Monday, August 28, 2006


I’m not a big fan of award shows, but as a big fan of TV I do watch and appreciate the Emmy’s. Year after year, the Emmy's are delivered with extreme style and class (despite Sunday's airplane crash spoof).

During the airing, they gave tribute to Dick Clark. They proceeded to show dozens of clips from Dick’s American Band Stand series, clips of Dick in Time Square, & tons of historical guest appearances.

The tribute was delivered by a hairy “chested”, tacky lookin’ Simon Cowell. While attempting to be a beef-caked sex symbol, Simon was right about one thing; there are very few names that can spark recognition through three or more generations as Dick Clark can. After the video tribute and before Barry Manilow performed his tribute song, Dick Clark spoke.

Now I’m not the most sensitive dude, but I stopped what I was doing to look and listen to Dick. I was literally choked up. Dick Clark had a stroke in December 2004. All news reports referred to the stroke as mild. The affect the stroke had on Dick was nothing but mild. This is the man known for being charismatic, eloquent and well spoken. As he spoke last night, his words were slow, slurred and labored. He could not even walk out on stage or stand during his speech. He didn’t even look like Dick Clark. I haven't witnessed a contrast this dramatic since that of the great Ali.

Instantly I was in touch with my mortality. I will not live forever. As I start the work week, I will attempt to preserve this image of Dick Clark and his faltering health. Time is not on our side. I will not take my health and youth for granted; I will take each day to the limit and strive to get the most out of life. I will seize each opportunity to laugh, take every chance to turn up the music and dance to life. As I proceed to go about my weekly routine in a job that promotes suicide on an hourly basis, I will find the enjoyment and live life to the fullest.

No one is promised tomorrow, not even the Rich and Famous.


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