Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Now that I'm on the fast track to being debt free (14 months tops!), it's time to get my hands dirty again, and I figure this is the best time to chronicle the experience. This Fred Sanford would say, "the big one"
Let's recap my current endeavors
1. Owner of the FTB blog network and Affiliates
2. Owner of Wash and Roll Mobile Wash & Detailing divisions
3. Co-owner of Nuff Said Out fitters
4. Owner operator of Money Saving Mikes on-line gifts
5. Owner of FTB Vending
6. Middle Management (Some Place in Corporate America)

Now it's time to launch Project X. Project X has been in development for about five years and it's now or never. Ever since my layoff recovery I've become an advid reader of Fast Company and INC magazines, guys like Mark Zuckerberg,'s Aaron Patzer and on line marketing Guru Jeremy Schoemaker, make me want to resign and just hustle for myself full time...but I'm no dummy. 
So after the failure to launch Igarage (I ran out of money and beat us to market, read the post here), I'm throwing my hat into the software arena again. I've come up with another softwae idea and it's going to take me to the promiseland.

The first part of my execution is to partner up. I think I have found the right person and I have ptiched the idea. Preliminarily he is on board and as the vision becomes clear he will be just as excited as I am. 

Why a partner?
Just because. No really good reason, I would just like to share the experience with someone. Why not get rich together, it's fun and that's what life is all about. Another good reason is, you need someone that you respect to hold you accountable, to call you on your bullshzit and keep you motivated. That somone has to also have the balls to tell you that "Your baby is ugly". 
If my potential business partner wants in, if she shares this vision with me and understands how much work is involved,  and is willing to do it, you will be witnessing the birth of Project X .

My palms are itching just thinking about it. 
Let's Go!!

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