Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's Spring Again!


You know you are "on the come up" when you can quote yourself. Back in July of 2006th I posted the following:

I know it sounds a little depressing but it's true. People definitely do not do this enough. When faced with adversity, we dig in deep, kick ass, take names and prevail. Once we are in the winner’s circle we forget the things that got us there. We forget the dedication, the focus, the struggle. We get complacent and end up in the same situation we've just fought our way out of. When you are just winning the first battle of the war you must continue to fight just as hard until the battle is over. "

Running a small business is just not easy folks. With the start of the Spring (automobile) detail season, and equipment that has been beat up all winter, my pockets were hit. I have 6 banks accounts and as of Tuesday of last week, I had a total of -$4.23 in all of them, and $5.00 in my pocket. That was the sum total of everything, including my business account, which was overdrawn; new job, bigger salary and all.

Don't start a business unless you are in it, to win it. This is no joke. I knew last August that I was going to be losing thousands per month to keep my business running. This steady loss of money was supposed to happen until April 1st of this year. One week from now. What I didn't account for was business growth during the down season.

Each new account you acquire comes with a lot of upfront costs. Some accounts require insurance policy modifications, which can not be financed monthly like personal policies. They have to be paid with a one time annual payment. Other accounts work on a 45 day pay period. This means that all upfront costs are paid by you, including: man power, equipment, and supplies for 30 days before you send a bill. Then your customer has 45 days to pay. There is a total of 75 days from the day you start working on the new account, until you are counting your cash money. That's 2.5 months.

The plus side in all of this is that I'm grimy, and my staff is grimy. We have been broke before and any of us can thrive for a week with $5.00 in our pockets.

I have been dumping money into this business for years. Every chart I’ve created and every Microsoft Excel spread sheet points to April 1st 2007 as the breakthrough month and I received the 1st breakthrough check today a week ahead of schedule.
I have arrived.

As John Brown, the Great White Rapper would say,
“Hallelujah Holla Back!”

Now what's important is that I keep the same hustle and grimy mentality. The brains and strategies that I used to keep my business in business, will now be used to increase profits, expand and diversify.

This doesn't mean that I can sit back and rest, but instead it’s time to step up my game, perhaps work a little harder if that’s possible.

It's like getting to the NBA. Now you don't sit back, you have the best equipment in the world. You grew up playing with milk crate rims, and practicing dribble drills in your driveway. Now you have the best equipment, best coaches, and state of the art weight facilities. You can increase your level of play exponentially.

The same laws apply. That's how the rich get richer! The best get better.

When you lose a little weight, you get more energy, and your stomach shrinks allowing you to eat less and work out more. It's easier to get better.

Well, money means time and resources. Which means I better use it wisely. I'm supposed to be the hero of this blog and I won't let my readers down. I'm on the road to riches and I will post and blog every step of the way. If you don't want to put the work in yourself, then ride with me! The Gallardo is parked out back. By the way I learned it’s pronounced Ga-yard-do…..Now, I know how to ask for it at the dealership.


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Nice read, best of luck with your biz. If you havent read it yet, be sure to read the E-myth, great book for growing a business