Monday, December 17, 2007

A Holiday Scam!

So this weekend was my company "Wash & Rolls" Christmas party and me being the money hungry guy that I am, I still had the guys go out and work a half day. Well, I had a bad feeling something was going to happen and it did.

I got a call from the crew and they said that the truck went down in the middle of the street. It's the middle of the Christmas shopping Season and they are broken down in a huge white truck, directly in front of the entrance to Target.

Needless to say, it's only a matter of time before the police will be there; and we are riding dirty. We have an extra person riding in the cab and the truck doesn't have any of the state required reflectors. I tell the crew that I will be right there.

I jump in the Grand Prix like a chocolate Michael Knight and I'm out to save the day. While I'm in route I get a call from my Ops Manager and he tells me that someone is going to tow them to our lot for $20 bucks! "OK", I say in disbelief, and I head straight for the lot. When I get there, I see the guys breaking the equipment down (to protect it from the cold weather. Detaching hoses, and running antifreeze). I tell the crew to relax, and that it will be no time at all and I will have us back on the road.

Then Big Ross points to a rather short impish looking dude standing behind me, and told me he was the guy who towed the truck. I turn around and thank the guy. He proceeds to tell me how he towed the truck and then put his truck in reverse and backed our truck into the parking spot. Upon doing so, his transmission's reverse fails. He then proceeds to ask me, "What am I going to do about his trans?"

I look at him and say, "Yo man, I don't know what I'm going to do for MY damn transmission let alone yours". Dude steps closer to me and says, "Well your insurance should pay for my truck". What?

What kind of insurance does this dude think I have? He then says, "Someone is going to do something?" in this cocky arrogant tone.

Now I'm pissed. "How the Phuck is my insurance going to pay for your truck". "What made you think you could tow this truck with that little ass pick up you got".

"I tow things all the time" spews the Ricky Hatton (see pic for Ricky Hatton photo) look alike. "That's your problem," I yell stepping closer. Despite the 17 degree wheather I start getting hot.

"So it like that?" Says Ricky! ITS PHUCKIN' LIKE THAT - I shout back.

Then he gives me this wild look, puts a "Black in Mild" in his mouth and jumps in his truck.

I tell the guys that this dude will be back to flatten our tires or smash our windshield.

When I get to work; I'm holding court as usual entertianing, and I tell the guys the story. One of my co-workers proceeds to tell me that the same thing happeneded to his wife! She felt so bad she gave the guy $200 bucks. Whoa!

I guess if I had a ton of money and he wasn't such a prick; I would have given some money too. Tis the Season Right?

The moral of the story: GET TRIPLE A

Truck Diagnosis from the Dealership: $4200 in damage.
Thats the real Scam!!!



Anonymous said...

So What was wrong with the truck?

Anonymous said...

Handled it cool, calm, and collected. At least up to the part where you cursed him out, but he deserved it. Well done.

Anonymous said...

How much is the truck worth. Would it be better to buy a new one for $4200 bucks!