Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Keep small things small to make it Big

Every so often I have the pleasure of traveling to Three Rivers. Not the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh,PA but Three Rivers MI-Population 7,320.

I really have nothing bad to say about Three Rivers (not to mention it's my girlfriends' home town and I don't feel like arguing). It's a small community that is everything that small-town America represents. The average income is approximately $32,000.00 per year. There is very little glitz and glamour, a lot of religion and everyone knows everyone.....and everyone knows every one's business. I think if you fart to loud, you might make the local paper or even headline on the 5:00 news.

It's not the statistics of the small town but the mentality of those that dwell there that is the focus of this blog.

When you compare these places with the rest of the nation you will see quickly that 19.3% of the population of Three Rivers is below the national poverty line and the percentage of College degreed residents over 25 is 9.7%.

In order to realize there is more in life, you have to see more and know there is more out there. You also have to believe that the "more" is tangible.

It's similar to a poverty stricken child. He doesn't know he's poor until he compares himself with others. Only when the child learns there is more that they want more and become disappointed when they can't have get it. Do you think a poor kid in a China orphanage wants a tickle me Elmo? If he doesn't know that a Tickle me Elmo exists, he's not sad when he doesn't get one for Christmas. Hell, he probably doesn't even know what Christmas is.

The issue is that it's too late for us. We know there is a Tickle me Elmo out there. Thanks to TV, MTV Cribs, Movies and real life exposure (depending on where you live); you know there is a tickle Me Elmo out there, and you deserve yours!

The best way to escape the small town mentality - is to leave the small town.

I reference the small town and small town mentality to make this analogy. Your current 9to5 job is just like a small town. If you get caught up in the day to day drama without realizing it, for what it is; then you will mentally exhaust yourself when it's time to work on your own hustles.

You know the type, they come to work and make their job seem soooo hard. Everything is drama "I have been working on this project for weeks". What about the guy who works late and has to let everyone know. "Is it raining out, because it wasn't when I came in at 6:00 AM this morning". Everybody has a bunch of these guys at his job. This guy is his job. If he or she is an Engineer then that's all they will ever be. They choose to ignore what's out there because they don't want to deal with reality.

There are three types at every job:
Type A: Is is job, he or she hates their home life, their families and is defined by their job. This guy is a loser in life until he swipes his badge.

Type B: Comes to work just to get that check and live life to it's fullest. His family life is great; he has hobbies and loves spending time with his friends and family. This guy is rare but does exist.

Type C: This job serves two reason; it's a practice facility to sharpen his tools for business; and a financial means to an end. That end being extreme wealth.

For the Type C People breaking your job down to it's fundamentals is essential: we don't do squat. Really; all I do is just fill out excel spread sheets, and write emails all day. That is the bare bones of my job. I'm not saving lives, I'm not teaching kids, or saving endangered species. I'm just filling out spreadsheets. Any extra effort mental or physical that I waste is taking away from my personal quest for wealth.

(Caution: this doesn't mean don't be the best at your job, it just means be the best using less. Work smarter not harder - The 9to5 is your bread and butter and should be protected at all costs- Ya dig?)

Let's break down some occupations:

If you are Pharmacist - You are just counting pills or dealing drugs
If you are an Engineer - You are just playing Sud0ko All day; Ok advanced level Sudoko
If you are an Administrative assistant - You are a Under paid Adult Babysitter- Sorry but true.
If you are an adult Entertainer - You're just a stripper - Now drop it like it's hot!

When you minimize your job mentally you can really focus on the hard stuff. The stuff that takes "out of the box" thinking that challenges all of your talents, your leadership skills, your creativity, your passions, and your desires. The work that makes you money instead of putting cheese in someone else's pocket.

Remember that the next time you think your job is so hard.

We all know our Tickle Me Elmos' are out there; it's our duty to get them.

Holla at your boy!



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I wasn't even that far away; but when I went to Michigan for undergrad, I could not believe how sheltered I was. I even changed majors, because my small town upbringing was not going to get me what I wanted. As a future lawyer (1year to go-YEESSS!) I will be able to live a fabulous life.

Anonymous said...

Wow, two posts in a the same month. I read your blog but never really leave comments. You touched so close to home with the annoying guy at work. At my job we don't get paid by the hour but I have this annoying slob, who has to let everyone know how hard he is working and how many hours. I get a damn play by play of his every move. That makes me pay attention to how hard he is not really working. Good Call

Anonymous said...

It's called broadening your horizons people. There is a whole world out there; enjoy.