Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ok, on these pages right here, I am vowing never to be the football Dad. Of course I will take my kid to his little league games and watch football on Sundays, but I will never be that fat dude who lays around all day Sunday, no shower, in his PJ bottoms, ketchup stained wife beater, using his belly as a table, eating Nachos.

As I struggle to give my 100% the thing that is clear is my vision of myself in the future. I will always be East Coast to the core. When I read Esquire or GQ, I don't just look at the $295 shirts and $400 pants, I can see them on me. I can see that gear in my closet. When I'm at the supermarket, I'm still "clean". Not clean in the sense that I just took a shower, but I'm "Clean" as in "So Damn Fresh". If it's just sweats, or shorts and a T-shirt, they fit me nicely, they aren't too wrinkled or too ironed. My clothes are trendy enough to be timeless and tasteful. I always look presentable enough to meet someone's parents. No crazy T-shirts or pants hanging off my ass.

Here in the Midwest I am still surprised how people just succomb to their surroundings. You don't have to be flashy but you can have some self respect and take time to pull yourself together.

Recently I attended the Michigan State Fair. Now, I know it's just a fair, but the same event in New Jersey is like a music video. Yeah I know.....If I was in Jersey, I would be talking about how everyone is over doing it; but there is a sane middle ground that needs to be reached. I have never seen so many people who had no regard for their personal appearance in my life. Take that few extra minutes and pull yourself together. Ladies you have options. Pull the hair back, pull out a scrunchy from the 90's or even put a nice scarf on. Fella's keep doin' what your doin' becuase you are just making me look that much better.

This same thing applies with couples. They feed off each other, and my wife won't be a soccer mom. I understand that life isn't all glitz and glamour. I understand that very well. In fact 85% of the time, a movie, going out to dinner or watching some good TV is considered a good night; in most cases, a great night. The difference is: a hot couple is having fun and bugging out watching TV and having a dinner. They are looking good, feeling good and feeding off each other. The remaining 15% of the time is spent doing things outside the box, wine tasting, language lessons, traveling, loving and living life. Feeling and enjoying new experiences. I feel when you can't get the 85% right then no need to worry about the 15%.

Typically couples die when they get married. They don't have the energy to keep things fresh and exciting. The guy is just looking at hot chicks while he turns into one. He develops a gut and man boobs. He walks around unshaven and unshowered all weekend. No longer so fresh and so clean. No energy to do anything. In turn, the wife does exactly the same thing.

If you ever visit Chicago or other Big cities you can tell the "hot" couples from the "not" couples. The guy could be 50, but he is in shape, and smelling good. His wife although thicker, still has her curves and knows how to work them. They are still into each other 20 years later. They both work out, not for each other but for themselves. I'm sure she takes her kids to soccer practice and he watches football on the weekends but they look good and feel good doing it.

What does this have to do with being a millionaire? Everything. You have to act as if. You have to act as if you already made it. You are marketing yourself. You are a franchise player for your own franchise. Self made millionaires are typically well respected leaders. If you are frumpy, overweight and lazy how can you hope to inspire and lead a charge. What if you are at the grocery store and see a potential client and you are wearing torn oil stained jeans, with your Phuck the Police t-shirt on. Is this guy going to give you any business? Is he going to trust you?

What if you are at the post office and you have rollers in your hair, flip flops and a doo-doo face. The promotion you were up for, just got put on hold. Not fair, Life ain't fair and we all know that. Clean sneakers, a cap with your hair tucked in and a clean t-shirt is just as quick as that house coat you put on to get coffee and donuts on Sunday.
Represent yourself how you want people to see you. Perception is 95% of the game. Like Jay-Z says....."I'm not a businessman - I AM a BUSINESS........Man"

So tuck your shirt in, shine your shoes and lets get to work.


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