Thursday, January 29, 2009

Corporate or not Corporate?

In this newly rotten economy I have been asking myself, "What is the better way to go?". Is it better to be self-employed or to be employed in a large corporate environment?

Each has it's pros & cons and there is just a ton of variables to consider; thus leaving me just as confused as ever? But what else is new?

If you are a small business owner, you are at least making decisions for the good of your business and/or yourself and family. Nobody has your back in corporate America. As soon as you turn around, "They Getcha". I'm sure the 10.6% of unemployed people here in Michigan can attest to the “Getcha”; as they were cardboard boxed up, and walked out of their places of employment. Many of them didn’t even see it coming.

But what happens when your small business goes under?
Let’s say you are a dingle-berry provider, and the demand for dingleberries are just not there anymore. The dingleberry hut is in the red and there is no government bailout for you.
Now What?

Do you have any marketable skills to compete in today's supersaturated job market? That's a huge issue.

Here is a feasible plan:
Sell the dingleberry hut, and work at Home Depot while you go back to school for something that made you marketable. Damn! Imagine going from day to day as the big boss, calling the shots, to rockin' the Bright Orange Hope Depot Apron and punching a clock.

.................... Just put a bullet in my head.

The other plan would be to stack enough money during the dingleberry renaissance period; so that you can go back to school full time. You can get your “Happy Days” lunch box and your jansport knapsack and be a full time student again, until you can earn some dough.

Let’s take a look on the “Coporate America” side of things, you are virtually a bitch. Unless you are a CEO, CFO, Chairman or in executive management with a negotiated severance package, you are extremely expendable aka “A bitch”.

The key is to remember that shzit. That's a hard fact to remember when you are strutting around the office like a King, Hi-fiving (or the not so modern day fist bumping) co-workers, bringing in donuts, and throwing frisbees at the office picnic. You can be eliminated at any time. Granted the better you are, the harder you work, the lower your chances are of getting fired, but there is still that chance. If you let them, Corporate America will own you.

People always talk about how many hours I put in and how I wouldn't do that if I had a family etc. If little Johnny has to come home from college because Dad got laid off, I think that's a little worse then missing a little league tee-ball game. I'm not sure, you tell me. I am surrounded by the sad stories of kids having to leave college because dad’s who were making 6 figures for years, now can’t find a job.


You know where your ambitions lie. You know if you want to be the CEO, or CFO. If you don't, then just start stackin your money. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best. I mean save...if there is something that this entire recession has taught us is the true value of stacking the money.

As I see it, if you stay and work in corporate America, and you are not willing to sell your soul to be CEO, CFO, Director etc....then constantly stay educated and save your money.

GOLDEN PARACHUTE PERKSAs profiled in Feb. 2009 edition of Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine.

For all you Executive types - You put in the work, here's what you ahve to look forward to:

Phillip Purcell
CEO of Morgan Stanley
Purcell will continue to collect an estimated $7.8 million in perks, which include a secretary and $250,000.00 in donations to his favorite charities, during his lifetime.

Joe Moglia
Chairman Ameritrade
Medical benefits to him and his dependents for the rest of his life. The coverage will continue for his wife if she outlives him.

Ed Whitacre
received $158 million, plus benefits. He also received $26,000 a year automobile allowance and up to $20,000 a month in flight time on AT&T jets.




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Janice said...

I think being your own business owner is the way to go. You do not have to deal with corporate politics. Things like: What to wear, what to drive, who likes who and what. I am constantly in fear of my job and have been trying to start my own nail salon. I have been saving for years and have been going to school for cosmetology at night. Now my husband's job is in jeopardy and my savings might have to be used "To keep little Johnny" in school.
Let's hope Barack Obama can make some changes fast.

Love your blog, love your writing.