Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Much Needed Hiatus

Well, as you can see it's been quite a long time since I have
Blogged last. This can be attributed to the fact that I have been busier
then ever before. On top of trying to launch my newest internet project
I was in New Jersey for Thanksgiving and then straight to China for a week.

I thought the blackberry was going to help me stay consistent with my
blogging but to no avail. Despite the $70 monthly Google checks and the
occasional check from Amazon the main reason I decided to blog is to try and capture the events of my life as they occur and the affect of these events on my psyche. When I hit the Forbes 400 I can then pull from these posts and create a memoir that is representative of my feelings at the time when events were actually occurring. Better then the Google check or the memoirs are when I receive an email or feedback stating how a blog has given them inspiration. It’s truly hard to get inspired and stay inspired everyday.

Have no fear, I’m here to help.

Well I’m back in North America and blogging, maybe I can get in one or two posts per week. I still got stuff to say and many successes and many failures that can be all drawn from. I would like to thank my readers for the kick in the ass reminding me to get back on my grind, sometime a good swift kick is needed….Even for the most ambitious man on the planet.



Single Ma... said...

A post about travel is useless without pics! :-P

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back. Got tired of reading about "Crazy Eddie".