Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brazil Baby!! Day 1 & 2

So your boy is in Brazil; land of the “HOTTIES”; right now I’m going to say land of the “NOT-TIES”.
I’m in Sao Paulo and I don’t really see any hotties. Not even a hot transvestite. My “Flabber” is “Gasted”.

As usual I’m here strictly for business but it allows me to recoup. I get some sleep on the plane and get to clear my head and hit the ground running when I return.

Brazil is undergoing a boom in their economy. They put so many new cars on the road that you can only drive Monday’s if your license plate starts with a 1, Tuesday 2, and so forth. You can drive, but not during rush hour. It’s pretty insane. If there is any good ideas out here, I will bring them back to the sates to cash in. You have to keep your eye out for opportunity.

As always when I travel anywhere, I’m always thankful that I live in the country that I live in. Thank God for the USA. Once we get a good leader in the White House we should began to prosper again.

Pictures from Brazil are coming……


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're in Brazil! Don't you just love that your jobs takes you to beautiful places all over the world? I only have 5 more classes to finish my bachelors and when I get frustrated studying, cause of couse I have the hardest 5 left! I just think of you and it helps keep me going. Though I may not end up a millionaire in cash, I strive to be a millionaire personally and live the best life I can.

Miss you,

Anonymous said...

What if your license begins with an 8 or a 9? Seems like you could be in for a long wait.