Tuesday, October 10, 2006


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Really I don't have a topic for this post. I'm just writing this sort of as a log of things I'm working through personally. When the money is stacked, I can look back at this post as a testament of the problems I had to work through.

One of the last sunny warm weekends in Michigan and what was I doing? I was grinding. That means cleaning, planning, accounting, research, development, and organizing until I can’t read straight. Then I sleep for a few hours and go at it again. There is no regard to time, just peace of mind. When Sunday arrives, there is a sense of urgency to get to a point of completion where I can start the week feeling aggressive and confident enough to kick the ass necessary to start the week.

Well my small business is chugging away at a loss. I had to come to grips with this situation and the staggering loss I will have to sustain to bring this thing to profitability. It seems when all is going well there is always something to set me back from making this endeavor fully profitable.

I don't want to get caught up in my own ego and keep working at something that is going to bring me completely down and take years off my life. My small business is very personalized and it hurts for it not to be successful. Before I make the decision to continue at a loss, I bounce the facts off of a few key people and get their feedback. I might not agree with what they have to say, but I listen and think, and consider it. This is key to being successful. When all is said and done, I should be looking good April 2007. Yes, I said the same for May 2006, but all I can do is plan and consider the numbers, and they are positive. I have to leave everything else to God and fate. Plan the work and work the plan.

My corporate job seems to be going well. We landed two more GM contracts on Friday, so that means we are going to be running GM strong for the two years. This adds a certain level of complexity to my position, thus breaking up the monotony of the job, introducing a heightened level of risk, to continuing a successful track record. Everything I love, but it doesn't come with the check or the respect it deserves.

Now that I have a girlfriend (yes...sorry to disappoint) it adds a certain constraint on my activities, but it helps me balance myself. Time that I used to spend out late at clubs, I spend with her. This is way more enjoyable then going to clubs, getting drunk getting home at 3:00 AM. I’m gonna’ be 32 for crying out loud! She is very entrapanureal herself and it helps to have another successful person in my camp.

With all my planning almost complete, and a spotless apartment, I look to long term planning. This small business is just a window to bigger business ventures. The mind never stops.

Maybe that Sunday that I'm in the Gallardo returning from the perfect round of golf, speeding to my beautiful home, with a manicured lawn, circular drive and double doors. I'm greeted by my beautiful wife and kids. I can smell dinner cooking as I tell my wife about my golf round and hear the tales of the kids activities for the day.

Sounds like a great life. Will I be at peace then?


I got the yellow Gallardo, I need the green.

I just shot an 85, I need to get my rounds down into the 70's

I'm feeling kind of chunky, I better go running after dinner.

Did my kids do their homework,

What's my schedule for tomorrow...

My wife’s birthday is coming up……..

That's how I roll! The Millionaire Mind never stops…….



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