Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Job: Bad for all the Right Reasons

Well day 2 at the new job, and it is definitely a big deal. Starting a new position in a new company just feels a lot different. I thought eating lunch in the cafeteria was bad; well eating frozen “Budget Gourmets” in a little lunch room isn’t that fabulous either. Let’s face it, this is not a good look for me. I feel like a black ass Dilbert. Like my sister told me, I should be wearing a short sleeved shirt with my tie.

I knew this job would suck too, but it serves it’s purpose. I am making more money and working less hours. That’s what I’m supposed to do.

There are about 6 Program Managers here. The old school rule of thumb: “last one hired, first one fired” doesn’t hold true these days. It’s comes down to who is worth more to the company. Who is giving the company the most bang for the buck. As long as that’s me, my job is safe. Once that position is secured, I should do no more or no less. I am setting up the standard for arrival and leaving. The first Program Manager gets in at 7: 45 and that’s me; A big difference from 6:00 - 6:30 AM.

It appears I’m off to Shanghai for this company on Saturday. Chocolate Thunder makes round two of his Asian tour. Hopefully I will get the most out of this trip, now that I know what to expect.

The female boss thing, definitely works for me. So far it’s been my experience that the female boss is not hung up on insecurities about someone taking over her job. They just want good people working for them, so they can do their jobs more effectively and get home. That's how it should be. Shout out to all my independent working women!

Quick Summary:

New Job – Sucks, we all knew it would
Money – Good, more of it but never enough
New Boss – Good (So far)
Time – More of it, so I need to use it wisely

Now I need to concentrate on my other get rich schemes. Am I all talk and no action?? Of course not, you know me by now. Rich or Nothing.
P.S. That's not me, but I definitley look that dumb at work!


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