Monday, October 30, 2006

32 Years Old - The Year of the Mogul

So each birthday you try and set some goals for yourself. You try and say that you are going to do things different and not make the same mistakes. Just like all the other birthdays, Friday I told myself I will celebrate this weekend but when Monday comes along I'm going to be a new me. I had all these great ideas about staying focused, eating right and excercisng, and becoming a great person. Then life kicked me in the nuts! I bring my car in for brakes and it ends up costing an earth shattering $2348.60. Damn!!!

Now if it was $563.50 (which happens to be the amount for the brakes) then I wouldn't even mention it. Don't get me wrong $500 is stil a ton of money but it's not $2348. So now comes the mad scramble for cash. Is my car worth $2348? Is the mechanic being honest?

All this stuff is what rich people don't worry about. They buy cars and get new ones every 100,000 miles. If you drive a Lexus they come and get it, and take it to the dealership. This type of surprise although they can afford it doesn't happen.

After taking the kick in the nutz, I eat a big piece of chocolate cake (compliments of my girlfriends Mom), and watch Jay-Z's new video, and now I'm back. What ever it takes to inspire you and keep the fight going. There is a bright side if one chooses to consider it. I get a day off while my car is getting repaired. I will use this day to get caught up and regroup. Get my mind right and nurture ideas. The question is not will I be a millionaire by 35, but how many times over. I have to start seeing little problems as such and think big. I have to think like a Mogul - Puffy, Jay, Gates, Buffet.

Tomorrow will be my new birthday. The regroup and refocus starts now. A Mogul is born.

Holla at your Mans.


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