Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So fans...I finally did it. I finally quit! Can you believe it? After six years I finally quit my stinking job. I have been working a deal that has finally come to fruition. The sad part is, I am going to another corporate job. Why even bother? Because I still need a check! I'm an Uncle now and I have to be "that rich Uncle"! This corporate check however, will be bigger for less hours and clearly defined checks and balances for success.

For the last six years I kept thinking how sweet it would be, when I walk into my job and tell everyone to kiss my ass. Well, it wasn't really that sweet. It's sort of bitter-sweet. I am coming to realize that there are as many good things as there are bad things. I have had the same job since I was 26 years old. The years from 26 to 32 are formative. I have had 4 positions, visited 5 countries, had 7 bosses, and been married and divorced at this place. I can come and go as I please, I talk to my boss once a month (if that) and I get to tell 10 people what to do.

With a new job also comes a loss of power or sense thereof. If you came to me with an issue at my current job, I can tell you how to solve it, where to go, and how to get there. I can't even find the coffee is at the new place. I won't be able to stand up and shout to Big Steve, "YO-YO". No more high fives in the halls.

At the rate my current position was going, I was destined for failure. I was working 70-80 hours per week, and I still felt we were on the verge of shutting the place down. I can be an ego-maniac and say that the place is going to collapse without me, but that's not true. By me leaving, it will inspire other people to step up their game and make $hit happen! When the star player is out on the injured list, the bench often steps up. If they don't, then the team loses, and that's exactly what will happen. My old company will lose.

I wish I can sit here and tell you guys that I am making the right decision about taking my new job, but time will tell, and it will be some interesting reading. It's 16% more dough then I was making in December and less work. That's definitely taking a step in the right direction. Another Program Manager at my new job started this week, so they will be evaluating us, against each other. PERFECT!! I have a target, and I will take him out. Not that I will sabotage him, but I will out hustle, out work and out deliver him. I am Phil Mickelson, and this guy is Tiger Woods, and I have to reel him in.

It looks like in the coming days I will have plenty to post regarding job situations, new characters, and life lessons. Exciting times lie ahead. NO GUTS NO GLORY.
Let's make it happen in 2007.


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