Sunday, February 14, 2010

WOW, I AM A SUPER HERO! Part 1 of a series...

Ok, read this and really understand it.

You are a Super Hero. Now say this: I AM A SUPER HERO!

Doesn’t that feel good to say? Well you can say it and mean it. Really.

Here’s why……
We are surrounded by superheros but most refuse to accept their super power. Simply because with that acceptance, comes a since of responsibility. When Superman finally realizes he has super powers, he also realizes his duty to protect mankind. If no one knows you are a super hero, and you don’t act like a super hero, then you will never have to own up to your responsibility.

By not accepting your super powers you are in turn running away from your responsibility which is not very super hero "like" behavior.

To our defense, we forget that we are superhero’s sometime because we are surrounded by so many others, If God has given you the ability... to walk, two arms, two legs, a brain, and a mind of average intelligence you are a super hero. Period. That’s a fact. We look at those less fortunate as handicap but in retrospect they are the mortals. We look at those with seemingly natural gifts such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, or gifted scientists such as Einstein, as “Lucky” or fortunate. In reality you can be as great as any of them once you unleash your powers. What you don’t have in talent you can make up in hard work and determination.

In the Xmen movies when they are at the academy surrounded by other mutants, they don’t feel special. They don’t feel like mutants, or super hero’s because everyone can do weird and crazy things. Special doesn't seem to exist when you are surrounded by special. In the environment of the academy, Professor X then teaches the X-men how to tap into and control their special powers. Only a few of us have learned that valuable skill and even fewer actually use it.

Do you see? It’s a hard concept to grasp but once you do, you will have an "a ha" moment and began to uncover your super powers. Once you embrace these super powers and own them, you will be unstoppable.

Your powers need to be utilized to achieve maximum personal success. Period. By doing this not only do you help yourself, but you help those around you. That is exactly what we were put on this earth to do. It is your responsibility to yourself, your family and those mortals who have not been blessed super powers to utilize yours to their fullest.

Please read this again……next we will talk about: Part II Unleashing your super Powers!!



David Tamayo said...

I cannot begin to say how much I agree with you. So I will just say that "I agree with you". ;o) We seem to be saying much the same things you via "Super Hero" and me via "Belief". Thanks for your visit and your comment to my "Belief" post the other day. Much appreciated. Take care my friend.

YST said...

I have to say I really like your writing style. :).
It's very entertaining to read and so is your use of comic characters. Keep up the good work :). Take care my friend, I think you'll make it someday.