Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Rant

Well it's officially September, and the end of summer. The good thing about starting this blog, is the fact that it keeps a log of things I've said I need to accomplish. The bad thing about the blog is that it keeps a log of things I've said I need to accomplish.

I still haven't been able to control my professional job, or market my small business the way I need too. I am a well-spoken, somewhat charismatic guy, but can't seem to build the confidence needed to market aggressively. My hours at my day job have not decreased and I have even less control then I have ever had before of the day to day work flow.

I ask myself what is the difference between me and the guy who really drives a Gallardo? Yeah, I can say that his parents are rich, or that he was lucky, but I think you make your own luck. What is that guy doing that I'm not doing? Well I need to find the answer and do it.

As a huge TV and Film fan I watch the show "The Contender". That's a reality show with boxers who all want to be headliners, pitted against each other with elimination bouts fought after each episode. When these guys are interviewed before their fights, they all say the same things. "I'm hungry Dog", "I have to do this for my family", "I live for this", "I sacrificed everything for this". Often when they get in the ring, one guy fights like he is hungry and the other guy fights like a bitch. When you see the mentally defeated fighter in his corner between rounds, they look like they want to quit more then anything in the world. That's how I feel. I am not fighting like I want it. I am fighting like success is my birthright. Sometime I think because I work slightly harder then the next guy then success is guaranteed.

Nothing is promised in this world. Look at the beloved Crocodile Hunter. Yes, he is really dead. No one is promised tomorrow. Like a very inspirational friend of mine says, “ There are no Guarantees”. The Crocodile Hunter got stung in the heart by a Stingray. By a damn Stingray! Experts stressed that stingrays are not usually vicious and rarely attack and kill humans, unlike the range of deadly creatures Irwin had confronted in the past. There are no Guarantees.

Those who are fans of the show Entourage, know the energetic Ari Gold Character played by Emmy Award Winning Jeremy Piven. Just watching him during one of his well-scripted masterfully directed tirades leaves you exhausted. There are numerous shots where the camera is following Ari as he walks in a room or runs through crowds. You feel the energy he brings to each situation. Ari takes his work to the extreme, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Despite his drive and determination, he still finds himself hustling to stay on top. He gets fired from his agency, and then starts his own. Each set back makes him better and more successful.

For Tracking Purposes let's look at a few summer time setbacks:

1. Transmission blown in the business truck ($2800)
2. Loss of my biggest account
3. Loss of control over my China/ Korean Program at work
4. I have not visited my family all summer

Now the summer hasn't been all doom and gloom.
A few positive notes:

Although frustrating as ever I have significantly improved my golf game. This is key in the world of business.

I have built this blog sight into a nice little income stream thanks to all of my readers.

I have managed to get my weight under the 180 mark (the six pack is right around the corner). I’m currently weighing in at 179.999 thanks to an elephant Ear at a particular State Fair.

I have created a structure for small business tracking that will allow me to run my business with increased efficiency. This should decrease operating costs by more then 10% .

I have two business plans that have proved to be a lot more promising then I thought.

Labor Day is the door to the second half of the year, and I will start fresh on Tuesday trying to work smarter, instead of reacting. Things are going well, and like previously posted I will leverage the good situations to make things great. (See archive 2006-07-09 WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING PREPARE FOR THE RAIN)
I have to remember to use all of my God given talents to create my luck. I am not that guy that gets things the easy way. Like Ari Gold, I will outpace my set backs and turn each one into a “Gold-en” opportunity.


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