Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fortune Magazine - In Bad Taste

As a blogger on financial issues and how they affect our lifestyles, I subscribe to several related publications. One of them happens to be Fortune. I think Fortune magazine did a great job back in their February issue with a feature article titled The New Jobless. It really began to put faces and names with the people being laid off and how drastically their lives have been impacted. They profiled young, old, white collar, blue collar, men and women, illustrating how no demographic is secure during times like this.

As we know things have gotten worse since February, so Fortune decides to do a follow up issue and give tips on getting a Job in a difficult economy in a piece entitled “How to Get a Job”. When the issue arrived, the cover looked a little light hearted which put me off just a little. Then as I began to read the article and look at the associated pictures I was terribly annoyed with the photos of people clowning around, making comical gestures. All I could think was, “This sh@#t ain’t funny”. I assume that....the Fortune editors were attempting to add a little comic relief to a stressful situation but sometime it’s not necessary. That’s like trying to tell a Knock, Knock joke at a funeral to lighten the mood. Sometime a funeral just needs to be a funeral.

While I thought I was being overly sensitive, at least one other reader agreed. Per a letter written to Fortune in the annual Fortune 500 issues:

Considering the graviy of the Great Recession and the painful toll of job losses, I was disappointed by the flippant tone of “How to Get a Job”. The staged photos and goofy props had all the subtlety and with of a Cialis ad….
-Edward Mackin
Willow Grove, Pa

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Fortune, I still love you but sometimes even the ones we love Piss us Off.



Oldbuddy said...

Regardless of all the doom and gloom, with the technology available to the common man today, I have no clue why we are even having a recession. My online business is BOOMING with all the people out looking for real answers instead of reading magazines.

An FTB Blog. said...

lol...nice way to lead into your site Old buddy. I will take a look at what you are involved in. My blog readers not only read magazines but we are Tech Savvy as well...hence "Blog readers".

If your opportunity is good, I will join and report out on our parent site

Thanks for the comment!