Thursday, November 06, 2008



So thus far I have managed to stay away from political views on this blog. The main reason being that I didn’t want to succumb to the catty banter that I see on other blogs, however I would be doing myself and my readers a great disservice if I did not take the time to mention the impacts of this weeks election. … well as the many requests for my views. (Thanks, I’m flattered)

I’m not afraid to admit that I voted for Obama – unlike many of my co-workers. I didn't vote for him because he’s black, but because he was the best candidate, and his team executed their game plan like the Mutha-F’in A-Team. They set out with a goal and accomplished it. Throw a Mo-hawk and some chains on Barack and you have B.A. Baracus and Biden can be Hannibal Smith.

There is a lot of people who say the didnt' vote for Obama, but just like a 50 Cent album, you can't sell 10 million copies and not have all races spending their money.

This victory is extremely symbolic ….now you can truly look at your children and tell them that “They can be anything they want when they grow up” and mean it. How many times have you heard that expression, or even said it yourself and you knew that it was a crock of shit. I have heard it, and I knew the person telling me that crap didn’t mean it. I might have been in third grade and the teacher told me, "You can do anything and be anything you want". My response was, "B#$tch please!"

The events of election night even surprised me. I am so proud and impressed with the people of our nation and their ability to look past race an elect a president such as Obama. I am proud to be an American.

I am reluctant to call him the first “Black” president. Only because he is as much black as he is white. He is as much young as he is mature. He’s in touch with all religions and has the charisma and swagger to do the job. He’s young enough to adapt when and where the occasion calls for it.

Can he do a better job did McCain?

That really doesn’t matter anymore does it? He is our president and I plan to support him and this country for four years to come.


Living in the Metropolitan Detroit area where the unemployment rate in some regions is as high as 8%, black people think that having a black president means that he’s going to be All Powerful – like Sho-nuff (If you don't know who he is, rent "The Last Dragon" and then wait for the remake!).

They expect Obama to have super powers and make weaves free, and all trucks to come with complimintary spinners. He’s going to have the power and snap his fingers and give people educations, better spending habits, improved diets, make jobs plentiful and stop teen pregnancy and drug abuse. People were partying like they just hit the lottery….and so was I.

I have to admit I was and still am caught up in the possibilities!! Maybe he can!

……so understanding that sentiment is essential for the background of the story…..

So I walk into KFC. I haven’t been in a KFC in probably 1 year or so, but I figure I could get a decent salad. In the middle of my 92% white neighborhood there is 100% black people working at KFC. They got the music pumping and I walk in and the girl and the guy behind the counter say “YES WE CAN!!”.

I start laughing and order a chicken salad. The girl leans over and whispers, “The salads been in there for like 3 days”. So I change my order to the grilled chicken wrap. She shakes her head and bunches her nose in disgust, “NO, you don’t want that”. Then she says the popcorn chicken is fresh. “Ok I guess, I will take a small”. She then says, “In favor of Obama, I’m gonna hook you up with a large! Then the guy preparing my order throws in a free large fries.
Then they both look at each other and say , “YES WE CAN”.

At this point I’m laughing my ass off. As a business owner, and a generally decent person I understand how wrong that is on so many levels, not that I haven’t done it before in my McDonald days, but I just had to enjoy the moment. I don’t even eat that stuff but I went home, pulled out the bar-b-Que sauce and the ketchup (condiments I have retired for almost 1year) and said to myself, “YES I CAN” and dug in to my free meal, compliments of Obama.

His first day in office and I got a free dinner.

Let’s see McCain pull that one off.




Anonymous said...

LMAO - Nice to see someone taking a lighter approach to this election.
- Robert

Dav DiDi said...

I think he is a great man !

8vertise said...

US has taken the next steps by electing Obama as president .. I have confident on him too ..