Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Funny and Inspiring Quotes

Well, it's been a little over a year now and I have successfully been able
create several streams of income. The goal is to be involved with so much stuff
that I can eventually quit the "Cube-Job" and hold things down on my own full
time jobs. I shouldn't be so quick to call my hustles streams of income; some
potential streams and some are dreams but they are all in progress.

I had to take a time out to get things in perspective and focus.
There was a small period of content, and I can't have that. Now that I am that angry person again, I can get more accomplished. I must admit the addition of the Blackberry to my arsenal has greatly improved my efficiency, I can even use it to help blog.

How about some good quotes?
One is just plain funny. I consider myself well traveled and Northwest Airlines has been the armpit of all airlines. In this months Esquire, the writer of the article states this about Northwest
"Northwest Airlines, an organization whose incompetence would be best described as Ruthian. It's too bad the 9/11 terrorists did not patronize Northwest Airlines; they undoubtedly would have been stranded in Logan airport until they collectively renounced Islam "
Ain't that the truth.

The other quote came during my viewing of Tiger winning the BMW
Championship. The commentator said something to the affect of,
"Even when I played (golf professionally) and dreamed of the PGA Tour and
how I good I could be, I never even dreamed I could be as good as he (Tiger
Woods) is"

That is a perfect example of how we limit ourselves. He's that good that he is beyond other pros' wildest dreams. They can not even conceptualize beating him. Tiger might be the only person to expect to make a 50 foot putt.

He’s not surprised when he wins because he expects it.

      When I'm done, and I mean really done, I wont be surprised because I expect it.

      Please remember those who lost their lives in



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Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on those streams or am I forced to search through all your posts(thats if you've ever mentioned them)?