Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thomas' Tip of the Day: August 3, 2006


Remember the goal people, we want to be rich. Before making any decisions, big or small, stay focused and think, how does this affect my income.

This can be applied to almost every area in your life. Sex....Do I use protection or not, is this person worthy of having my child, or am I going to be paying for a kid that I can't raise for the next 18 yrs. Shopping.....Do I need another set of irons do I just want seem cool like my friends?

Lets be a little more specific shall we?

You are speeding on your way to work. You and I both know that speeding doesn't get you to work any earlier becuase the most annoying light in the universe lives at the end of your exit and it's always red. Then why are you speeding? Just becuase you love the feeling of power and control! You love waving to these candy asses on their way to work while you zip by. Look Mom...I'm doing 90 with my knees!

But wait....Count your money...Can you afford a ticket? Can you afford an increase in your insurance for the next three years? What if the cop finds something else wrong with you car while you're pulled over? Can you afford to take time out and go to court? The answer is probably NO. Count your money and slow your punk ass down.

Let's say you're at a bar with your friends. Some little 22 year old punk bumps you, and looks at you like you're his Bitch. You think to yourself, " I bitch slap kids like this for breakfast". You want so bad to show him your "Goon" hand. You want to Bitch slap this punk like Ike did Tina!

But wait.....Stop..Count your money. Can you afford a law suit, a fine, or even a court appearance? What if this little bastard is the punk son of a future client? What if he sucker punches you and does some permanent damage?
Can you live to you full potential with impaired eyesight, a limp or some brain damage. The answer is probably NO, Count your money, and tell the guy "My Bad". You have nothing to prove, keep it moving and enjoy the rest of your night.

Last but not least....

You are at work late, and you remember that you are out of paper at home. Staples and Office Max are closed and you have to print out some faxes for your small business. Over by the office copy machine there are 20 stacks of paper, all white and fluffy, 500 sheets in each stack! Smell that paper.......MMMmmmmm....bounty fresh. You swear the stack on top is calling your name.

Before you put your theiving hands on one bundle. Stop...Count your money. Can you afford to lose your job over a $4.99 stack of papaer. Is it worth losing a potential promotion because you didn't want to drive 15 extra minutes somewhere that is open 24 hrs a day. The ansewr is probably NO.
Instead just steal like 10 sheets.....That's what I did :)

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