Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Curse of the Coffee Creamer

So, I started this new job in February and after a few months of adjusting I finally fell into a good routine. I'm on track to fulfilling a lot of my goals so I started to focus again on my weight loss goal. I have always had a problem watching and maintaining my wait since high school but I have good bone structure so discipline and dedication is really all I need to achieve my goal. As we all know the key to the perfect body is diet and exercise. For exercise I lift a little weight and do vigorous cardio on the elliptical machine. Very few times in my life have I been able to do all three consistently. When I have for a period of 2 or three months the results are fantastic.

Around March I started a consistent work out program, and noticed that the neck of my shirts was getting a little "snug". I thought, “I'm just getting bigger because I'm lifting”. Then my waist got a little bigger and I had to extend a loop hole in thee ol’ belt. Hmmmm..... Then met with my Operations manager who I haven't seen in awhile, and we were talking and he says, "Hey you look like you are putting on some weight".

No way, I’m working out harder then I ever have in the past 10 years. It MUST be muscle. Another month goes buy and now a little "snug" around the collar turns to “Can't really get that button closed”. The tension on that center button was like the Pamela Anderson’s bra strap.

I get on the scale and now I start to worry. I have gained 10 lbs. WTF! So I turn up the Cardio and tune in the diet. Lean Chicken or Beef for lunch and vegetables. That’s what’s up, I will drop these 10 lbs in no time. I even switch to the super healthy No taste protein bars. 6 weeks go buy and I gain another 6 lbs. WTF!!

Now I’m in the danger zone. My ASS is like Arsenio hall and my pants are starting to feel a little bit snug in the thighs! Phuck that, I think. I start doing cardio 6 to 7 times per week and lifting 3 times. I take my diet down to 4 hard core things:
1. Coffee
2. Lean chicken or beef,
3. Frozen fresh vegetables,
4. Super healthy protein bars

And then proceeded to go on a candy fast!
Finally my weight levels. I went from Buff to bubba, from fit to don’t fit., from hip to hippy.

I'm thinking that I can't keep this up forever. Then casually over dinner my girlfriend says, “What about the cream in your coffee”. Cream in my coffee. What’s that gonna do. 2 or 3 of those little cups and an equal or splenda packet. What can that harm?

Little did I know! Peep this:

1 creamer cup has approx. 40 calories. I use at least 2 creamers per cup of coffee. The kicker is: I HAVE AT LEAST 10 CUPS PER DAY!!!

I was taking in a minimum of 800 calories of pure cream. That's like eating a hot fudge sundae every day! I couldn't believe it. I would do 45 minutes of cardio and that would not be enough to even burn off the cream. For wonder I wasn’t losing weight.

I thought this job was the szhiznit because we had the fancy coffee creamers. Little did I know

Needless to say no more coffee for me. What will I do for caffeine.


The lbs are Flying off and I have doubled my wardrobe.
This link has some other interesting diet busters that I never knew.

Now when I finally take a vacation (one day), I will have a beach bod instead of a beach ball belly.

Holla at your boy



Anonymous said...

Work it MJL! Glad to have you back!

I could never get coffee to taste right until I married the Colombian. Of course, I fell in love with the first cup he ever made for me. His secret...about 6 of those little individual sized cups worth of flavored creamer. Thankfully my body can only handle a cup of coffee per day!

I will say however that I definately credit some of the fact that I am 34 weeks into this pregnancy and have only gained 9.5 lbs to the fact that this baby prefers tea to coffee :)

Keep on bloggin'!


Anonymous said...

I told my husband about this post. He has been complaining about weight gain, and has started drinking coffe with "holiday" creamer since Halloween. He fell in love with pumpkin spice. He thinks that might be the problem. For some reason men think coffee is too foo-foo to make them fat.

CHELLE - When I was pregnant with my second child I craved Starbucks and my doctor limited me to one cup of DeCaf per day. I was a coffee adict. My mother inlaw brought an extra large to the delivery room. I was sipping as soon as they cut the cord! LOL

Linda G.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was about getting rich! For a millionaire it seems you suffer from a severe sense of insecurity and maybe quite vain! If you focused on finance as much as you did how well you looked you might be richer. More millionaires OK, more shallow men - I think we have enough!

Anonymous said...

Since when does wanting to be healthy and look good = insecurity?

First impressions are everything, right? You gotta look good for your Fortune 500 photo!

Kudos to you MJL - you must not be too insecure...I mean, you approve comments before they are public and you let that one get posted :)


The Michael Jordan Lifestyle said...

Thanks Chelle for your continued support and words of encouragement as always :)

For my readers; as long as comments are not racially or sexually offensive and if the criticism is directed at me then you better believe it will get posted. As little filtering as possible.

To address the anonymous commenter who would not even leave initials, this post is about being a millionaire but also about my confessions and what I am thinking. I think it's important that people understand that we all have the same sort of insecurities. Yes I am insecure, but I am not vain. You only have what god has given you and it's your job to do your best with that. You owe it to those that have been given less. This blog is about the strive for success and this just happens to be one of the many mental and physical battles that I face. I think people would want to know that I had "Rice Cakes" in the movie theater instead of popcorn. It’s a constant battle not maintaining my weight; this is the behind the scenes that people don’t see. That I struggle with my weight and insecurities everyday. As always if this blog doesn't do it for you, there are thousands of others to choose from. I do respect your criticism and the time you took to make a comment.


Byrd said...

To the anonymous poster who didn't leave his/her initials:

Its apparent that this blog is not for you. First, this blog provides insight to a person striving to be a self-made millionaire or wealthy person. Too often, all we see is the "public persona" of the wealthy person..i.e., Mark Cuban, Donald Trump. If given the opportunity, I would want a successful person, like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, or Oprah Winfrey, to provide some insight into their pre-success lives. For instance, what were Richard Branson's real-life concerns or what made him tick prior to his success, what sacrifices did he make, etc. These are the types of things that most likely made them into the successful men and women they are now.

Second, if you haven't noticed already, maybe you should take a close look at the wealthy. They tend to be fairly decent, presentable looking people. Thus, watching one's weight or ensuring that one looks his/her best is not merely vain. Although it should not matter, the reality is that most often the way one looks impacts how far they will go in the business world (and, unfortunately, its more true for women). This being said, MJL's purported vanity and insecurity, might ultimately be relevant to his quest to achieve millionaire status.