Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Review & What's New

So what have I been doing instead of blogging???
Getting rich of course! Ok not really getting rich but working on it.

So the big website idea finally went bust. It was called Igarage It is exactly like REPAIR PAL which is a fully functional site. The cat that started repair pal killed it. He had millions of dollars in angel funding and made it happen. I had $5000 bucks, some programmers in Pakistan, and a bootleg laptop. My college roomate who lives in San Fransciso, has been consulting me on this via nightime conference calls. Last week he told me to hang this idea up - which I think he told me before - but this time I listened.

R.I.P IGarage


What has worked and is still working?

E-bay aka E-bizzle
I got a T-shirt company that is powered by E-Bay NUFF SAID OUTFITTERS

This idea was the brainchild of myself and a married couple who is on thier hustle. It all started with a Phelps Olympic shirt and now we are killing the sales weekly. Every few days we think of new shirts - there are like 80 designs right now.

My new favorite is:

NOW THAT'S FUNNY! What....Very Passionate Independant Loving Female ....That's what it stand for.

If you want one, click on the shirt and order one!

I also have an EBay gift store Money Saving Mikes, named after this website.

It's like a gift shop of sorts, I'm like a distribution warehouse, buying selling and tracking. Weekly profit has been rising at a steady clip. How much you say.....I can almost pay my rent on profit.

The best thing about it; is this paypal mastercard. That thing is sweet. You can buy stuff, pay postage, make online purchases all from your paypal account. I havn't spent a dime running this store in two months and my paypal account is like Oprah Winfrey - OBESE!


  • Am I still burning the candle at both ends......
  • NO...I started lighting the candle in the MUTHA-PHUCKIN middle.
  • Am I still sacrificing my personal life for future riches......
  • What personal life? What girlfriend (Sorry Ma, I know you liked her -I did too)?
  • Will I still be rich by 35
  • That's the goal isn't it?

Loving & Living Life to it's fullest
Holla Back!!


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