Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm back Baby!! .....With a Vengence

I swear this is the last time I take off of the blog.
Really. I promise.

Thanks for all the emails and concerns; I'm still alive and I'm still on the paper chase.

I had to get a few things in order to make sure that I'm up for the long haul....and I am.

OH BOY am I.

I just needed to take a month off.

So there are a lot of questions that's been asked. Too many to post but I will string them all together for the next weeks of posting.

The website business endeavor has gone bust, now I can provide some interesting details and explain what went wrong and how it exploded as well as how much money was lost.

I'm doing some great (you know great = $$$$ in my world) on Ebay, and I have changed the structure of the Power Wash business and Car Detail Business to make them profitable (I hope).

I have been busier then ever!!

So look for about two posts a week - at minimum. These are exciting times, and there are plenty of riches too go around.

More travel adventures

More stories of no sleep and caffene pill poppin'

More stories of fortunes (ok money) earned and lost.

It doesn't get any better then this Baby.

Not to mention.....More Gallardo's!!!


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Healthy Chelle said...

Prove it, Man!