Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One leg of the Empire.....Still losing $$$

Dang, Dang, Dang! (I'm trying to watch my language). Jim Rohn says, I can alienate potential readers by using foul language and I don't want to do that.

However, I'm pissed! My mobile Wash Company ( is still losing money at a steady clip. Thank God, gas is cheap. I can't tell you how happy I was to see $1.99 on the sign of my local gas station. I was so happy - well here's a clip of how happy I was:

Ok, seriously....the gas prices being cut in half is equivalent to me getting a new account. Just enough to keep me alive.

So what has the Self Proclaimed Hard Worker, Future Millionaire, Mogul in training done about the situation?

Not nearly enough. If I had, I would be writing a happier post.

Listed below are the 5 actions I have taken so far:

I got my workers compensation insurance. This was a big deal because we could not perform any subcontracting truck washing work without it. That was a huge effort because it involved an audit, and getting tax returns from the IRS. It’s hard as heck, to call the IRS while you are at work. Especially when you are at work in a cube 

I produced a top notch company description booklet. It’s a little more then a brochure with policies, insurance documents, customer referrals and pictures of work we’ve done.

3rd – MEET WITH UNITED MOBILE (The company we wish to sub-contract for).
I blasted out of work 2 Thursdays ago and met with one of the company heads. He was impressed with the information booklet I prepared. YES! – I was pumped! Our personalities gelled and I left feeling good. I didn't leave with work, or an account, but I left with a good feeling. I will take what I can get.

After months and months of building a relationship with the attendant (who’s uncle owns the gas station), I get gas from every day. I made a deal with him, to use his garage bay to let us detail cars. I worked out a percentage deal, from each car we detail versus a monthly rental fee. This was key, because right now, "I ain't got no cars".

Here is my weakness. Your boy doesn't feel confident selling. Everyone I meet thinks I'm a great salesman, or would make a great salesman but I'm not. The good part is, I have no choice. There is nothing like desperation for motivation. So Friday, I put it down. I had a sales call with the guy in charge of a huge dealership. I was Nervous Nellie! There were hundreds of dollars per week vested in this call. This call was three weeks in the making; and it all came down to one 4 minute call.

After the first 10 seconds, it was like one used car guy talking to another. We were both trying to sell ourselves. I fell into my swag, and was trying my hardest to close the deal without sounding desperate.

At the end of the call he concluded that we were not big enough to handle him.
DAMN! It did not help that I dropped the call twice on my handy dandy T-mobile. Thanks to my job for switching service for cost savings. Imagine one of the biggest most intense phone calls of the month and you realize that the last 2 minutes of conversation that no one was on the other end of the phone. Not to mention your potential customer feels like an idiot. After the second drop, I knew it was a no deal, but I kept trying.

Now that I'm over the hump, I’m ready to try again. I mean really, if I’m trying to be a millionaire, and eventually a billionaire, a thousand dollar call should be routine. I have given presentations before in front of 100 of people in 4 differnt countries. It's time to pull up my skirt, grab my balls, and make it happen.

I will promise my readers that I will make at least one sales presentation per week. I know that seems light, but it took me three weeks to set up Friday's call! It's hard to get to the guy who makes the decisions anyone else you talk to is a waste of time. That's true for most sales call.


When will I cut my loses? Hmmmm.....Not sure if I ever will. I believe in this business and I have put a lot of heart, soul and money. It might be stupid to keep losing money, but if that’s the case I was a Big Dummy years ago.

I don't really know the meaning of quit. No, I take that back. I do when it doesn't make sense. For instance: I-Garage. Didn't make sense. The concept was great but it didn't make sense to continue and it was clear. I had no problem scrapping the idea and writing off the financial loss. Wash and Roll still makes sense! The upside potential is huge, and until I think otherwise, or can't afford it - I will be a fool.

-Nothing can resist a man who will place even his existence on his purpose.
Translation (Rich or Nothing or “Insert Goal here” or Nothing)


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Your making power moves.