Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Resolutions - Real Talk

Ok, for those who have been with this blog for years; you know this is the place to be for inspiration and a really good pep talk for the New Year. I have to say that 2008 was a big year for me. As much of an economic hemorrhoid as it was, I also was still able to accomplish some big things. I must achieve, otherwise you guys would just think I’m full of it. Talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Well Check out my 08 Swagger:

Before I rattle of my list; by no means am I happy or necessarily proud of myself. I’m my own worse critic and I promise to go “All In for 2009”. I had more in the tank last year and that's unacceptable. 2008 was a year where I understand better, (I think a full understanding never happens), the powers of the universe and how you can really do whatever you want.

1. I was able to keep my job – SO far So good!

2. Started partnership of Nuff Said Outfitters; able to sell over 300 t-shirts in the last 6 months of the year.

3. Started Money Savings Mike’s gift shop, Sold over $20,000.00 worth of products.

4. went Belly up; but I saw it to completion. NO REGRETS

5. Weight loss and muscle gain (The 6-Pack I vowed to get 2 years ago on this blog). Almost there, I don’t know if that counts or not.

Nope, that's not the Nutty professor on the left, that's me. Right about the time of the infamous, "CURSE OF THE COFFEE CREAMERS" Those are embarassingly actual photos: January 2008 and October 2008.

I can't believe I let myself get like that. Busy is no excuse for that gut! So Gross.

6. Able to get Wash and Roll subcontract work for United Mobile; this will be our 2nd month washing accounts for them.

That list isn’t too shabby, but it doesn’t set the world on fire either. Sometimes I feel like, I talk a lot, but people won’t listen until the 1 million is in the bank. Well you should start listening because the millions are coming and you will kick yourself for all the time you will have loss. Looking back on my 2008 list, I know I could have done more, I know I could have went at it harder, and I will for 2009.

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of “Making it Happen”. Why do some people make it happen and others don’t? How come you can have a seminar with 10,000 people in attendance and only 5 people use what they have learned successfully? How come Jim Rohn can talk about how much of an impact the book, “The Richest Man in Babylon” had on his life, and only 10 people from his seminar buy the book. That’s because those people understand how the world works. They understand how to shape and mold circumstances.

For instance, how many times have you been told to write down your goals? How many times have you been told that you need a written budget no matter how much money you make? These are small, seemingly hokey things that people are asked to do in these seminars that really don’t get done, or that don’t get looked at after the seminar is over.

Why wouldn’t you do them? You’re not rich yet and haven’t reached your goals, but someone who has, and is rich is telling you what and how to do it. Why wouldn’t you listen!

My budget – written down in my blackberry!

My Goals – Printed on a message board in my living room. I have to look at this board every time I go into my kitchen. If I want to eat, to survive, then I must look at my goals before I go into the kitchen. Talk about accountability!

The man, Tony Robbins says, “The bottom line is that people have within them a force that is so powerful, there is nothing that can keep them from doing, being, sharing, creating and giving whatever they envision in life”.

That’s deep and super true!

Tony’s three rules for life changing are:
1. Decide what you will no longer stand for and what your’re committed to. Clarity is power.
2. Take massive action. You have to be wiling to do the things you don’t want to do. You have to build a momentum that consistent action produces.

3. Notice what’s working and what’s not working and when it’s not working change your approach.

This is from an interview of Tony Robbins in “Success Magazine”. These are the types of publications that need to be read by the future millionaire. I continue to read and expand and get inspired by material. There is no other way, and I take action on what I read. Learning and knowledge is a huge part of my plight. I don’t attend seminars, but I have Jim Rohn’12 disk series on CD, which I listen to during my commute, I get success magazine which comes with a CD/DVD two sided disk. I have Robert Kiyoski on CD, I have Napolean Hill on CD, I have Stephen Covey on CD. I read publications (I buy the Hard Cover) for my future library. Last year I read about 1 book per month on self improvement/ empowerment or obtaining wealth. That’s 12 books, not including novels that I read for pleasure.

To change your life things have to change from “should” to “MUST”.

Let’s take one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions; Weight Loss! You have to treat it like a life or death situation. If the doctor told you that you were going to die if you didn’t lose 30 lbs, you would find the time to work out, and the knowledge to eat right. The chips and ho hos’ would be trashed. You must lose weight! Must Must Must. That’s how I loss my weight. When I got home at night, there was no choice. I must work out. When I got up in the morning; I got up an hour earlier because I HAD to work out. No questions. It was on my list and it got done.

You don’t realize the since of accomplishment and how powerful that sense is when applied to other aspects of your life. When you see the pounds melting away and the abs coming in; you realize, ‘Hey, I can do anything that I put my mind to!”.

“OK, big talker- what’s my goals for the New Year”, Is what you are thinking by now.

Let me break it down:
1. Not just to keep my job; but to get a promotion. That’s right. I said that. Get a promotion. The climate has changed and normally 9-5’s are not where we want to focus but these are extreme times, and my goals need to be extreme. I could have went harder at my job last year and almost had regrets. 2009 All IN.

2. 12% Body fat. Don’t care about my weight, just 12% body fat.

3. Getting Wash and Roll in the green! That’s a MUST!

4. Take a vacation – People don’t realize how huge that would be and how hard that is.

5. Close the gap on my 1st million by October 27th.

6. Sub 100 golf score - very important for business!

Big things are listed there, but as they say, “Go big or Go home”. On this blog we always go big!

I know these seem like trying times but I believe in what Tony Robbins says, “If you are psychologically strong enough, you can not only survive, but you can thrive when tough situations occur, as opposed to letting the environment control you and take over”; he says, “It’s really about mastering strength within yourself so that you can conquer the outer world around you".

That means, "don’t be a victim. ".

Hopefully you were able to take some motivating tidbits from this entry. 2009 has already started special for me so I have only high hopes that it will continue to be my best year yet.




The Student Loan Ranger said...

Hey man,

All the best for your endeavors in 2009, you did good in '08 so I'm looking forward to tracking your progress over the coming year.

Hope you fatten your purse this year and reach your goals.


Anonymous said...

As I commented before; I find you very inspirational but I have always been a skeptic of you and the lifestyle and decisions that you portray. You have had a very successful year and I just hope you are not to hard on yourself.
I showed my husband your pictures. He vows to lose his stomach this year. He wanted me to ask if you used any supplements during your weight loss and if so which ones/brand. He is 42 years old, 5ft. 9 and just under 200 lbs.

Thanks and Happy New Year.
Keep up the hard work, it seems to be paying off. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Seattle Sue

Anonymous said...

OMG!! You look fantastic! Now maybe you will get a date and have some fun.

-Eileen and the office girls!

Anonymous said...

Hello -MJL,

You mention in your resolutios that you would like to be 12% bodyfat. What percentage are you in the "After" photo. That has to be close right?

Razor Eclipse (

Deuce Carter said...

Let's make it happen in the 09 homie.