Sunday, April 27, 2008


April has been one helluva month. One filled with motivation and inspiration. I thought I was fired up before, well I'm really fired up now. I am crazy. Hence the Insane part of the title of this blog.

Three Saturdays I travelled back home to New Jersey to take care of some family business. I spent some time with my nephew and found out first hand how hard it is to keep pace with a 1.5 year old. I got to inhale the East Cost flavor, bask in it and bring it back to Michigan.

With that being said I go to Walmart. Now I hate Walmart. I hate it with a passion, but you can't beat the prices, their inventory, and their customer service is pretty good. As I'm checking out,(it's about 8:00 AM in the morning) I look at the faces of the cashiers. They look like the saddest most depressed bunch of people I have ever seen. Then I'm thinking, "These people have succombed to life". You can't convince me that these people want to be Walmart cashiers.
There is no way in hell!
Life has took them out behind the woodshed for a good ol' Southern a$$ whippin. The sad part is, life is kicking the $hzit out of a lot of us, and we don't even realize it. They don't even know that life just bit their ear off, like Tyson. They are in a post knock out stupor where they will stay for the rest of your lives.

If you believe in god or not, you know you have free will. That means you can make decisions. Some of them are hard, tough decisions but they can impact the rest of your life forever. People always ask me why I work so much? The simple answer, "I DON'T WANT TO BE A 40 YEAR OLD WALMART CASHIER". That's why.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being a cashier, because my job is just as mudane and unsatisfying. I AM a Walmart cashier right now. Right F'ing now, I am a Walmart cashier. I need to hustle and kick my own ass, and make the right decisions so that I can free myself. Then my family. It would be great if my nephew never had to be a Walmart cashier. Then my friends. If you are a Walmart cashier with a plan; and working at Walmart is part of your plan. That is OK, but make sure you are working your plan and not just talk.

Robert Kiyoski (of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame), says, "the No. 1 thing people can do to increase their wealth is to start a part time business. They can start a small home based business, an internet company or network marketing business. " Many people fail to become rich because they value a steady paycheck rather then going through the learning process of becoming financially smarter and richer.

I have a new found respect for Robert Kiyoski. The Rich Dad Poor Dad books are amazing, but aside from that he was the first person to say that your house is not an asset. Something that I have learned and one of the main reasons I still have an apt today. If I had not read Rich Dad Poor Dad, I would be bound by a depreciating asset because I would have brought a house at the top of one of the worst real estate markets.

Not to sound like that annoying commecial but, get off the couch and go make your dreams happen. Please! You owe it to yourself. This life is nothing if you can't dream big, and the go make them come true.



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Healthy Chelle said...

Funny that I would read this blog today, just after packing up some orders that need shipping.

I was thinking to myself, "Will it really be worth it to spend my summer doing this?"

Heck yes it will!

Last summer I spent about $800 and made about $2500. This year I plan to hustle harder and make more.

Thanks for the reminder!