Wednesday, September 06, 2006


7:00 and I'm still at work. Came in at 6:00 AM because I had a conference call with China. Went to bed at 1:00 AM because I'm sending emails. My entire goal in life today was to leave at 5:30 and work on my own shzit.

I feel like running head first into a brick wall. I feel like ripping my skin off and sending my skeleton for a jog. I am literally on the phone right now while my Korean and Shanghai counterparts are babbling about issues that they can solve without me. When will the madness stop.

I'm coming to work tomorrow with one of those big ass hands that you buy at sport events, and I'm just slapping anybody that talks to me. You can't get rich this way. This right here....This...This is the number one reason I'm not rich.

What do I do? Do I get a new job? Not so easy. I need to somehow figure this out...and quick. Before someone gets hurt. I can feel my pimp hand itching to come out of retirement.

......and yes, I just typed this entire thing while on hold listening to Korean and Chinese blabber.

Seacreast Out


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