Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back in Action

Well, after a week of hosting 3 Shanghai customers and 2 Korean visitors I am whooped. Last week pushed me to my physical and mental limit; probably the most challenging week for me this year.

My guests flew into Detroit on Friday and had to be hosted from Friday to Thursday evening. While hosting I also had to work with my customer 14 hours per day, during their stay. Of course they could not drive in the states so I had to drive them around town.

With all that being said, I built up an incredible admiration for them. The 3 customers were all in their late 20's and all very good people. They were really good at their respective positons and challenged me both intellectually and socially. Since most communication is non-verbal our guests were able to tell pretty quick, genuine people from fake-ass people. As I began to devlop their trust, they would let me know what they think about certain people they have met or worked with, and they were surprisingly accurate. What would take normally 3-4 months to observe about someone's personality they were abe to figure out in hours. I will try and pay more attentio to nonverbal cues in the future. I never knew how powerful they were.

Thanks for the email support, regarding my continued posts. Don't worry, I haven't left, I only took a week off. You can always scroll throught the archives for the "Best Of" posts. (Now I know how Howard Stern feels when he goes on vacation). I AM BACK IN ACTION


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