Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tidbits from the Insane Mind

Travis Barker, DJ AM Expected To Make Full Recoveries Following Plane Crash

First of all, let’s not forget there were four people who were not so lucky and were killed during this plane crash. These people and their families get overlooked and overshadowed during the sensationalism surrounding the celebrities. This was similar to the cases of Left Eye and Aaliyah. The difference is that thte celebraties lived so everyone is like Phew! except for the families of those that didn’t survive.

Second of all; I actually got a comment from a blog reader who obvious reads my blog enough to know me, telling me how money can't prevent sickness and health, as indicated by this incident.

Read this in your best (Fran Drescher, nanny-nanny boo-boo voice)
“See being Rich didn’t save Travis Barker”

My simple response is: After Travis Barker gets done with the best surgeons, physical therapists and other rehabilitation resources on the planet he won’t be worry about the medical bills. That’s the difference!!!

Third - I would like to highlight the statement by Fallout Boy. I think it speaks volumes and should be taken to heart every day.

"It's times like these that we are reminded -- in the worst possible way -- to honor life.
.........we want to encourage anyone reading this to simply tell the people you love how you feel."

I know it sounds corny and cheesy but we all know it's true.

I swear something is in my stomach trying to eat it's way out. We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant where we ate all sorts of meats and mushrooms stuffed in peppers. Some of the peppers were covered in Chocolate or Pecan sauce. That picture is exactly what I ate: Chile En Nogada! That is a rotten ass chile pepper covered in almond sauce with pecans. I knew I was going to be in trouble.

You have to remember that you are there for business, and you don't want to change the focus of the meeting from money, to you and your eating. You want everyone to feel comfortable. If they order alcohol, you should order alcohol, otherwise they will feel self conscious and think you are judgmental. You don’t want the meeting to be about you at all. You want them to feel comfortable enough to have them talking freely. So if they ask do you like it, you say yes, but you pray they don't order seconds.

I was in the fetal position yesterday. Today the shzit is phuckin me up! I have to stop typing every few minutes and just think about the pain. My facial expression is like a baby, when it stops playing and has the look of concentration when it's taking a dump! .....wait........there it goes again. I'm having contractions! I'm doing the old school Bill Cosby breathing techniques!

For all You Pimps out There


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