trials and tribulations on the road to making them a success. He keeps them up late at night, he puts them through physical training, mental training in attempts to have them feel what he felt during his struggles in acquiring his $315 million empire. These kids are given an opportunity of a life time and all they have to do is endure all Puffy has to shell out for 3 months and they will live their dream.

In the past contestants have quit or cried, complaining that the demands were to hard, or the regimen too strenuous. During season 2 Puffy sent the contestants walking to Brooklyn to buy him a slice of cheesecake from Junior's bakery – I would walk through all 5 boroughs of NY barefoot, butt naked in flip flops if it meant access to $1 million.

Imagine, that someone said you could only sleep 3 - 4 hrs per night, exercise everyday until you drop, and work 16 hour days and your wildest dream would be granted. Most of us would jump for joy, because those trying to live their dreams have probably been doing all that and more for as long as they can remember.

What's refreshing about this last recruit of Making the Band Contestants, is that the confessional commentary that you hear gives you the impression that they understand the chance that they have been given. (Yeah, at times the guys get a little feminine, but they are R&B singers so it’s to be expected.)

For instance one of only two "white" dudes on the episode is Dan. When Dan got the call back, they said that he was a little chunky. Dude went home, hired a personal trainer and dropped 16 lbs. That's wanting it....and if you thought "white" boys can't dance. Look at Dan during the second call backs, he is probably in the top 10 dancers. I don't know if Dan will make it to the end, but his drive and determination can not be doubted. He understands the meaning of "NO DO OVERS!" That is how life is. No Do Overs. He has one shot, and he is doing everything possible to make this one shot count.

Remember how you imagined your life would be when you were growing up? Remember what kind of car you would drive, house you would live in? Things you would do? It's all still possible if you work and strive. If you don’t work and strive then you are not even giving yourself a chance. How can you win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket? If you are content not fulfilling your own goals for yourself, then great, but if you want better, take stock of yourself, create a plan, and make it happen.

Even those who don’t watch MTV, or think these reality shows are silly. Look at one episode of Making the Band 4 and you will be inspired. Look at an episode of King of Cars, and you will see how hungry (sometimes borderline sleazy) salesmen hustle to feed their families. Look at Unique Whips and find out how many hours Will Castro works his crew to produce high end products.

Let this be an inspiration for you to get out and reach your goals whatever they might be.


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