Saturday, July 29, 2006

Unacceptable....Just Unacceptable!

Ok, I am furious right now; with no one other then myself. I am in a rut.

My life.....

I am in a row boat, in the middle of a huge Ocean.

I know for certain if I travel East I will hit "Corporate Beach".

Corporate Beach has all the securities that an average man or woman is taught to seek out of life. A house, a mortgage, a small college fund for the kiddies, a Grand Prix and and a nice fancy Mini-Van with folding seats! Corporate beach also comes with a 60 hour a week, cubicle job, not to mention, the perks: A 401 K plan to secure my retirement, free coffee everyday, donuts on Fridays and if I am really dedicated, I might even get a double cubicle to display pictures of my hobbies.

Who can say no to this life?

I row in that direction because that's what I'm taught to do, until my thoughts of that shore and it's securities are overcome with thoughts of "Entrepreneurial Island".

"EI", as it's called by the cool people, is like a rap video. Women and money are plentyful. It's a virtual "Hoe-asis", with plenty of "Whore D'oeuvres" to go around. That goes for both men and women. Women get to live like slim Oprah's. They have panty hoes that never bunch or run, thigh thinning chocolate, and Jimmy Choo and Reeboks just opened a store producing foot soothing high heels.
So I ask myself the eternal question, "WWJD?". No not, "What would Jesus Do silly".

So I change direction and frantically start rowing in the opposite direction trying to reach "EI" while humming Jay-Z's "Encore" remix (from the new Miami Vice movie). As I'm rowing I pass all the people who have drowned trying to make it to EI. I see burgundy hair weaves floating in the water, fake ass platinum dog tags, broken down rowboats with spinners. The more stuff I see the more I worry. Does this island really exist? Is it really where the map says it is? Then how come all of these people didn't make it? Then I think, "I don't really no anyone who's ever made it. I only know about EI from TV and magazines.

Then I decide I better go for the sure thing. Before I turn the boat around I look at my map again to regain my bearings. Shzit, I'm right back where I started, only now I'm exhausted.

This is the trap that is layed out by Corporate America. They hope that you run out of energy and become forced to slowly go to the "Corporate Beach" . Once you start rowing in the corporate direction, you get further and further away from "EI". After awhile you look back and EI is so far away that you don't even consider it anymore. Instead you focus on "Corporate Beach".

As you are rowing, Corporate Beach doesn't look as nice as it did in the brochures. It seems a lot further then it did when you decided to go there. When you get there you find you are 62 years old, and can't enjoy all that it has to offer.

That's where I'm headed people. "Corporate Beach", me and my 62 year old, wrinkled twig and
berries; yappin' about how I was once on my way to "EI" and the mysteries of all the booty it had to offer (Pun is intended).

How am I going to beat the trap?

Well I have to narrow my focus. I am not accomplishing the goals that I have set out for myself. One of which is updating my blog with new posts (at least 3 or 4 per week). I am letting my corporate job run me. A job will use you like a light bulb. As soon as you are burnt out they throw you away and screw (in) a new person. No matter how valuable you think you are to a company you are replaceable. Remember that.

The key to succeeding immediatly at work is to work smarter. I have to manage the surrounding groups: purchasing , quality, manufacturing in such a way that they are forced to perform. Since they are Corporate Beachers they value the security that the job has to offer. This is their weakness. I will leverage this weakness to push them into being performers. I have no such weakness that they can expose.

The other key is to be prepared. I have been doing the same thing for almost 6 years. I have done the job of everyone that works for me, so I shouldn't be surprised anymore. I should be overly prepared. This will help to manipulate situations that are mutually beneficial for my company, my job performance and my time spent working. Being overly organized and confident will help me lead my team, as well as other teams within my company.
I should not let the lack of performance of employees take me out of my game, as it does daily. I should be able to brush it off, because it's expected, and calmly react to the situation.

Those who know me, know that I am a big fan of hypnosis. I will start listen to my tapes again. They help me stay focus, remain confident, and increase my aggression.

I will continue to workout, stepping it up to 5 or 6 times per week. This will help me deal with daily stress better.

Other Top 10 list items
I will not ignore my other top 10 items, non-work related accomplishments help build all around confidence and moral.

Right now I'm focused. I have let life man-handle me in the last two weeks, and I refuse to be a victimized.

When I reach EI I will pop a bottle of MOET and read this post like, "That's What's Up".



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Anonymous said...

Another post that leaves me wondering why I'm still at my day job.