Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shout out to Blog Reader Deuce

This is the best ever....Previously I wrote about the dealership that I was calling and trying to convince them to let us do their detailing for their used cars.

Here’s a quick recap: I called the head of the Used Car department. His name is "Ricco". I knew I was in for a rough time with a name like Ricco. He gets on the phone, and shuts me down like a Nun to a thong salesman. I try my best but to no avail. He just doesn't want to use us, we are "too small of an outfit" he says; not to mention T-mobile dropping the call like it's HOT! Twice. After each call back, Ricco sounds like he wants to choke me out, to get me off the phone.

A week goes by and I can't get any other calls lined up. I'm feeling positive, but I feel like I need to do something really aggressive. I watch Boiler Room for the 245th time and double dose on “A" type personalities by watching Entourage. I'm ready to take on the world now. I have to do something that normal people don't do, otherwise I will be normal. Get it? Easy. Normal acts get you normal, Extraordinary acts gets you Extraordinary people.

So I call Ricco back. After they finally connect me, and I explain who I am, Ricco says, "Oh you; call me back in 15". Then he abruptly hangs up the phone. WTF!! 15 minutes later, I call back. He wasn't going to get rid of me that easy! I have no idea what I'm going to say different, but just that I want to here him tell me NO! I'm either going to piss him off for sure, or close this deal. After 10 minutes of back and forth, Ricco says, "Where are you guys going to be located?".
I got him! So I started closing him. Then he says, "Do you have insurance?".
Then he says, "OK" sounding like Scarface, "Come see me tomorrow after 2:30".

Ahhhhhh Yeeeeaahhh Boyyyeeee!!

Here's where it gets good.

So the next day, after a super crappy morning at work, I'm trying to focus for the sales meeting with Ricco. My Blackberry goes off, and it's an email. It's from blog reader/writer Deuce Carter, fellow hustler and author of blog: Hustle Basics. He says, "Like I told you before homie, "keep going".

That's What's UP. Now I'm pumped. Somebody truly understands my plight. I put in some Jay-Z "Show me what you Got". Then top that off with the old Special Ed CD, "I've got it Made".

Just as I pull up to the dealer ship, my blackberrry goes off again. It's Deuce Carter - I swear this really happened. His next comment says, "You’re making power moves".

It's like he was in my head!!! Yes, son. I’m making power moves. That’s just what I was thinking at the time I was thinking it!!

I walk into Ricco's office and throw him a good handshake. I got my only authentic Kenneth Cole watch on, that I’ve only wore twice. The handshake is firm and my hands aren’t clammy for once.

Now here is when being physically fit really helps the confidence. Ricco was a little shorter then me, and kind of out of shape. I am now a newly trimmed 182 - down from 207 a year ago, and feeling confident.

After about an hour of real talk, I close the deal. 16 cars per month. That's What's UP!!! That cuts my loss almost in half. One Sales Call, one meeting and my losses are cut in half.

When the cash flow is right we need to hook up and make some money together.
We are definitely on the same wave length.

The celebration is only for a minute because more moves need to be made, and more hustles need to happen. But for a few hours I'm feeling good.

Cheers to the blog, my readers and my man Deuce!!


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